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Gilman Street: Love Bonded

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A fight between two bands: Sweet Children (Green Day) and The Lookouts! And a secret LOVE caught together! SLASH!!

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Before I begin with this story, here is age of the characters:

Billie Joe Armstrong: 18
Mike Dirnt: 19
John Kiffmeyer: 19

Lawrence Livermore: 24
Kain: 21
Frank (Tre) Wright: 17

~~~ PROLOGUE ~~~

There's a sign stuck in a vacant field...
Not many people care about the field or the sign.
But its a reminder of the huge fight that had happened here... maybe 20 years ago?

The sad story of true love. This story....

~~~ Sweet Children's gig at Gilman Street ~~~

"Yeah! Alright... who the fuck wants another song?" Billie Joe Armstrong shoted into the microphone.
Kids from ages 13 to 28 began shouting at the top of their lungs and pumping their fists into the air.

Billie turned around and smiled at his bandmates; Mike and John.
They smiled and Billie turned back to the wild crowd and struck a chord.
The crowd jeered and sung along to Billie's lyrics.
Mike and John smiled at the people cheering for them.

After their song finished Billie rush back to the microphone and said, "We're so glad you enjoyed our songs. But we got big news... We're changing our band name to GREEN DAY!"
The crowd cheered and clapped their hands together.

Only one person wasn't happy... Lawrence Livermore frontman of the band; The Lookouts.
His band had always been on top. But then Sweet Children came... And now well fuck! Anyone would be jealous!

He stared in disgust at the departing band... before turning and walking out the door.
He kept his head down... his feet knowing where he was headed.
He kept his head down till he relaxed in his cold basement.

"Hey Lawrence!" His bass player Kain greeted him.
"Mmmp." Lawrence mumbled heading to his old desk.
Kain shrugged his shoulders and turn to stare at their drummer Frank Wright.

Frank Wright who had become one of the fastest drummer around had his name changed to Tre Cool! Most people on Gilman Street knew him.

"Lawrence... you okay?" Tre asked, hoping Lawrence wouldn't beat him again.
Lawrence was an abusive friend. And Kain never really said or did anything about it.
Probably because he used to be beat by Lawrence as well. But now it was always Tre that got hit.

"I just saw Sweet Children playing again. And the crowd was going insane... again." Lawrence stated darkly, making Tre wince slightly.
"And I found out they changed their names to Green Day. Stupid name isn't it?" He asked his other bandmates.
They nodded their heads in unison.
Lawrence began sweeping back and forth in front of his bandmates before turning to them...

"I hate always become second best, and them always beating us. DAMMIT! I CALL A BAND WAR AGAINST SWEET CHILDREN OR GREEN DAY! WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY LIKE TO BE CALL!" Lawrence shouted, making his bandmates freeze to the ground.
"You want war against Green Day?" Kain asked, not sure if he had actually heard his frontman correctly.
"Damn straight. Now go and collect fans that will fight with us! Now!" Lawrence snapped, as Kain rushed from the cold basement.

"What about me Lawrence? What can I do?" The young drummer asked.
"What can you do?! You can get the fuck out of my way!" The guitarist snapped again, shoving Tre into the wall and heading upstairs.

"I can do that..." Tre replied softly as he walked out of the basement...

~~~ NEXT DAY ~~~

Billie slurpped a little in his sleep, but was awaken by knocking on his door.
"Wha- who's there?" He asked, rubbing his eyes a little.
"Bill. It's me Mike. I have something important to tell you." Mike's voice said from the other-side.
"Then come in." Billie said as he began pulling a pair of jeans on.

Mike walked in and sat on his bed as Billie put on a fresh shirt.
"So what's up Mike?" Billie asked, staring at his best friend.
"This!" Mike said, showing Billie a yellow piece of paper.
"I found it on a lamp-post." Mike continued as Billie read the paper in shock!

It read:
"The Lookouts declare WAR on the band Green Day!" And other crap about joining whose side.

"Great we're at war with another band. What else can make this day bad?" Billie said, sighing softly.
Mike sighed too, not knowing what to say...


Tre sniffled a little as he sat on his bed, a picture clutched in his hands.
The posters were out already and people would be choosing sides soon.

Tre sniffled a little as he stare at the picture he was holding.
It was a picture of him and Billie and Mike and John after a gig.
He didn't admit this to anybody but himself, but he actually liked Billie and the rest of Sweet Children.
If he told Lawrence that... He would probably not be here right now.

Sometimes Tre just didn't understand Lawrence. Why was he unleashing war against Green Day?
Why was he such a sore loser?
But if Tre asked he would surely not be able to walk again.

But Tre couldn't help it. He was friends with the Green Day group... and also had a "little" crush on Billie.

He ran his thumb against the picture of Billie's face.

"If it's so wrong... then why does it feel so right?" He whinned out loud in his room...
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