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As she stepped out of that truck his heart was immeadiately her's to do as she pleased, but a secret quickly revealed could cause this feeling to be smashed forever. Or could it be love? And if it ...

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Title: All I Ever Wanted To Do Was Be With You
Chapter One: Suprise!
By: forevrcharmed92.

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It was cold outside, but she didn't care. The brunnette continued moving her things into her black F-150, which already occupied her seventeen year old sister and twenty year old friend.

"I hope you will find what you need to help you forget." her mother told her as she gave her farewell hug.

Maddyson looked at her loving mother, "I'll try."

Walking into the Cold March rain, she waved to her parents before climbing into her truck and pulling out of the gravel drive-way. A tear began to wonder down her pale face and she quickly swiped at it as the memories flooded to her.

"Maddy, you okay?" Maddyson's sister, Taryne, asked.

Maddyson nodded, wiping at another tear. "Yeah, I'm just fine."

"My Chemical Romance Tour 2007 here we come?" Rachel asked.

Maddyson smiled, "That's a definate yes."
"So, when are they gonna get here?" Gerard asked anxiously, looking at his watch for the twentieth time.

"Any time now." Ray replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

A black truck pulled into the parking lot, sending cheers of anxiousness and enthusiasm from the guys.

"It's them." Frank exclaimed.

Bob Bryer watched as a woman with brunnette hair stepped out of the black truck. He smiled at the "mystery woman's" style.

A faded pair of blue jeans topped with a blue shirt that read: "Day Dream Believin" with butterflies. Mystery woman's long hair lay at her sides in layers that seemed to shine, she was breath-taking.

The other brunnette and blonde walked toward the guys but his mystery woman lagged behind.

Bob watched the guys immeadiately take to the two girls, but he was still caught up on the loner. Deciding he would see if she needed some help, Bob walked toward her.

"So, um.. you need some help?"

The woman was even more beautifal face-to-face. "Yes, thank you."

"My name is Bob, by the way." the blonde drummer smiled.

The "mystery woman" smiled again, "I know. My name is Maddyson. I'm the lucky contest winner."

"Maddyson... thats nice." Bob smiled as he accepted the pink duffel bag handed to him. "Pink your favorite color?"

Maddyson shook her head, "Uh, no. Actually, it's her's."

Bob looked at her curiously, before watching the woman step from behind the door. A blonde girl with pig-tails smiled up at him from her arms.

"Bob, meet Addyson Lynn Perry, my daughter."

"Your daughter?" Bob asked, a nervous smile on his face.

Maddyson smiled, "Yeah my daughter."

Putting a pink blanket on Bob's shoulder, Maddyson practically pushed the toddler into his arms before pulling out a blue bag, Bob now recognized as a diaper bag, and a little brunnette boy who she balanced on her right hip.

"And this is?" Bob asked, moving his head from Addyson's wondering fingers.

Maddyson closed the door not bothering to give him a glance, "Chris Matthew, my son."

"Oh, okay." Bob murmered before carrying the girl towards the bus, a look of confusion and disappointment on his face. Mystery woman had kids?

To Be Continued...

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