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In the dark.

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Toasters and weapons

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"It doesn't fit there", Mikey threw small metallic piece of the toaster on me.
"Yes it does, you just place it wrong", I glared at him.
We were putting back together the toaster we put apart hours ago. It was something we liked to do together, I always made sure Mikey unplugged it first and helped him to put it apart, the putting back part was mainly his.
He wasn't very successful, he would forget parts or place them in the wrong places.
Mrs Way never approved of us doing that since most of the times she was left without a working toaster and had to replace it, and because telling Mikey didn't work she tried to hide her new toasters. It would put Mikey off for about 5 weeks and then he'll take me for a toaster hunt around the house.
He was convinced each time that he will able to put it back together, and once it seemed like he did but then in the morning the toaster almost electrolyzed Gerard.

we were lying on the blue, worn out carpet in Mikey's room on our stomachs, it was so amusing to see Mikey try and put all the pieces back together.
It was like a big puzzle to him.
He would groan, swear and talk to the toaster. I could spend hours watching him do that.
Just when Mikey banged another metallic piece by force with his screwer, the lights went off.
I stared at Mikey, well at what I thought was Mikey since it was pitch black.
"What the hell?", I said confused.
I heard Mikey get up and move to the window, I heard him stumble across the room and heard him swear as he fell on his bed. I sat up interested.
"The whole area is dark, I can't see lights miles from here. Probably some technical problem", I heard Mikey from what supposedly was the window. I got up and followed his voice with my arms stretched in front of me.
"Yeah, ugh Sky that's my nose you're grabbing", he moaned.
I giggled and stared out to the dark street, "That's weird".
"Now I'll never put back that toaster before my parents get back from work", complained Mikey.
"At least now you got an excuse", I smirked.
He would not get that toaster put back period. Like he didn't put back the previous 10.
We tried to outline the street out of the window.
Everything was still, then one by one the windows of the houses around began to lit up with candles, flashlights and emergency lightning.
It struck me like a good idea, "Do you have any candles?".
"I don't know about candles but I know where the flashlights are", Mikey began moving towards what supposed to be the door, I followed him as he went to his parents bedroom.
Everything was so still it was almost spooky.
I sat on his parents bed waiting for Mikey to find the flashlights, it took him a while because it felt like the air was painted black or someone put something black on our eyes. I could merly outline things thanks to the pale moonlight but that was it.
"Here", Mikey announced, flashing the light into my eyes.
I groaned and took one flash light, "What's now?".
We were silent for a few moments then Mikey cried, "Let's tell scary stories!".
I rolled my eyes, I would bet my life that he would tell some story about vampires. And not a really scary story about vampires, but I nodded and we returned to his room.
We sat back on the carpet
"I start", announce Mikey. It's definitely going to be a vampire story.
"Once upon a time, in the deserted mountains of Arizona there was a big castle....", Bingo. A non scary vampire story.

Half way through Mikey's boring vampire story I heard noises, I thought I dozed off and imagined it so I listened very carefully. I heard them again.
"Mikey I hear noises", I interrupted him mid sentence.
"And you see dead people too?", he looked at me sceptically.
"Just listen", I hissed trying to listen.
"I can tell another story if you don't like this one", he suggested, looking cross. He really liked telling not scary vampire stories.
"Mikey! shut up and listen!", I wished he would be quite for a second.
"Look if you're trying to scare me, it's not working", he flashed his flashlight into my face again.
"For fucks sake just listen", I hissed again trying to decide whether I really heard noises or it's just my imagination running wild.
"Skyl...", I abandoned my flashlight and threw my hands around Mikey's mouth, he probably wouldn't shut up otherwise.
He protested but then fell silent when he heard the noises. So I didn't imagined this, my heart began pumping in my chest.
We looked at each other and I let go of his mouth, "It's coming from downstairs".
He nodded listening carefully.
We rose off the carpet. I held my flashlight tight, "Do you have something heavy here?", I scanned his dark room with my flash.
"Oh yeah, wait I'll get my defence kit against noises", he said with a sarcastic tone.
"Let's see where it's coming from", he moved towards the door, "And hold on to my shirt and if anything happens prepare to hit with your flashlight". Oh yeah Michael Way, you can't fool me, you're scared now.
"You're trained?", I let out a nervous giggle.
"Living with gerard prepares you for all kinds of situations", he shrugged.
We made our way slowly through the hall way, my heart exploded in my chest and I felt all the life draining from my face.
We stopped at top of the staircase listening carefully, scanning the area down with our flashlights.
"It's coming from the front door", I whispered. The noises were clear now and very loud. Someone was outside, banging and scratching the front door with something.
"The door is locked", Mikey looked smug.
I could tell he's enjoying this, my only hope was that he won't attempt doing something stupid like attacking whoever was on the other side.
In a strange way the whole situation was pretty exciting.
"Why would a burglar try to enter from the front door?", Mikey wondered.
"Maybe he's a polite burglar", I chipped in. Mikey gave me a look.
"Well it can happen, it's Jersey after all", I shrugged.
"Which leaves out the possibility of a polite burglar", he reasoned, giving me a knowing look, "Let's arm ourselves".
Before I could say anything Mikey started making his way down.
Arm ourselves?? he's been watching too much movies. BOYS.
We made our way slowly to the kitchen, "So now we're going to cook him dinner?", I asked following Mikey around, not letting go of his shirt.
"Take this and I'll take the pan", he handed me a broom. A fucking BROOM.
"I'm supposed to sweep him to death?", I waved the broom around.
"No, you idiot. You surprise him and I'll lay the final hit", he made fighting moves with the heaviest and largest pan he could find. I knew I shouldn't have dragged him to see the new pirates flick. WAY too much movies.
He walked to the front door. I pulled him to a stop, "You're not going to fight him, are you?".
He studied his fighting weapon, "I'm not stupid. First we gotta see who we're up against".
I shook my head.
"Turn off you flashlight but don't lower it down", Mikey commanded.
What choice did I have?! I did as I was told by captain Mikey and turned it off but didn't lower it.
We crapped silently to the window, Mikey told me to duck. I felt silly but ducked anyway.
Mikey peeked through the curtain.
I saw him frown and my heart beat even faster, if such thing is possible for a human heart, "What? They're many? Big asses that'll squash us without noticing? With big guns and shit?", I whispered panicking now.
It wasn't exciting anymore, we're 17 years old, home alone, at evening in dark Jersey. they will eat us alive or worse.
"I think he's trowing up in the bushes", Mikey whispered, looking surprised.
"Wait..what?", I whispered back from my bent position ,"Are you sure?".
He nodded, "Come look".
I got up carefully and peeked, all I could see was a figure, bending over the bushes and doing what sounded like throwing up all over them.
I think I stopped breathing out of relief, "It's probably some drunk, mixing up the houses", I squealed with happiness.
Mikey nodded and made his way to the door, I pulled him back again, "Where are you going?".
"I'm going to redirect him", Mikey motioned to the door.
"Are you nuts??, what if he's armed?", I was outraged.
"I'm armed too", said Mikey losing his patience.
"With a fucking pan and a flashlight", I pointed my broom at him.
"Cold weapons are the deadliest", he tried to convince me, "You rather him keep attacking the front door?. Now when I count down to three. I'll open the door and we flash him and scare the living shit out of him. ONE...TWO...THREE".
Mikey flung the door open and we both flashed our flashlight in his face and rose our weapons.

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