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*Another knife in my hands, a stain that never comes off

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*YAY speical chapter!! This one happens when Helena is dreaming, and right before she wakes up gerard returns into the room.

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Somehow I managed to snap at Mikey, my own brother! This habit really gets me mad sometimes. I even wonder how I keep this a secret. I guess they would never suspect this from me. Sometimes I think if Helena didn't find out, would I be able to tell her? I am glad that someone knows about it, but if any person Id rather it be her. She knows how to keep a secret. Sometimes I also think, what would I do if she told someone? I would probably run away, since if she told Alicia it would probably slip out to the entire school.

I quietly sided out of the bed, trying not to wake Helena up. She looked distressed as she sleep, I watched her, thinking maybe I should wake her up. But then I wouldn't get to cut. I slipped off my hoodie, so blood wouldn't get on the sleeves this time. I already ruined it with water.
I bounced downstairs, thinking about what I should use. Then the thought of the keys came back into my mind. I smiled.
They were sitting their, in the center of the counter, gleaming in the moonlight. They might not be as powerful as the knife, but it was worth something. I slowly slid them off the counter, being careful of the scraping sound. Gripping the keys tight in my hand so they wouldn't jingle, I crept upstairs into the hallway bathroom. I stood in front of the sink, smiling because I finally got them. I held the sharpest one in my right hand, slowly brining it down into my left.

The cold metal slid through my skin, letting pain erupt from my entire arm. It felt like a popped a vein. I cut in deeper, almost expecting the blade to pop out the other side. I slowly lifted it out, with blood exploding from the deep slit. I settled the key on the counter, letting the blood on it pool around it. Blood flowed down my arms like a river, making its way down to my short sleeve. I couldn't even move my arm; it was too numb, to the point where it felt like jelly. With my right hand, I grabbed a towel, wiping [sp?] up the blood from my arm. It smudged on my skin, making my skin look red. I looked at the key.
What have you done to me?

After what felt like hours of cleaning up, I washed the key and put it back where it was. I slowly walked upstairs, back into my bedroom. Helena was still asleep, but for some reason it bothered me. She looked troubled. I shrugged, slipping my hoodie back on. I didn't wash away the blood completely. I pulled up my sleeve on my left arm, and flopped back on the bed next to her. I turned so my left arm would be opposite of her, incase she checked on me.
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