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Revenge in Moonlight

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When a handful of Hyuga cadet branch members get their hands on a way to negate the curse seal an internal conflict among the Hyuga arises.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

This my second crack at the Naruto genre. Here it goes.

Chapter 1: Sins

The moon was full in Kohonagakure. The village appeared desolate. There were a few lights in the many houses in Kohona, but gradually seemed to dim as the moon seemed to show it's full power to Kohona that night. It was quiet and seemingly devoid of anything except the cricket's chirping and the occasional howl of the dogs at the Inuzuka's. The dogs mainly seemed to howl at the two laughing men that apparently just came from drinking. Upon closer inspection they were shown to be Hyuga's.

"Well, that was an interesting story the bartender told, right, Hiroyuki," the other of them said loudly leaning on the man beside him in a drunken stupor. Hyuga Hiroyuki was a tall man who was in his mid-twenties. He had mid-length brown hair that ran down his upper back. He was wearing a white shirt with gray pants. His forehead protector settled on top of his head covering the cursed seal.

"Whatever, Hachiro," he said. "You should have gotten so drunk; you're getting annoying," he said. He looked over and watched as Hachiro ran into the bushes and vomited with a loud noise. He groaned as he stood upright holding his stomach.

"Idiot," Hiroyuki said as he continued walking past his drunken friend.

"Wait," Hachiro said as he ran after him. Hyuga Hachiro was nineteen going on twenty. He had short spiky brown hair that hid the yellow headband that hid the curse mark. He was wearing a yellow shirt with five black buttons and black pants with a yellow stripe on each side. His forehead protector was on his left arm. Hachiro started to run now, hoping he wouldn't fall over from all the drinks he had. He had just finished his first A-class mission since he became a jounin a week ago. He figured that every since the attack by the Sand and Sound village two years ago, Kohona is short on ninja to do missions. He scratched his head as he almost fell over. He looked up as if he was in a daze and noticed that Hiroyuki had stopped moving only a few feet away from him.

'He decided to wait for me? That's unlike him. I wonder what's going on?' he thought. He tried to regain his composure as he walked toward his friend. He looked to see a man whose face was illuminated by the full moon. Hachiro activated his Byakugan to get a better look at the man. He seemed to be in his late-thirties. He appeared to be around six feet tall with black hair that went to around his mouth. His brown eyes were overshadowed by the glasses he wore. He was wearing a red long sleeved shirt with black pants. His arms seemed to be covered in bandages. Hachiro noticed that he wasn't wearing a forehead protector. The man smirked lightly as he made eye contact with Hachiro.

"What do you want?" Hiroyuki said in a firm tone that caused Hichiro to turn his attention away from the strange man that stood in front of them. Hiroyuki stared at him as he didn't answer. The man closed his eyes and smirked before he looked at the two Hyuga again. "I'll repeat myself one more time. What do you want?" Hiroyuki said with a bit of frustration behind his voice.

"I know what I want, but what do you want?" he said cryptically. The two Hyuga looked at him for a moment.

"What are you getting at?" Hichiro said walking ahead of Hiroyuki a few inches.

"What am I getting at?" he said repeating the question. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Ikeda Katsu," he said with a bow. "I am a medic-nin who loves to view different curse seals. I really am fascinated by the Hyuga seal in particular. With a few hand signs, you two could drop dead," he said shrugging his shoulders.

Hichiro activated his Byakugan and charged at Katsu with killing intent.

"Hachiro, wait," Hiroyuki tried to say to his teammate. It was too late though. Hachiro was clouded by anger, and his drunken state only fueled his desire of this man's death. He extended his right palm and aimed for his right lung ready to destroy it and to see the man writhing on the ground as his life is slowly etched from his being. He man smirked as he saw Hichiro's body strike his. The moonlight illuminated the two bodies as Katsu began coughing up blood involuntarily. He grabbed Hichiro by the arm and squeezed lightly.

"Die," Hichiro said a he pulled his left hand back for the finishing blow. As he made contact with the almost lifeless body, he watched as the body disappeared into smoke.

"A Shadow Clone!" he said surprised.

"Of course," Katsu said leaning on one of the houses in the neighborhood they were in. "I must say though, the Hyuga are impressive indeed. I assume by the rage you harbored against me when you attacked me with that you are a branch member?" he said as he stood up off of the house.

"Why-" Hachiro started.

"Yes, we are branch members," Hiroyuki said cutting Hachiro off. "What of it?"

"You see, I have been tinkering on a jutsu that actually can reverse the effects of the curse seal of the Caged Bird in the Hyuga."

"What? How dare you get into Hyuga affairs!" Hachiro yelled Byakugan still activated.

"Don't be a fool," Katsu said calmly.

