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Urm they all go to starbucks!

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Kitty's Pov
I woke up to complete silence. Looking around I spotted my 4 best friends sleep. I listened but heard nothing. Thank fucking god that phone was so annoying. I looked at the clock 7:27. Damn that's early. I tried to get back to sleep, but I am one of those people that once they are awake they can't get back to sleep. So I slowly got up, grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom for a shower. I washed, pulled back the shower curtain got dressed into my fav clothes my black ¾ length jeans, plain black strappy top and my MCR hoddie. I brushed my hair and put it into a scruffy pony tail and then started doing my eyeliner.
AHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO, I poked my self in the eye as I heard screaming. I quickly ran out the bathroom door to see remi whacking her head on the wall saying no No NO
What is it? I said staring around. I looked and Emma she looked grumpy, looking around I saw that the rest of them did to
What's the matter? I asked again.
Emma put her finger to her lips and everyone became quiet then I faintly heard the chorus of the dreaded song
What I've Done,
I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done...
I groaned ad heard amsy say, we are cursed CURSED!! I grinned and walked back into the bathroom and continued on my eyes. I walked out and headed for the sofa I pulled out the phone and glared at it. I then spotted that the caller wasn't our good old friend Mikey wikey.
Hey guys. I said walking In to my bed room holding the dreaded phone.
Yeah, they all glared at it
Guess what Mikey wikey isn't calling us anymore.
They cheered
Some one called Brian is.
They groaned.
We sat there for a while and after 3 rings Brian gave up. I started to tidy my bedroom as my friends showered and changed. Then Remi started helping me tidy the room and very soon it was spotless. Remi hates mess. Soon we were ready for breakfast remi cooked us egg, bacon, toast, sausages (veggie ones for me), hash browns and mushrooms. As well as being a neat freak remi is also an amazing cook. I am not I managed to burn cereal once and I still have no idea how I did. After breakfast we started watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. Then we heard a ringing.
FUCKING HELL, Charlie cried
Every one started moaning. I listened and realized that the tune playing was not what I've done but I'm not ok by mcr which was my ring tone. I walked out and grabbed my phone.
Oh hi Beth
Hey Kit
What's Up
Nothing really just wondering how the concert was.
Oh great, she sounded disappointed.
Are you ok
Yep I just wish I could have come its so crappy here
Is Spain that bad? I asked she was on holiday so we gave her ticket away but she was really upset.
Yep it's all hot and stuff.
Lol Well we got you a nice hoddie and a poster
You did OMG I love you.
I no I rule.
OO guess what?
Urm amsy died.
No but I am still hopeful
OY I HEARD THAT BITCH, amsy yelled from the other room
Beth laughed
So what happened? She asked
Well we found a mobile phone at the concert and it was ringing all night it was very annoying remi almost went mad.
She is already mad.
True True.
We laughed and talked for about 10mins but then Beth's mum dragged her off to some Spanish market.
I went back in the sitting room and told them about Beth's crappy holiday.
AWWW, poor little Bethy, Charlie said
We all laughed.
Ok guys I think we need to do something and I have a great idea. Can anyone guess? I asked
Everyone thought and then they all yelled.
Damn right I said grinning.

