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A Joey Jordison love story pt.8

by Joey_Maggot_666 2 reviews

This is where we left off when you walked into your room to find a certain somebody sitting on your bed. Who is it. Somebody from your past?

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You feel all your muscles tense up when you see your ex-boyfriend trent sitting down on your bed staring at a picture of you and joey. "What the fuck are you doing here?" you ask him as nice as you can because you dont want to piss him off." well I came to get you back of course" he says adding a smirk, "well thats too bad cuz im with joey now, and I wont go back with you trent, I cant do that again" "well why not, ive changed I promise" "you said the last two chances I gave you too, so now I really cant believe you" "whos this" joey says clearly getting irritated that another man is laying on your bed and he has no idea who he is."This is my exboyfriend trent" you say and he looks kind of angry. "your not mad at me are you?" "NO, oh god no I just dont like him being here", you nod. "trent can you please leave now, im really uncomfortable with you being here"you say "just like you were uncomfortable all those nights with me?" "yeah well if you didnt hurt me the way you did id still be with you now, trent i loved you, yes, but you put me through to much, now please leave" "no im not gonna leave, you know most out of all people that i always get what i want" "SHUT UP, I remember that enough you dont need to be an asshole and bring it up again" "well why not, I certainly had fun, I think you enjoyed it too" "TRENT, ARE YOU THAT FUCKING DUMB TO THINK THAT I ENJOEYD YOU BEATING ME AND RAPING ME ALMOST EVERY NIGHT, DO YOU THINK IT WAS FUN WHEN YOU KILLED OUR UNBORN CHILD?,DO YOU THINK ALL THE MORNINGS I WOKE UP WITH A BRUSED FACE WAS FUN, HUH, DO YOU THINK THAT I ENJOYED THAT?, DO THINK THAT WAS FUN FOR ME? I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY I STAYED WITH YOU AS LONG AS I DID, I GUESS IM JUST A FUCKING IDOT, NOW JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, I DONT WANT YOU HEAR", just as you finnish yelling anna walks in. she looks at you then at trent then at joey who is standing a few feet behing you "oh shit" anna says as trent jumps on you. You scream as he punches you in the face while joey and anna try to pull him off you. He has hit you a few times before they finally get him off you. When he is pulled off you you run into the bathroom and slam the door shut behind you. After you hear anna and joey arguing with trent he finally leaves. You burst into tears thinking of all the nights that he had put you through hell. A few seconds later you hear a knock at the door. "Kate its me joey can I come in?" he says sounding sad "yeah sure" yu say then he opens the door and comes in. He sits next to you on the floor and puts his arms around you. "why did he have to come back" you sob onto his bar shoulder.(remember you and him are still in towels) "I dont know baby, I promise to never hurt you like that though, so can you tell me what he did?" "well we were in love, hes the first guy i fell in love with, But one he started to drink then it got worse and when it got worse so did his temper. He would come home and beat me till i couldent move. But one night, he...he...he raped me, thats when i got pregnant. Another night he came home from work really drunk, i was 4 monthis pregnant, He yelled at me and kept telling me how worthless that I was and how I meant nothing to him and that i was just that biggest piece of shit that he had ever met. Then he punched me in the face and i fell to the floor, thats when he kept kicking me in the stomache causing me to have a miscarriage, it hurt so bad and i bled so much. Ill never forget it as long as I live. Thats one reason I didnt tell you why I ended up in the hospital, me and trent had just broken up the nigh before i did it. I was kinda pissed off when i woke up because i wasnt supposed to" you say crying then look at joey to see silent tears rolling down his cheek "awww dont cry" you say and wipe his tear away "baby im so sorry, i had no clue, i love you sooooo much" he says hugging you "i love you too" you say then joey helps you get up. You go into your bedroom and change into pjs then climb under the covers. Joey soon climbs next to you wraping his arms around your waist from behind. You smile and lace your fingers with his then soon fall into an uneasy sleep knowing that trent is around.
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