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A Zanessa Story

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Zanessa. What more should I say? hahaha

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"I seriously think I could sleep for three days," Vanessa complained, flopping down on the hotel lobby's couch. She glanced over at Zac and smiled to herself. They were on a trip for High School Musical press, and Vanessa & Ashley were waiting for Zac & Corbin to get keys for their rooms.
"I know that face," Ashley smiled, "Why must you torture yourself and not tell him?" she sat down and Vanessa laid her head on her shoulder.
"I don't know. I just feel like..... There's no way in the world someone that amazing could love me." Vanessa pouted and made fake crying noises. Ashley giggled and patted her hair. "Sometimes I feel like it could really happen, and then, then something happens like the plane incident."
"Vanessa. It was not your fault that the movie just happened to be My Fair Lady. And if I were Zac, I'd appreciate that you knew every word to every song, not make fun of you."
"Aargh," Vanessa said and whined on Ashley's shoulder again.
From across the room at the front desk, Zac looked over at her, upset because she looked as if she was about to cry.
"I know that face," Corbin said, and tapped Zac's shoulder "That's the 'looking'-at-V' face."
"Mm-hmm," Zac sighed, not paying attention, "Man, I think I really love her."
He thought of how adorable she'd been on the plane, singing show tunes. He'd thought that poking fun at her would be cute, but he now felt as if it was something she thought he'd do to his little sister.
"Well, a blind monkey could tell that," Corbin laughed, "it's pretty obvious." Zac looked a little panicked. Did Vanessa know that he loved her? Was she joking with Ashley about it? "Calm down, man, she doesn't know," or she would have told you already, Corbin added silently to himself. Ashley, Monique, Lucas, and he had been burdened with the job of keeping Zac from knowing Vanessa loved him and Vanessa from knowing that Zac loved her. They both loved each other, so why couldn't one of them be the bigger person and admit it; Corbin thought and looked over to Ashley. She made a sympathetic face, and shot her eyes at Vanessa and back. 'Trust me,' Corbin mouthed to her 'I know.' Ashley giggled, and Vanessa brought her head up.
"What's wrong?" She asked. She craned her neck and looked over to Corbin & Zac. "What??"
"Nothing," Ashley said as she held back a laugh. "I think they have our room keys. Let's go," she pulled Vanessa onto her feet and walked over to Zac & Corbin.
"Ready?" Zac asked as he handed Ashley a card with the number '785' printed on it in bold lettering.
"Yep," she said and looked at Vanessa, who was holding a card identical to hers. They were sharing a room, as were Zac and Corbin (Lucas & Monique hadn't been able to make it). "What room are you guys in?"
"786," Corbin said, reading his key.
"Ooh! Right across the hall," Ashley squealed. She pushed Vanessa next to her so she was standing in between Zac and herself. Vanessa shot her a look of discomfort, but it turned into a smile as Zac put his arm around her waist. Oh my gosh, Vanessa thought, Zac has his arm around me!!
Zac looked over to Corbin. He raised his eyebrows and gave him a questioning look. 'She's fine with it,' he mouthed as Zac relaxed and slowed his pace to keep in step with V.
"Ash, I can't fall asleep now!!" Vanessa said to Ashley as she closed her dresser drawer and sat crossed legged on her bed.
"Speak for yourself," Ashley said and yawned as she rolled onto her stomach and buried her face into her pillow.
"HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME!!!" She squealed and screamed into her pillows. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!"
"Believe it later, when we go down for dinner," Ashley said. She propped her head on her elbow and made a pout face at Vanessa. "Listen. Neither of us slept on the plane. I know, it's very exciting, but you're probably more tired than I am. So why don't you lay down, and in a little bit we can go downstairs and you can hang out with lover boy, okay?" She smiled and turned onto her side, and fell asleep within 2 minutes. Vanessa was still too anxious to go to sleep. She grabbed a pen and pad of paper out of the night table next to her bed, and wrote Ash a note.
I'm going over to Z & C's room. Too anxious to sleep. They slept
on the plane, so maybe they'll have the Xbox set up....we can play
guitar hero or something. Come over when you wake up!
Love ya!! xoxo V

She left it on the nightstand, and crept out the door and across the hall. She knocked on the door.
Inside Corbin & Zac's room, Corbin sat on his bed, playing Guitar Hero II, while Zac sat, with his head muffled into his pillows. "Seriously Corbin," Zac said, he lifted his head, "I really think I'm in love with this chick."
"Then tell her," Corbin said, feeling like he'd said it 5,000 times already. "Tell her you think you're in love with h-" There was a knock at the door. "Get it; I have to beat 'Message In A Bottle' on expert."
"Okay..." Zac mumbled and went to the door. He looked through the peek hole.
Outside, Vanessa waved and smiled. Zac grinned and opened the door. "Hey guys!!" Vanessa said, walking inside and waving to Corbin. She sat on Zac's bed and leaned his back against his headboard.
"Hey Nessa, what's going on?" Corbin asked, finishing the last lines of 'Message In A Bottle'.
"Nothing, Ashley was taking a nap, but I couldn't sleep, so I came to see if you guys had the 360 hooked up yet," She laughed, "You guys don't waste any time, do you?" Zac laughed and shook his head. He sat down next to Vanessa and looked at her. All I want is you... Zac thought, but maybe that won't happen. Maybe you'll never feel the same. He looked down. From the corner of her eye, Vanessa looked over at him. He looked so sad, she thought, maybe I'm why you're sad, maybe I can make that go away...
"So, guys," Corbin said, getting up, "I'm going to go downstairs and check on something with the room," He winked at Zac and- when he knew Vanessa wasn't looking- he mouthed 'Do it, just tell her, you'll feel better', "I'll be back in a few."
"Cool man," Zac said, and got up. He sat on Corbin's bed and picked up the guitar. He looked at Vanessa. "Wanna play verses?" He asked, a mischievous grin on his face.
"Winner picks the torture?" Vanessa asked, picking up the second guitar.
"Always," he said, and picked a song. A few minutes later, Vanessa was jumping on the bed.
"WINNER!!!" She yelled, and stuck her tongue out at him.
"Awe man!" He said, not disguising his smile. She jumped over to Corbin's bed, and sat on her knees.
"Now," She said, "If I remember correctly, I get to pick your torture..." I can't believe I'm about to do this...she thought, It's perfect though, and I can't pass up the opportunity to show him how I really feel...
"You do, Miss Hudgens. Go ahead, give me your worst..." He looked into her eyes. She looked back Before she knew it, she had grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him up onto his knees. She stared into his eyes, and kissed him.
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