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the light

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when the light went out i cried.
it was all i knew at the time.
when you were scared
you cried.
i can still remember the night
when the light went out.
it was dark and cold,
the winter had settled it self
on our small town.
the temperature was below freezing
and we had to fight to keep warm.
the light went out but the fire did burn.
when i cried the tears froze to my face
and we huddled closer to the fire.
nobody understood why the light went out
but i know why.
the light went out because they didn't believe.
we believed.
we always believed.
they couldn't see the light,
but we could.
they laughed at us,
and said that the light didn't shine.
they turned off the light by scaring us
and making us cry.
i sit here years later reflecting
and realize the light never
went out.
we still believe.
we always will,
the light is getting brighter
and people are believing again.
but they are trying to turn it off again
and make us move closer the fire.
the fire did burn.
but we doused the fire then
and we will again.
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