"Think about it. How long have you felt useless against the branch members knowing you couldn't go against them. Let me guess. You felt weak, really weak. You want a chance to get back at them, right?" Hiroyuki and Hachio stood there wordlessly. Hachio looked at the ground for a moment and stared at the ground. His drunkenness no longer seemed to affect him. "That's what I thought."

"What do you want with us?" Hiroyuki said mildly.

"All I want is to help you get rid of the cursed seal," Katsu said. "Do you agree to help?" The three stood there wordlessly. There was a light wind the blew east as the moon still hung high in the sky.

"What must we do?" Hiroyuki said finally breaking the silence.

"Tell us and consider it done," Hachio said remembering the last time he crossed Hiashi's path. He grabbed his forehead as he remembered the pain forming throughout his body. He shook his head to clear his mind.

"That's what I like to hear," Katsu said approaching them. "Meet me here tomorrow at the same spot around the same time and bring me a cadet branch Hyuga alive. I can't stress the alive part enough. Understood?" As soon as Katsu said that Hiroyuki appeared behind him.

"Don't order us like we are your slaves. We'll get you the body," Hiroyuki said. He backed off and walked back over to Hachio.

"Good. I look forward to working with you. Pray tell what are your names?" Katsu said.

"Hyuga Hiroyuki."

"Hyuga Hachio."

"Good," Katsu said before he formed the tiger hand sign and left the scene.

"He's telling the truth," Hiroyuki said as he turned to walk back to the compound.

"I suppose so," Hachio said.

'He's hiding something though,' Hiroyuki thought to himself.

Hachio looked up at the night sky the next night. He turned to see Hiroyuki staring at the branch member that stood in front of them. He was in his late teens. He had brown hair that went to his neck with his forehead protector under his hair on his forehead. He was wearing a white shirt that had a little dirt on it and black pants. He was tied up and gaged as he stared wildly at his captors.
"Don't worry, it will pay off soon in the end," Hiroyuki said trying to comfort him. He mumbled something under the gag that went unheard by the two revenge-hungry men. They turned to the sky when they heard a puff of smoke. They looked on top of one of the roofs to see Katsu squatting on the edge of the house, arms hanging over the building.

"Is that the man?" Katsu said as he jumped from his previous spot to join the men on the ground below him.

"Yeah," Hachio said lifting the teen by the collar with his right hand. Katsu walked over to the boy. He examined his face closely and smirked. Fear began to riddle the boy's demeanor. He began shaking slightly at the sight of the man in front of him. He was unsure. Unsure of the fate that awaited him. Katsu removed the forehead protector from the teens head to reveal the Caged Bird seal that rested on his forehead. The teen bowed his head in defeat and helplessness trying to come to terms with his own life.

"He'll do nicely," Katsu said taking the teen away from Hachio's grip. He hoisted the teen on his back by the rope and sighed. He looked up at the sky. It was cloudier than it was the day before. He scratched his black hair roughly then turned to the two men. Meet me back here in four days. "Gather as many cadet branch member Hyuga as you want and bring them here at this exact spot. I only want to have to do this once," Katsu said.

"What did I say about ordering me around?" Hiroyuki said as Katsu turned to leave.

"Don't bring them then. I will just be you two alone, and shortly after it will be you two that die," Katsu said. "Don't be so prideful to the point you can't see the big picture," he said as he turned to leave.

"I'll see you in four days," Katsu said before he left.

"You better not be lying to be Hachio!" a female Hyuga yelled. It had been four days since Hachio and Hiroyuki had seen Katsu. They decided to heed his advice and quietly amassed five other cadet branch members to their side. They were very quiet with their words usually only mentioning the plan after they left the Hyuga household or if they were talking one on one away from other's ears. Very few believed. A good portion of the few that did believe were too scared to see if they were telling the truth. The grip Hiashi had over them was too strong. However, there were a few that let the seeds of hate seep through them enough to continue onwards. These are the seven that stand here in the neighborhood of a group in Kohona. One thing was for sure though, no one mentioned it to any member of the main branch household. That would mean certain death. Where they were going, they could never turn back.
"I'm not lying Fujiko," Hachio said trying to defend himself. He looked at Fujiko in the eyes to see no sign of wavering. Fujiko was a childhood friend of Hachio. She had long brown hair that went to the small of her back. She was wearing a pink shirt that had one long sleeve on the left side and black shorts. She wore her forehead protector on her bare right arm.

"You better not be. If you are, that's all our heads," she said forcefully.

"Calm down, Fujiko," another male Hyuga said. Fujiko backed off and sat down by the base of a building to the left of her.

"I wonder why Neji didn't want to participate in this. I thought he would jump at the chance to do this," Fujiko said changing ths subject.

