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Deadly Royale: K.O (Knock Out)

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Nothing to say but...This Contest isn't a cake walk.

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Wolfie: Hello people I am here with a new story Wolfie: Hello people I am here with a new story. It is quite interesting. But kinda short to me, this will be a two part story. I hope you like

Deadly Royale: K.O (KnockOut)

A girl with dark hair and blue eyes stood facing a girl who she called a friend. She still calls her a friend. But not at this moment due to the fact she was about to either A. kill her or B. Defeat her in a battle. "Please lets stop this...I don't want to fight you." The girls' friend lowered her head and sighed. She looked back at her sadly smiled. "I can't say the same thing Layla. I have to win this. I am tired of hearing everyone talk about humans in such a way..." Layla looked around and glared at all the demons that were booing her friends.
"Don't mind them...they are idiots and they don't know any better." Layla's friend had to laugh. Layla knew how to loosen the tension in a room. "Well I still want a fight to the death or not I want a fight." Layla shrugs. "I tried." She summoned her scythe and grinned a little.
"Well let's get this party started." Layla and her friend went at it.
Demons and other things in the crowed were cheering for Layla to win. "Do you think Layla will win?" Asked a spiky haired guy with eerie grey eyes. "Yeah no doubt she will win....but I want Meryl to win also." The spiky hair guy sighs a little. "Me too."
Layla and Meryl broke from each other and was rather out of breath. Meryl let a small smile play on her lips. "Layla I think we should end this. I think your evil brother is getting pretty ticked off right about now." Layla looked over at her brother who was glaring at her with hateful red eyes. She smile sweetly and innocently flipped him off. Meryl laughed. "Okay now he is pissed." Layla laughed.
" is so easy to make him made...But I think you are right...its time we end this with one final blow." Meryl nodded and held her sword tightly knowing that Layla was no weakling. "Alright...go!" Layla and Meryl's blades clashed one final time causing a cloud of energy to form.
The suspense was killing everyone since they could not see who won the match. Layla's friends were just as curious as everyone else was. And when the cloud subsides it will reveal the loser and the winner of the Deadly Royale

Somewhere in the underworld...

A very tall man stood infront of a gate not very pleased with what he found. "What has my son gotten himself into now?" He sighs and gets on one knee. "Damion, can you hear me?" The guy started to squirm. He opened one eye and looked at the person before him. "Father..." Damion's father smiled a little. "What happened here?" Damion looked around and he became all panicked.
"Where is she?" His father looked puzzled. "Where is who?" Damion sat up more. "Where is Layla...Lucas is planning something and it involves her and Meryl...we have to find them." His father narrowed his eyes. "They are both at the Royale." Damion stood up frowning himself. "Then let's go...Let's go help them." His father nods and stands up towering his son. "I'm going to kill Lucas." Damion smiled lightly.

Lucas stood in the back smiling ever so evilly. Lucas was the creator of the Deadly Royale and he was proud of what he has done. He has taken the soul of that annoying human girl. He grinned at the gasping crowd, mainly Layla's friends.
The cloud had finally subsided and Layla was standing there looking at her now dead friend. 'How did this happen?' she looked up and glanced at Lucas who was merely smiling at her. She glared at him.
"Lucas!" He turned to her in his all black suit. "I thank you for your assistance." He vanished and Layla dropped her scythe on the ground and went over to her so did a few others that was watching in the crowd.

Hours later...

Layla and three others stood in her room silently. One looked up and at her. "What now? The competition is over. What are you going to do now princess?" she looked at them and sighed. "One don't call me princess ever again Ace and Two were going to earth for awhile. I want to get away from here." She said and didn't notice the portal in the middle of her floor until two people stepped out of it.
Her father Hades and her brother Damion. Damion sadly smiled at her, Feeling her pain. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there sooner." Layla's blue eyes looked to the side. "It's okay. I know you would have if you could have. Don't worry about it I'll be fine." She put on a fake smile and looked at her dad. He was watching her closing seeing if she was really okay. Layla hated faking the truth but what could she do. She just lost one of her closes friends to that monster she calls a brother.
"Don't worry we are looking for Lucas. But knowing him he is far from here at the moment scheming something else. Sadly I am ashamed to call him my son." He turned and was about to leave when he looked back at her with a little smile. "Layla if you are going back to earth. Don't forget to write this time." She smiled at him, and he could see that it was a true smile. "I won't this time." She uncrossed her arms and looked at Ace and the others.
"So when do we leave?" Ace shrugged and looked at the other two. "Shadow...Scarlet any suggestions?" Scarlet's red eyes sparkled a little. "Nothing at this moment...but I am hungry right now." Shadow sighed at his partner. "You are worst then Layla when she wakes up craving chocolate." They all laughed including her father, he knew how much Layla loves chocolate.
"Sorry to ruin this but I and Damion must be going...we have to look for the idiot." Damion nods and looks at Layla. "Stay safe sis." She waves him off. "Aren't I always? But you should stay away from Lucas...he has captured you once in order for you deceive me...he'll do it again. Be careful Dai." They exchanged sibling stares and leaves along with there father. Layla lowers her head and stares at the ground. "Layla?" she heard Ace calling her. But she really didn't want to answer. "We should leave..." She looked at them faking her happiness once again.
"Alright..." Shadow turned around and opened a portal to earth. "If you would step this way I will escort you to earth." Layla and the others walked into the portal and Shadow had to add in a little humor. "Please keep all hands, arms, tails, and brains inside the portal at all times...thank you for traveling with Shadow Airlines." They all disappeared into the portal laughing.

Wolfie: Interesting ending...kind of lame but I had to considering I am writing this at 2 in the morning. I know I am insane or sane. Who knows with me? Anyways the Z-gang comes in on the next chap and more on the Deadly Royale is revealed. I hope you like this story. R/R with No flames, if you don't like do not read and or reply. If you do like...I encourage you to read the story. Thank you.

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