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Interlude 02

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Sixth Year!PostOOtp Its Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts and he has to make some hard decisions in order to survive. But will these decisions help him or make him weaker? Martial arts, dueling, anima...

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Title: The Darkest Hour (Interlude 02)

Author name: Ham

Summary: Harry is back in Privet Drive just a few days after the happenings in the Department of Mysteries. He is struggling to cope with his loss and the immense burden placed on him. He suddenly finds it very hard to go on - To find a reason to live. Will his task break his spirit? After all, he is just a sixteen year old...

He knows that he must fight. Knows that he has to win at all costs. But he knows that if he even is to have a slim chance of defeating Voldemort he will need to make some hard decisions. Decisions that would hurt him and those close to him.

But will Harry be able to take the hard road back when he finally realizes that his decisions only made him weaker? That they took away his only reason to live. His only reason to fight.

DISCLAIMER: J.K. Rowling owns it all. I am just a humble fanfic writer. Please don't sue me anyone, as I am quite poor and it really wouldn't be worth your while.


Interlude 02


The giant of a man was roughly shoved forward by his captors.

Blood was trickling from various wounds on his body, forming a puddle on the floor. His massive form was bound in thick metal chains, the ends of which were held in the hands of the dozen or so cloaked figures that surrounded him.

It was obvious that he had been in a very violent fight against them, as several of them sported nasty wounds or were limping.

The man tried to struggle against his bonds but he got a few vicious kicks for his attempt. He gave a bellow of rage, and gathering all his strength, jerked on the chains to try and throw off his captors. He didn't succeed, there were far too many.

But the struggles ceased as soon as they entered the room they were in. The half-giant shuddered from the cold and despair that pervaded the room. He remembered the feeling from his short stay in Azkaban. But this was so much more. The cold and despair was mixed with a vile evilness that caused spasms of fear to run through his body.

"Ah! Welcome, Hagrid," A high, cold voice called out from within the room. "How nice of you to join us."

Hagrid looked at the hooded figure sitting on the cold, stone throne and couldn't help shuddering.

"Come now, Hagrid, why all the shyness? We are old friends, aren't we, you and I?" The Dark Lord jeered.

"Yeh're no friend o' mine," Hagrid whispered.

"I'm sorry you feel that way," The Dark Lord said silkily. "You have been most bothersome, Hagrid. Twice you have disrupted my discussions with the Giants. What am I to do with you?"

"Yeh won' get away with this, Tom," Hagrid said defiantly, his anger briefly overcoming his fear of being in the presence of the most powerful Dark Lord in history.

Lord Voldemort laughed cruelly.


Hagrid's screams filled the room and the Death Eaters holding on to his chains were nearly thrown off their feet as he fell to the floor, thrashing around with the pain.


Several hundred miles away, Harry Potter's scar suddenly flared with pain and he fell off his chair, holding his head in his hands.

His scar felt like it had just exploded, so great was the pain.

Dumbledore immediately came around to stand by Harry's side. They had been having their Occlumency session when it happened.

Harry suddenly found himself sitting in a large, dark room. The room was frigidly cold, and there were hooded figures standing all around the edge of the room, holding the end of a chain. He looked down at a large hunched up figure lying a few feet before him. The figure was bound in the chains, thrashing and screaming with pain.


"Perhaps that should teach you the folly of calling me by that name," The Dark Lord said coldly as he lifted off the spell.

Hagrid gasped and tried to sit up, but the pain was too much and he collapsed back on the floor, his body shivering uncontrollably.

"Beg me not to do that again," Voldemort said softly, savoring the feeling of having the half-giant completely at his mercy.

The man lying on the floor lifted his great, shaggy head. "Never. I'll never bow to the likes o' yeh," he said angrily.



/Harry gasped. The man was Hagrid. They had gotten Hagrid./


Voldemort noticed the presence of the boy-who-lived in his mind and smiled cruelly.

"Such bravery," he taunted. "Tell me, is this bravery caused by some foolish notion that you have? Maybe you feel that Albus Dumbledore will come to your rescue?"

Hagrid struggled to crawl to his knees. He could not fail Dumbledore. He would not show fear to the creature before him. He owed the great wizard that much.

"He'll come," Hagrid said with firm belief in his eyes. "Dumbledore will come for me."

Voldemort threw back his head and laughed.


"Then call him. Your friend, Harry Potter, is right here with us and can see everything. Tell him to call Dumbledore to your rescue. Or tell him to come himself. Let's see if your heroes can save you from Lord Voldemort."


Harry's head seemed like it would explode with pain. He desperately tried to pull away and break the connection, but Voldemort held him tightly in his grip and made him watch Hagrid scream in agony.


'This is how it will be for all your friends, Potter,' Voldemort said maliciously. 'I'll kill them one by one. Watch as I destroy your world.'

'No!' Harry screamed. 'I won't let you harm them.'

"Harry, what's happening?" Dumbledore asked urgently from beside him.

"It's Voldemort... he's got Hagrid," Harry gasped, as he yet again tried to break the contact. "Go... I'll be fine... Please... just save him."

Dumbledore nodded and moved off swiftly to alert the Order.


Voldemort looked at Hagrid in amusement. "It seems that Potter has alerted Dumbledore. Do you feel safe now?"

Hagrid did not answer, but his posture straightened defiantly.

"Yeh can kill me Tom, won' make no difference. Dumbledore will get yeh in the end."

"You fool!" Voldemort said scornfully. "That old man has one leg in the grave. If he could have killed me, don't you think he would have done so by now? The next time I meet the old coot, I'll send him to meet you."

Hagrid shook his head weakly. "Dumbledore may be old, but he's still more powerful then yeh'll ever be. An' he has Harry with him. That boy doesn't know how ter lose. He's beaten yeh before an' he'll do it again."

Suddenly, Hagrid leapt to his feet and with superhuman strength, hurled his chains off and rushed towards the Dark Lord, letting out a loud war cry that would have chilled the dead.

He knew he was going to die here today. But if he were to die, he would not go quietly and be played around with. His whole body trembled with anger for the demon before him. The one person that had destroyed his whole life.

The Dark Lord looked at him, a bestial smile on his face, before lazily raising his wand and pointing it at Hagrid.



"NO!" Harry screamed, as the connection was abruptly broken off. He collapsed on the floor and rolled up into a ball, his whole body shaking violently with grief as the hot tears ran down his cheeks.

Harry vaguely felt Dumbledore try and comfort him but he roughly pushed him away.

Hagrid was dead. And he hadn't been able to do anything but watch.

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