"Who knows?" Hachio said. He turned to Hiroyuki. "Hiroyuki, where is he?" he asked calmly.

"I don't know."

"Where I am. I'm walking towards you know," a voice in the distance said. The seven avengers stood up abruptly and formed a sloppy line as Katsu came closer towards them. He appeared the same way except now he had bandages covering his left eye. He seemed confident as he walked toward his comrades with a smirk.

"I see this is the group, huh? You mind introducing yourselves?" Katsu said scanning the nine Hyuga.

"You already know me. I am Hyuga Hiroyuki," he said stepping forward.

"You know me as well. I am Hyuga Hachio."

"I am Hyuga Fujiko," she said with a hint of impatience.

"I am Hyuga Hotaru," she said stepping forward. She about 5'6" and was wearing a black t-shirt and pink pants. Her waist length brown hair moved as another breeze passed through Kohona. Her forehead protector rested on her forehead.

"I am Hyuga Fumio," he said stepping forward. He was a little under six feet and had short dark brown hair that hid his forehead protector. He was wearing a white shirt with a leaf in the center and black pants.

"I am Hyuga Harumi," she said following her other comrades. She was around 5'7". Her short brown hair covered the brown bandana that hid the seal. She was wearing a purple top with yellow pants that stopped at her ankles. Her forehead protector was around her neck.

"I am Hyuga Hajime," the last one said. He was around 6'1". His hair was in a ponytail that went to about his neck. His eyes seemed colder than all the others. He was wearing a black shirt under a long red overcoat and red pants. He stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"Okay, that appears to be everyone. Now, here is the deal. Firstly, it would be rude to not introduce myself to the newcomers. My name is Ikeda Katsu. I assume that these two have already told you everything," he said pointing to Hiroyuki and Hachio. They group nodded. "Good. Well, let's get started."

"Wait!" Hiroyuki said loudly.

"What is it, my friend?" Katsu asked.

"Where is the boy?"

"Oh him. He's resting at my house. I have already healed him. He should be back in a couple of days. He's rather sick," Katsu said closing his eyes.

'I can't tell if he's telling a lie. I can't read anything he's doing that suggests he's lying,' Hiroyuki thought trying to use his Byakugan to give him insight on his true intentions. "Fine," he said settling for his explanation.

"Now if there are no further questions, let's begin. Remove the things that hide the curse seal," he said pulling out a kunai. All seven of the Hyuga complied then stood on their toes reading to strike in case he tries something crazy. They watched as he began inscribing a character each of his palms. The visible eye close occasionally in pain as he finished his drawing with a few grunts along the way. He breathed deeply and stared at the sky.

"I moon is dead," he said as the clouds covered the moon.

"What?" Fumio said questioningly.

"Nothing. Are we ready to begin?" Katsu asked. They nodded. "Good." He began to do hand seals quickly.

'So fast,' Hotaru thought as she watched his hands go from one to the next as blood began to ooze from his fast motions.

"Okay! There it goes! Hotaru, Fumio, you're first," he said as he charged toward them. Before they could react, he was standing in front of them. He placed the palms of his hands on their heads covering the curse seal. They screamed as they stuttered backwards. They noticed that his hands seemed to be sizzling. He turned toward Harumi and Hajime. "Your turn," he said doing the same thing. They seemed to be able to take it better than Hotaru or Fumio. They stepped back when he finished. He walked over and did the same thing to Fujiko and Hachio. Fujiko fell over from the seal being released . She picked herself off the ground and stood by Hachio. They turned as Katsu approached Hiroyuki. He was sweating now as he felt Katsu's cold hands touch his forehead. After a few seconds he stepped back and felt the seal.

"Nothing feels different," he said. His voice cracked slightly.

"It is still on your forehead," Katsu said breathing hard.

"What is?" Hachio said.

"The seal's appearance is still there, but the effect is now null and void," Katsu explained. "When Hiashi uses the technique, fake like it works when it's convenient for you," he said breathing hard. They nodded. "Good. I'm leaving. I will send the boy with a message for you. Do as you will. If you need me I will be here every Wednesday once a week at this neighborhood," he said.

"Fine," Hiroyuki said. He watched as Katsu left the scene. He turned to Hachiro and Fujiko. "So what now?" he asked.

"I know," Hajime said.

"What?" Hotaru said walking toward the group.

"We send them a little message."