Gee's Pov
I woke up and realized that I had slept on the sofa. I groaned and got up I heard a thud and looked down to see Mikey's phone on the floor. I stooped down and picked it up. I looked at it wishing I had my phone. I no it mite sound like I am obsessed with my phone but I really need it. It has random lyrics on that I might need to use it has my pin number in the notes place. When I am bored I can use it. Damn I wish I had it now. I looked at the clock 7:30am. No one will be up yet but I am one of those people that once they are awake they can't get back to sleep. I got up had a quick uncomfortable shower (damn the buses small shower) and got dressed in black jeans a black t-shirt and a black linkin park hoddie. I need a coffee I wonder if there is a starbucks in London probably they have everything else here. I grabbed my sunglasses put up my hood and stepped out of the bus. I looked around and saw a group of teenagers I ducked my head and carried on walking but I heard there conversation. There seemed to be two groups. I am guessing they where mcr supporters and jocks because they were arguing about what was better mcr or football. I laughed and walked on. Soon I was in a busy street. I kept my hood up cause I saw a few teens with mcr hoddies or t-shirts. After about 5 more mins I spotted a starbuck YES!!! I yelled quite a few people looked at me and I saw some teens with mcr hoddies look at me and start pointing. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I quickly ran into the starbucks and sat right at the back. I kept my hood up and left my glasses on. After about 2mins I got up and ordered my coffee and then sat back down with a steaming cup of black coffee. I sat there and started to relax and started doodleing in my sketch pad . But then the teenagers that I thought had seen me came. Shit noooooo! I quickly slouched until I was nearly under the table. They ordered there drinks and walked right in my direction. Fuck. They sat at the table right next to mine but didn't seem to have seen me. I listened to there convocation.
I swear I just saw Gerard Way. I heard someone say. Bugger I bent my head over my coffee
Yeah right kitty, you see Gerard way everywhere. A girl with brown hair streaked with black said sniggering.
Yeah, remember you saw him at parent's day last year. Another girl with blonde hair said.
Omg yer I remember that but I was kidding then, I am not kidding now I swear I saw him! I looked over at the girl who had seen me and was speaking now. I froze Omfg she was beautiful in a strange way. She had longish black hair with bright pink streaks, she was pale with a heart shaped face, but it was her eyes that had me staring at her. They where silver and shiney and they were really big, they were creepy but amazing.
I stared at her for ages. I didn't see her looking back at me until she frowned. I suddenly realized she was looking at me and I quickly ducked down and stared into my coffee I could feel her eyes on me. Then suddenly I heard a phone ringing. All the people around the table jumped.
AHH its following us, the girl with dark curly hair yelled she then jumped under the table.
I think amsy it right for once in her life. A tall girl with wavy pinked streaked brown hair said looking scared.
Oy, the girl under the table said.
I looked at the girl with the creepy eyes and saw her laughing and reaching in her bag.
As she did so I listened to the tune. It was my ring tone the new linkin park song what I've done I love that song! She pulled out a phone that was the same colour, make and style as my phone.
Why did you bring it here, the girl with blonde hair asked.
Because I didn't want to leave it at home. She said simply
She looked at it.
Ok the caller is some one called bobby. I froze bobby that's my name for bob. And there are texts from Rayp and Hobbit.
OMFG I have a feeling that is my phone.
Rayp nice name. the blonde girl said
That is quite cool because when you say it, it sounds like rape but its spelt r..a..y..p. the creepy eyed girl said.
What ever.
OOO nice screen pic. She said
What is it? Blondey asked
It's Gerard and mikey
I hate that phone, the girl with brown hair streaked with black said.
But didn't you hear remi the screen pic is of mikey.
Really! She grabbed the phone and looked at it ,you no what I have changed my mind I love this phone. Wow there are loads of pics of mcr on here.
Really, they all looked at the phone
Emma there's even one of Pete Wentz.
Where, the girl Emma grabbed the phone and sighed.
Be careful you no what Pete does with picture phones, the girl still under the table said
Yep but I doubt that Pete ever got hold of this phone
True True but I still love him. The Emma person said.
That was defiantly my phone. What do I do? Should I steal it back? No bad idea I cant run for I long time damn my smokers lungs. Should I just go and ask for it. What if they recognize me though? I don't what to do but I need my phone. I got up and walked over to them.
They all looked at me as I stood in front of them.
Yes. One of the girls asked I think her name was remi not sure though.
Shit what do I say omg I can sing infront of thousands of people but I cant talk to a couple of teenagers.
YES. The girl asked me again.
Oh urm hi.
Hi, she said.
That I think its mine. I stumbled
Sure it is. The girl said again.
It is I swear.
What ever.
Why won't they believe me maybe I should take off my hood and glasses and THEN they would give it back I'm not going to thought because I would basically be doomed.
Please that is my phone.
The girl with big creepy eyes looked at me and said.
Prove it.
Prove that its your phone.
Urm ok well the ring tone is what I've done um on the back it says: Hobbit this is not your phone it is my phone so don't use it because it's not your phone so fuck off and also on the back is the name Bloodredreject.
They all looked stunned.
You've been listening to our convocation I saw you staring at kitty, the remi girl said. I blushed and turned away. This was really pissing me off.
Just give me my phone, I said with gritted teeth
NO, the blonde girl and the girl called emma said
Give me my fucking phone.
NO and don't swear, emma said
Ahh I am sooo pissed off stupid teenagers! The kitty girl was just staring at the phone in her hand and then at me. I blushed as I met her gaze thank god for my big glasses. I groaned.
Just give it to me.
NO just fuck off and stop trying to chat up kitty.
What? Ok now I was really confused
You won't stop staring at her.
Fuck you, I was literally shaking now I was so angry.
I looked at kitty again and the suddenly she held out the phone to me. What why's she doing that I thought I was going to have to fight for it.
I reached out towards it but I felt someone push me I stumbled into the table and I felt my hood fall down and my glasses fly off my face. I then felt a burning pain as my hot coffee fell on my arm. Heard the girls at the table gasp as I turned around. They all looked stunned especially the kitty girl. My arm is killing me.
Fuck Fuck Fuck.
I said out loud as all the teenagers in the starbucks started looking at me. I quickly put my hood up and grabbed my phone.
Thanks a lot bitches, I snarled as I looked at my arm which was causing me a lot of pain.
I quickly grabbed my wallet and sketch pad from the table and ran out of the coffee shop.

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