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Why All the Shonen-ai?!?

by Lizzard 3 reviews

Daisuke and Dark ponder at all of the shonen-ai about them on the internet. Meant to poke fun at the overwhealmingly shonen-ai turnout on this site, but not to insult.

Category: D.N.Angel - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor, Parody - Characters: Daisuke, Dark - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-04-16 - Updated: 2007-04-16 - 508 words - Complete

One stormy Saturday night, Daisuke Niwa was cuddled up on his bed with his laptop and his best friend, Dark Mousy.Of course, if someone walked into Daisuke's bedroom at that time, they would only see Daisuke, because Dark resided inside Daisuke's head. We, being the almighty beings that we are, can see and hear Dark, because we're just cool like that.

Ooh! That one looks interesting. Click on it! Click on it! Hurry up, Beyotch! Dark said within Dai's head. Daisuke had gone to on Dark's request.

"Okay, okay, Mr. Bossy Pants." Daisuke muttered, and clicked on the link that Dark had indicated.

It's techincally Mr. No Pants right now, because you have control of our body right now, and I'm just in your head. Dark smirked.

"Agh! Bad images! Baaaad images! Ew!" Daisuke said. Yeesh, teenage boys can be sick minded.

Dark tried to restrain his laughter as he watched what Daisuke was thinking. Man, you so totally need to get laid. He said, a smirk twisting his face.

"Kinda impossible with you ahnging around, isn't it?" Dai asked mildly.

I could do it... Dark bragged.

"Yeah, well you're a man whore." Daisuke teased. He turned to the screen, and scrolled down the list of fanfictions ripe for the reading. "Hey, Dark. Listen to this." He said, before reading some of the list aloud. "Mirror Realm. Daisuke and Dark meet each other in the mirror world, and things get hot. Run Away From Me. Satoshi decides that he can't take it any more, and runs away. Daisuke tries to go bring him back. SatDai."

Click on it, it sounds interesting. Dark said. It's not like we've got anything better to do tonight, anyways. Man, I wish that we could go steal something. Or get a girl.

"You're always looking for a girl." Dai pointed out, and clicked on the link. As he read silently to himself, his eyes grew round and his cheeks flushed. "Dark..." He said, as though looking to make sure this wasn't a nightmare.

Holy shit. THAT was strange. Dark said.

"Tell me that this is NOT about me and Satoshi Hiwatari. And you and Krad."

I would tell you that, but it would be a lie, Daisuke. Dark said, still staring at the screen. Damn, these people need lives. These are ALL about that, in different pairings.

"This is wrong..."

I so agree with you... Wrong, yet a little hot at the same time.

"Dark!" Daisuke exclaimed, blushing.

Dark laughed. Just kidding. But there is an awful lot of it.

"Why all the shonen-ai?!?" Daisuke exclaimed, banging his head against the wall, as Dark just rolled around laughing inside of Daisuke's head.

A/N- Hello, dears. I'm going to say this. This was not meant to insult anyone, and all fanfiction names and descriptions are from the top of my head. Written on a day where I should've had a snow day, but didn't, so bear with all typos and spelling errors. Review and Rate, cause you've obviously Read already!
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