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They were America's Band and had it all looks, talent, fans...and now they're on a search for the next two 'Jessica Alba Fantastic Rockers'. Preview inside.

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They were America's Band - the ones you scream over, prayed to hope to meet and bought the overpriced merchandise - and with the world's most wanted celebrity in their name - They had everything.

'And you're hearing it here first everyone. Just days after the release of their 5th Album, Contagious,
it's been confirmed that The So-Jessica-Alba-Fantastic Rockers have split'

(shows Zac & Rachel fighting; Monique, Lucas, Ashley & Zac at their CD premiere along together)

But with 3 Platinum albums, 2 Grammy's and being in the constant spotlight, some grew big heads and sparked solo careers. Now America's Band is on a search for the next Jessica-Alba-Fantastic Rockers.

Alexa: I signed you two up
Corbin & Vanessa: What?!?
Alexa: You both are to talented not to do this

You kinda like it, You kinda want it

Corbin: Nessa, I'm not doing this without you
Vanessa: Way to make a girl feel guilty
Corbin: So we're doing this then?
Vanessa: Yea, let's do this.

And when the Rockers find the two they've been missing...

Baby you're amazing, why you waiting?

Drew: If you have a picture of Jessica in your envelopes, you are the next Jessica-Alba-Fantastic Rockers. Open your envelope.

Corbin, Vanessa, Jamie and Leo open their envelopes and Corbin & Vanessa take out a picture of Jessica, the band's marker.

Drew: Corbin Bleu & Vanessa Hudgens - You are So-Jessica-Alba-Fantastic

It seems that everything is coming together. Romance will blossom...

Zac & Vanessa

Zac: Do that again?
Vanessa: Do what again?
Zac: Smile. I like it when you smile.

Drew & Ashley

Drew: Coming!
He opens the door to his apartment to see Ashley standing on the foyer, her hands in her pockets and biting her lip
Drew: Ash, what...
Ashley: I'm ready to try....really try.

Alexa & Corbin

Alexa: You really wrote that for me?
Corbin: Yeah, I did.
Alexa: Wow.

Friendships are tested...

He said, she said

Lucas & Monique
Monique: But that's not me...
Lucas: Us! Monique, where did the 'us' go?

Corbin & Vanessa
Corbin: You what?
Vanessa: I know, it's stupid. It would never work
Corbin: Damn right it wouldn't.

And the pressure of coming back a revamped band is on them. Will they wow their worldly fans with two new members or become the next great One-Hit Wonders?

So-Jessica-Alba-Fantastic. Instant Classic. Chick's like 'Oh'

Zac Efron

Ashley Tisdale

Monique Coleman

Lucas Grabeel

Drew Seeley

Alexa Nikolas

with JoJo & Hayden Christensen as Rachel & Chris Locke

and introducing Corbin Bleu & Vanessa Hudgens

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