It was nearly mid-day at the Hyuga compound. The grass was waving in the training ground. The small pond in the back of the training ground seemed to stand still as the sun beamed down on the Hyuga compound. The seven avengers watched as ten year old Hyuga Hanabi trained in her Gentle Fist style by herself. She was covered in black from head to toes causing her to sweat under the great heat. It was one of the rare times she wasn't in the watchful eye of her father. She made occasional grunts as she struck the air with her palms. She stepped forward and attempted to strike with two fingers then spun around to strike with four. She then jumped back and fired a kick in the air. She rested as she sat down on the ground breathing heavily.
"I hope that's enough to please Father," Hanabi said as she sat down on a log that had a towel on the top. She picked up the towel and covered her face in it. Her eyes widened. Her eyes darted to the left quickly still covered by the towel. 'Malicious intent,' she thought. She clutched her fist and activated her Byakugan as she rushed toward the one standing in the open. Fujiko smirked as she watched Hanabi charge at her.

Hanabi extended her right palm and aimed for a vital organ in her torso. She made contact with a Shadow Clone that dissipated at her touch. She turned around quickly to catch a kick that was aimed at her torso. Hanabi braced herself on the ground and aimed for two chakra points on Fujiko's leg. Fujiko quickly jumped back and activated her Byakugan. She watched as Hanabi charged toward her. She leapt in the air to get a better few of a weak point. She watched as Fujiko disappeared quickly and appeared in front of Hanabi in the air. She hit several chakra points on her arms, legs, and torso, then slashed at her shoulder with a kunai that she quickly drew from her pouch in around her waist. Hanabi fell to the ground with a scream. She rolled on the ground a few feet leaving a bloody trail before her body came to a stop. She did a quiet moan before she fell unconscious. Hajime appeared beside Hanabi's unconscious form and grabbed a kunai attached to a scroll that was written hours before.

"You waited until she was pretty much out of energy before she attack?" Hajime asked as we spun the kunai on his left index finger.

"Yeah. I didn't want to use anything fancy," Fujiko said. "Have the hotel reservations been made?"

"Yes. We will be heading there in a couple of days." Hajime stuck the kunai into Hanabi's back causing her body to twitch slightly.

"Is she alive?" Fujiko asked.

"Yes. In a few hours though, she might not be so lucky," Hajime said. He picked her up and noticed a little blood coming from her mouth. He activated his Byakugan and tapped her forehead. "Let's get out of here," he said tossing her form on the ground. Hanabi rolled a few feet causing the kunai to be further embedded into her body.

"Hiashi-sama, Hanabi-sama is unconscious on the training ground!" Neji yelled entering Hiashi's quarters without his consent. Hiashi stood there for a minute wordlessly.

"Who did it?" he asked with malice in his voice that sent a chill down Neji's spine. He kept himself composed.

"We don't know," he said finally.

Hiashi activated his Byakugan and ran past Neji without a word. "Follow," he said. Neji followed close behind him.

They arrived to see various members of the main branch surround Hanabi's bleeding form. Some had bandages in their hands; some were trying their best to give first aid to Hanabi.
"Move," Hiashi said. The family parted into two separate sides on either side of him as he walked down the middle. Neji stopped moving and stood in line on the right side of the two lines. He picked up his daughter and noted that she was still alive as her chest moved up and down slowly.

"Hiashi-sama, there was a note embedded in her back," another main branch member said.

"Let me see it," he said. He took the note and read it over clutching Hanabi closer to him.

The main house's villainy will soon cease.

The main house's villainy will soon cease.

This is the first step.

Next time you won't be so fortunate.

Your daughter's will fall

And you will grieve

Then you'll be erased for eternity.

Enjoy your last days

They are coming soon

Then we will strike

Oh, all the things we have in store for you

-Death to you by Moonlight

Hiashi clutched the scroll in his hands. He stared at her daughter's form with fatherly worry.

"Neji, go get him."

"Him? Hiashi-sama, who is him?" Neji asked arching an eyebrow.

"You don't mean the half-breed, do you?" another head branch member spoke up. Mumbles of disprovement littered the training ground.

"Silence!" Hiashi screamed silencing them all.

"Neji, you heard my orders. The only Hyuga with medic-nin status. Go and explain the situation and bring him here," he said as he lifted his daughter in his arms and carried him away from the training ground.

"Oh, him," Neji realized. He disappeared and rushed as quickly as he could. There was no time to waste.

A/N: Well, that's the end of the first chapter. I seriously was not planning on doing this fic at first, but I decided to go ahead as the idea was interesting. There were originally nine OC's, but I cut it down to seven. It's very hard for all the names to be consistent with Hyuga tradition so I cut it down some. Anyway, for all those Hinata fans, she appears next chapter. For all those wondering if Hanabi will live or not, she will live. I have plans for her. Originally it was supposed to be Hinata that gets the treatment, but instead I settled for Hanabi. Hinata will get her fair share of fights though. Also, him, should be familiar to anyone who has read my other Naruto fanfiction, Clipped Wings. Yes, it's him. Well, next chapter will hopefully be longer than the last. Expect action scenes to take place soon by the bucket loads. Please let me know what you think. Until next time.
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