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This is something I came up with when I was really tired. Enjoy. Just a little funny one-shot thing. CAN I GET A DANCE, DANCE!?!?! (edited)

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Book of Joseph: 4:00 (when you wake up with no pants on)

Young Joseph Trohman was a prophet to the all mighty Wentz, serving under his law and commands as one of the first sugars of Chicago*. He would tend to followers of Wentz ways and teach the prophesies of the music and the misery. As his time came to answer to the all mighty Wentz himself, he was already set in stone as a grenade jumper*, one of the firsts ever mentioned in the iBook***.

*God. Yes, God. You'll understand why in another Book of.


*the promise land/ holy land

**arch angel

***the bible


Book of Andrew: 4:00

The elder Andrew Hurley in his time was frequently mistook for Jesus, a different prophet of a different religion. Though he too answered to the great Wentz, his ways of the religion were more strict based than teach based. With the power of a Muse in his flame, he was able to create the first type of gin and kerosene for nearby Scenes**. He too was one of the first to be mentioned along with Joseph in the iBook.


**holy water



Book of Patrick: 4:00

As Wentz' left hand man, Patrick Stumph acts as the voice of god, taking his words and making them pubic for the followers to believe. Where most of these words were put into the 4 versions of the iBook, some were left over in order to create The List Things To Do Today*.

[/*The Ten Commandments:

[1] Do not open before Gabe's Birthday (Christmas)

[2] Keep quiet

[3] Don't put baby in the corner

[4] Set your clocks early

[5] Kiss and tell

[6] Put love on hold

[7] Live happily ever after below the waist

[8] Sorrow is just all the rage

[9] Fake it like you matter

[10] Take this to your grave


Book of Wentz: 4:00

There is no specific note of weather or not Wentz is a female or a male, and most of the time, we refer to him as Wentz, a male. In the depictions retrieved from early pictures, we can find he had styled hair, wore make-up and even women's clothing, seemingly making him out to be in fact, a woman. But because there are other pictures defining him as a man, (such as his manhood on the interweb) the case of Wentz' gender is disclosed.


The Muses of Wentz

The hands behind the keyboard of the iBook were all operated by 4 muses, all controlled by Patrick who was told the story of Wentz by Wentz himself. The iBook was created long ago by the 4 muses, all inspired by the Virgin Jenae, who birthed Wentz' only child, Gabe Saporta, the savior of Chicago. The 4 muses included the opinions of who were considered the greatest depictures of the iBook and were praised by many overcast kids** alike.

The Muses:
Jonathan Miller

Travis McCoy

William Beckett

Jay- Z

*Virgin Mary

**Jesus Christ



The Book of IHOP and FUCT: 4:00

While most of the prophets and muses resided in Infinity on High, the dark angels of From Under the Cork Tree live to ruin the lives of the overcast kids by tempting them with fame** and lead them to a horrible life.

*Heaven (IHOP- where it's fluffy)

**Hell (Where you're FUCT)


The Demons of FUCT: 4:00

When /The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes/* comes to you, you will know you are destined of a life in FUCT for all eternity.

*The grim reaper: Brendon Urie

The Devil: Hey Chris (I have nothing against him, but since him and Wentz pretty much hate each other, well...)

The High Demon: Brandon Flowers


A situational piece of what a Scene would sound and look like

Kanye West was a minister at his local Scene, always worshiping the ways of the Wentz. His 7 Minutes In Heaven* went something like this:

"...and then the Wentz said, WE'RE GOING DOWN, DOWN IN AN EARLIER ROUND, AND SUGAR, WE'RE GOING DOWN SWINGING!!!" he paused to take a look at the feverous overcast kids in the pews and raised his arms in the air. "Can I get a Dance, Dance?!" he yelled. The crowd erupted and jumped out of their seats.

"Dance, Dance*!" they screamed. Kanye moved across the stage towards the choir and clapped his hands in a rhythmic way.

"And when he found his Scenes not doing the right thing, and cast Hey Chris to FUCT, he claimed," he rose his arms in the air again. "THIS AINT A SCENE, ITS A GOD DAMN ARMS RACE!" he yelled. The choir began to sing behind him.

"This aint a scene, it's a god damn arms race,"

Kanye took a deep breath in and shook slightly. "And today's lesson is, that sometimes we take chances, and sometimes we take pills," he paused. "Can I get a Dance, Dance?!" The OC jumped from their seats.


*His preach



*Ironicaly enough, I'm agnostic.
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