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I Knew That the Lights Of the City Were Too Heavy For Me

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A yawn is said to be a triggered reflex from our brain when there is a detection of too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen in our blood, triggering your mouth to stretch wide and your lungs to inhale deeply, shooting a jolt of oxygen into your lungs and then, your bloodstream. And it is often believed that yawning is a sub-conscious action that we put into motion when hearing the sound or even talk of, and most significantly, the action of a yawn taking place. Many believe that the contagiousness of a yawn is the sub-conscious act of a human attempting to impersonate and identify with another's state of mind. But in reality, how often do we, as strangers find ourselves interested enough in another's mindset to think long enough, even through the span of a yawn to identify with their feelings?

Watching Kaelin intently fiddle with Hemmingway's collar as she hesitantly pet the top of his head, Patrick felt his reflexes twitch as his eyes watched Kaelin frantically cover her mouth, yawning silently behind the visual blockade of her fingers. Moments later, Joe caught the yawn Patrick fought so hard to hold back, passing to Dan, Charlie and Cecilia, before finally ending with Dirty.

"Why the fuck did we all just yawn?" Dirty interjected as the muscles of his mouth stretched and shut, leaning against the door frame and clutching, you guessed it, a beer in his right hand. Patrick turned to Kaelin, causing another domino affect, now of glances shooting in her direction.

"Sorry" Kaelin blushed timidly as Hemmingway nestled himself in a ball at her feet.

"You don't even like dogs, aren't you allergic?" Cecilia piped in.

"Yeah" Kaelin nodded, "I'm actually getting kind of itchy, but he was too cute to pass up."

Patrick called the dog over, it now nestling down now at his feet to save Kaelin from an allergic reaction as she thankfully smiled over at Patrick.

"I just want to let you know" Charlie chimed in from beyond the keys of his constantly vibrating sidekick, "When I woke up today, all I wanted for breakfast were more of your waffles, those we're fucking delicious, you are absolutely amazing."

"I second that completely" Joe agreed, nodding as he absently strummed at the strings of his guitar, half-heartedly taking interest in the conversation of the room.

"Thanks" Kaelin blushed again, "If I had time today, I would have brought you boys waffles for dinner."

"How was your lab?" Patrick chimed in, showing genuine interest from across the room. Kaelin nodded with a smile.

"It was alright, boring, but alright."

Post-waffle activities the night before included a heated Nintendo Wii tennis battle which Kaelin and Patrick decided not to take part in; lounging in her bedroom, innocently enough, with the door wide open, Patrick sat nervously on her bed while she sat, spinning absently in her desk chair. Taunting the Justin Timberlake poster adorning her wall, he half-heartedly joked about a picture of his band being neglected; she was a fan of the music, never taking any real interest in the members as individuals, only aware of Patrick's specific existence because of her roommates love for the song "Cupid's Chokehold".

Taking an interest in her everyday life that night, he discovered she was an accounting major, in it for the earning potential and lacking a real academic interest, her parents were divorced and she had a younger sister and two step-brothers, Torrin and Cecilia were her best friends, but they all departed after high-school, attending school hours away from each other, getting together at times like this, for an event like a special concert or holiday.

Kaelin was a die-hard perfectionist, who would do any and everything for her friends but could happily live without the nagging and interference of her family, always looking to pass out their approval; Patrick was a die-hard perfectionist who would do anything for his friends and longed for the approval of his family and who desperately strived to remember what it was like to be young and reckless without a care in the world. Kaelin was quick to remind him that life beyond the boundaries of his garage band dream, lives like hers were stressful and hectic, pointing out her academic schedule and course load, with work piled on that, averaging in time for homework, her friends, eating regularly and attempting to get some sleep at night, life wasn't as easy as he would like to believe.

Kaelin was quick to stomp on Patrick's delusional expectations of reality and overly cheerful outlook on the life he was missing out on; Patrick couldn't help but taunt her idiotic sarcasm and attempt to be witty and poke fun at her musical taste as he then rocked in her desk chair, scrolling through her iTunes play list.

Adding his contact information to her address book and punching his phone number into the phone book of her cell phone before departing for the night, hoping they would stay in touch, Patrick found himself entranced by Kaelin. With an awkward sense of humor, idiotic odd sarcasm, and a slightly pessimistic outlook on existence, she wasn't outstandingly attractive, nothing out of the ordinary, and to the average eye, she was nothing special that Patrick couldn't find anywhere else, at any other show, in any other city; but to Patrick, she was something more, something new and something exciting. Personality balanced between them and she balanced out his often overly cheerful outlook on the world, and was quick to call him out on his, as she stated it, delusional expectations of reality; she made him feel normal, and he made her feel special.

Tonight, he brought her back to the show, Cecilia in toe, Torrin departing early that morning to return to her designated university of choice. Hanging around "backstage" as the band warmed up she couldn't avoid Cecilia's persistent stares, her knowing eyes and her questioning stance.

"You want him" Cecilia laughed, slouching against a large black case, likely to have once been filled with their equipment.

"No ..." Kaelin blushed with a heavy sigh, "maybe ... I don't know."

"Just admit it, I mean come on, he's cute, he's nice and I mean, seriously, he's Patrick mother-fucking Stump."

"So what? Why does it have to be an important factor?"

"Alright well, it doesn't, I'm just saying; he's a nice guy, get to know him, friends with the famous is just as good as fucking the famous."

"Stop, just ... just stop." Kaelin pleaded with a sigh, "And what about you? What's going down with you and Mr. Peter McEmo-pants over there?"

"I don't know" Cecilia smiled, "He's hot; I mean, look at him and nice, and pretty funny, actually. He text me for a while last night after the show, he was bummed he didn't come along but he's glad he got to see me today."

"And what did you two do when you ran off before?" Kaelin raised a curious eyebrow.

"Nothing actually, we were just talking about staying in touch after they leave tonight, because he /thinks I'm cool/." Cecilia smirked evilly, "And about how Patrick thinks you're a sex-pot."

"Can we please stop talking about Patrick?" Kaelin argued as the lights went down and a piercing screech erupted from the crowd.

Six days after their departure from Kaelin's everyday life, she sat spinning absently in her desk chair again, checking her online statistics and email; she was surprised to see a message in her inbox from an oddly familiar username.

Patrick had requested a barter for friendship, his desperation to feel normal reaching out to a college student in the middle of nowhere Ohio, Kaelin's desperation to feel special connecting her with a jet-setting rock star. With a light and slightly giddy sigh and a growing smile spreading over her lips, Kaelin quickly replied.

Nervously shifting in her seat ad her index finger hit the SEND button, she sighed heavily to herself; what unrealistic dimension was she living in? And what in the world could she be getting herself into?
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