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Life's Lush Lips

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Just Another One Shot

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Life's Lush Lips
(yes yes I had to use a Carpel Tunnel of Love lyric but it fits)

Charlie stared wildly at the white blank screen. She tapped her fingers against her cheek. Sighing from her plethora of words that had yet to form any sense. Charlie's glasses slipped down her nose. Mindlessly she pushed them up. She wondered whether this new found war against her writers block will be epic. That or it was just because of her fatigued state. She stared at the clock and found herself shocked. Charlie had been sat there for over an hour and still nothing. Her mind blank. A canvas yet to be painted on. Usually she could have formed a masterpiece by now. She had it in her. Deep inside. But the key was missing. Out of frustration she snapped the laptop shut. Beating out a rhythm on her side before jumping. The phone had rang. She walked over and answered it.

"Hey Charlie"
She couldn't help but grin as Patrick's voice came through the reciever. Biting her lip slightly.
"What's up Patrick."
"I am so bored."
"Join the club." She looked at the time again. Double checking that it wasn't too late. "Do you want to come over. Watch a DVD or something."
"That would be cool."
"Awesome." She kicked an empty Pizza box under her sofa. "See you in a bit."
The line had rung dead. She giggled to herself. Patrick was one of her closest friends. They enjoyed each others company. Perhaps she relied on the friendship more than he did, but Patrick meant the world to Charlie. She tidied her apartement to an extent where it was clean yet comfortable. Charlie browsed herself in the mirror. Ok she thought Baggy pyjama bottoms, oversized t-shirt to hide the lumps and bumps and man socks. I look great. She felt a stab of insecurity. Behind her t-shirts and trousers her stomach over hung. Her thighs stood like tree trunks. Her arms big and her breasts far too huge. She brushed of the evil thoughs. She didn't. The truth was Patrick had seen her in wearing and looking much worse. And she felt at home around him. No matter what outfit she wore.
Charlie had just placed the snacks down on the table. Popcorn. Drink. Her door knocked. Only gently. She slid in her socks over to the front door. Opening it to a Patrick who was leanin against her wall in the corridor. She hated how he could look great in anything.
"Hey hey hey" she said as if preparing for a party. "Come in come in."
She motioned him. Like always. It was routine. He removed his jacket and placed it on the hanger. He rubbed his hands together slightly.
"Right what are we watching." he asked

"I have no idea." Charlie replied. Patrick went to open his mouth inquizitively when she shook her head. "No no no its my turn. My choice."
Patrick pouted at her. "But -"
"I don't care how good the film is. I am not watching "Rushmore" again."
He folded his arms childlishly. "Fine. You choose."
She nodded at him which he imitated in return. Smiling at each other. Patrick moved himself to her black leather sofa. Charlie moved to her DVD collection. Shaking her head at each title. She must have seen all of them over and over again. In the midsts of them though she saw a title that stood out. One she hadn't seen for ages.
"Huzzah, got it." Charlie said flinging her hand in the air.
"What is it." Patrick was moving his head to the flaying case. Trying to catch the title.
"You'll see."
"Ah come on tell me."
"Because if you have chosen one of your shitty films, I can get comfy for a sleep."
"Fuck off" she said jokingly. Slipping the DVD in. She skidded over to the sofa. Sitting down beside him. Simulataneously they lifted their legs onto her stool. The title sequence came up.

"Oh god, anything but this."
"Shut up you."
"I should have banned you from picking this one."
"There is nothing wrong with it."
"I'm not saying that." He said like a critic. "Generally, "Dancer In The Dark" is a good film. I just know though you're going to bawl your eyes out."
"No I won't."
"Charlie you can't even talk about the film without crying."
"Well I- " She stuttered with indignity. "Just shut it and watch the film."

The two of them went silent. Charlie's eyes were wide. Her pupils reflecting the flickering images on screen. However, her eyelids began to grow increasingly heavy. She let them fall but snapped them open quickly. She couldn't help herself. Her head falling upon Patrick's shoulder. She had fallen asleep. Patrick flinched slightly. His pulse rising at the pressure. The hairs on the back of his neck saluting the feel of her warm breath on him. Patrick removed his arm. Letting her fall perfectly on his chest. His arm leant on her shoulder. Subconsiously she snuggled into him. And without any warning. Or preconception. Patrick, too, closed his eyes. Taking him into a slumber.

Charlie began to stir. Unaware of where she lay. She was comfy but she could tell that it was late. She rolled her eyes to the DVD screen to check the time. It was one in the morning. She was beginning to snap back to her senses. She stirred underneath Patrick's arm and when she heard him sigh in his sleep she realised she was lay on him.
"Shit." She said. Hearing his heartbeat pound from behind his ribcage. She began to remove herself from him when his arm went stiff. Pushing her back down.
"Don't" Patrick whispered. Charlie began to feel some annoyance. She looked up at him. His eyes were firmly shut. Though there was a hint at a smile.
"Don't what."
Patrick snapped his eyes open. Looking down at her. Meeting her sharp blue eyes. And in that instant they both melted. Kept back lust. Excitment. Passion. All these they had simply ignored. Brushed away. They were starting to fill them both. Charlie never felt her pulse race so hard. Fast. His eyes were pentrating deeper into her soul. Parts even Patrick had never found until now. Patrick leaned down and brushed her lips softly with his. Charlies cells quivered in delight. Patrick lifted his hand to her cheek. Pulling her chin forward and kissing her with more pressure. She responded and now their lips interlocked perfectly. Turning stomachs. Twisting the nerves so they shimmered with happiness. To replunish oxygen they broke away. Still staring at each other. keeping this new found connection alive. Patrick inhaled every thing she embodied. He whispered through the silence.

Ciao Bella
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