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The Bright Light

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Mara Jade's thoughts on Luke.

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The Bright Light
Summary: Mara Jade's feelings on Luke. Observe the bold in the story.
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars, but this story is mine.

aybe it's his suffocating desire to convert me to the ways of the Jedi....Maybe it's that smugness he hides beneath the surface because he is always so certain that his way is right....Maybe it's---well, whatever it is, Luke Skywalker infuriates me.

...And what is it with him and always wearing black? Isn't black the color of death? Isn't he advocating death on some subliminal level?

Rarely have I seen him not looking like the bad guy in some cheap horror flick. At least, in the way he dresses. Black clothes. Drab, hooded robe.

...As if he could actually scare someone with those innocent farmboy features of his. /Snort/. Somehow, I can't really imagine Darth Vader ever looking anything like Skywalker. Although Vader did seem to have an obsession with the color black....

Just like Skywalker, huh? Like father, like son. Minus the fact that Vader liked to choke people to death.

...Although I have seen the "venerable" Jedi Master mad a time or two....Or ten....Or....Well, I lost count a long time ago. And he was generally mad at me those times, without good reason. He can have quite the temper over trivial matters, I've found....

Darth Skywalker, Lord of the Tiffs....Heh, it has a nice ring to it. I'd start calling him that, but then he'd get pouty. Blasted farmboy.

...Even when I try to steel myself for that pouty lip of his, I can't help but feel the tiniest bit sorry for him. Though I'd rather bite my own tongue off than admit it.

Luke Skywalker is in many ways a mystery to me. He preaches the Jedi Code, saying that for a Jedi there is no passion, but he is the most passionate person I know. He is stubborn about his beliefs, would go to the end of the galaxy for those he cares about, and would not hesitate to give the shirt on his back to a stranger.

...Only he can be so trusting of the inner good in people..../Frown/. Trust....That's something I've never really felt....

Vader, I'm convinced, would never have been turned back to the Light Side if his son were a different person. Skywalker's always had this bright light about him that is impossible to extinguish and difficult to ignore. Stars, even when Skywalker's angry that infuriating light can still be seen in him.

...Even Palpatine probably would have turned to the Light Side if that had been Skywalker's goal, though it would not have been the farmboy's easiest conversion....I mean, I was dead-set on killing Skywalker, I had it drilled into me by the Emperor....But then I saw that Light, and I just couldn't kill him.

Some people who've never met him might call me crazy for saying that any one harbored some strange light within. But upon meeting him, I don't think they could really deny it.

...Luke Skywalker is almost a miracle in this day and age. One would think that after all he'd been through, there would be great bitterness toward the galaxy inside him. Never met his mother; his aunt and uncle murdered; friends killed; hand cut off by one of the most sinister men in the galaxy, who just so happened to be his father....He's seen so much evil in people....By all rights, he should be tarnished, cold, embittered....

Utax V has a saying, and there is a variant of it on most planets, but Utax V's version is specifically: "The rockbird not crushed by stony opposition is hardened." But what is hard to understand with Skywalker is: how was he not crushed, and why was he not hardened?

...Karrde once muttered something under his breath about how unbelievable Skywalker is, but I don't really think he's so much unbelievable as he is beyond belief.

Even the great Master Yoda, from what I had heard, was hardened by the galaxy, though perhaps he didn't seem so to Skywalker at first. If a great being with so much trust in a mystical galactic force could not withstand wear to his emotional state, then how could this boy, thrust into circumstances that would make a grown Hutt cry, come out with his light as bright as ever?

...Sure, Skywalker sometimes likes to exude an air of wisdom and experience more befitting of his Jedi Master status, but that farmboy is still there within him, will always be there....

Kids love him, animals adore him....It's like the innocent flock to him, like they can sense the bright light inside him....

...Yesterday, I saw a holo of him on the news. He was smiling, practically glowing, and the people around him were smiling, too. When he is happy, it makes other people happy, makes them feel like their entire universe is a better place....

Wherever I go, I can't escape the thought of him, and it enrages me. Why should Mara Jade, ex-Emperor's Hand, be constantly thinking about some Jedi who was once her enemy?

...All my life I was told that the Jedi were my enemies. Palpatine killed Jedi, Vader killed Jedi....The Jedi were to be exterminated. They were annoying pests, possibly deadly enemies. Why was it so hard for me to hold on to my hatred after joining Karrde's group?

Luke Skywalker. The answer to all my questions seems to involve Luke Skywalker. Blasted farmboy-turned-Jedi from a tenth rate planet. Able to melt ice cubes with his bright smile and frighten Dark Jedi with his icy stare. Able to annoy the fire out of me with less than ten words. And yet, he was always....Always, well....

...Keeping me in line so I don't say things I'll regret....Believing in me when no one else will....Always willing to help me....Never backing down in fear of me....

Even Solo knows not to mess with me, for Sith's sake. Is Skywalker so naive that he doesn't see the danger in upsetting Mara Jade? Or has he looked into my soul and seen that I do have a weakness. Yes, hard to believe though it is, somehow, Mara Jade, ex-Emperor's Hand, has a weakness.

...Roxianthian rat spiders couldn't drag it out of me, but I...feel....Skywalker is....I think....I..../Blast /you, Skywalker! Why can't I ever get you out of my head?!
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