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Twirling the rubber band between her fingers, Ashley watched from the sidelines as Drew and Lucas finished up the last few details of the press conference. In about two hours time, the seat that she was in right now would be filled by someone from the press and Ashley was not looking forward to it. If anything, she wanted to be farthest away from this place as possible, preferably in her bed with a big tub of cookie dough by her side watching Passions before it went off the air. But if she bailed, what would that look like? It would look like she was out as well and she wasn't. She wasn't leaving, Ashley said forcefully in her mind, as she sat up straight just in time to see Zac headed her way and he looked just as happy as she did. Giving him a half smile of sorts, she watched him slip down next to her without a sound.

Everyone had been in agreement that this was the best thing to do, even though they all had been questioning it ever since. Things were definitely not the same without Rachel and Chris, who now had been rumored to be with Hollywood Records now. Drew would tell them that they were better off but the four remaining friends knew things were still a bit awkward. Ashley looked back over to Zac and let another sigh escape her. She was worried, so worried and didn't have the biggest faith in them at the moment.

"One hour, huh?" His deepened voice startled her a bit and she blinked her eyes wide open. He was asking about the conference, the press, the questions...things she wanted to put off as long as they all could.

"Yea, one hour," she echoed, confirming his question. "Zac, tell me we're gonna be okay," she pleaded, needing to hear it just one more time to get through the rest of the day.

Zac turned slightly, his blue eyes looking into her sienna ones. He and Ashley were close friends so he knew how to read her good; when to worry with her, when to worry about her and when to reassure her. And this was a time to do all three. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, her arms instantly went around his waist and held on for dear life. Kissing the top of her head, he reassured her that they, all five of them together, would get through this - no matter what. "We'll always be together, Ash. I'm not going anywhere."

"Honest? You're not just saying that to make me feel better about this?"

"Even if I was, it would all be worth it," Zac told her as Lucas and Drew approached them. Ashley released Zac from her arms and wiped her face. There were no tears yet, but Ashley was sure that there would be. "Monique is in back with Manda, Ash. She's stocked with tissue and waterproof mascara," Zac told her as she started off backstage, behind the black curtain backdrop.

"Thank God for Monique," Ashley murmured to herself as she brushed her hand against Drew's and all three of them watched her walk away. "Thank God for Monique," she said again quietly. Ashley walked into the tiny room meant for the remaining Rockers and strolled up to Monique and Manda, the other half of their management team. Watching Manda and Monique flip through a magazine with the latest celebrity gossip, Ashley stood next to Monique and felt her instantly pull her closer to her side. With a giant smile on both of their faces, Ashley was getting both her confidence in them back and a little suspicious all at the same time. Things were going to be okay, she could feel it.

"Ash," Monique brought her out of her thoughts as Manda pushed the magazine into her hands, "look at what Rachel is wearing!"

"Oh my God..."


"You are the best big brother ever," Vanessa boasted as she plopped down on Corbin's family's studio apartment and he headed straight for the fridge that was always filled with every kind of drink possible. "You know that right?"

He heard her call out the question at the top of her lungs, making sure he heard it from her normal spot as he turned back with two bottled waters and headed for his piano that Alexa had named Julie for no apparent reason. "Um, I guess so. Why do you say that now?" Corbin asked Vanessa, handing off one of the bottled waters and sitting down on the piano's bench, his fingers grazing the pearl white keys and trying not to gloat too much because she would be the first to call him on it.

"You know exactly why I say that, Corbin," she started as the television came on with the flick of her wrist and she turned to face the back of his pulled back afro. "Her smile gets bigger and bigger everytime you get up and dance and sing with her. If I had a big brother, I'd want him to be just like you," Vanessa paused and Corbin could feel her thinking about the last part of the sentence, "except for the snoring. That's the only part that would bug me."

Her laugh echoed in the studio and he couldn't help but add onto it, but only a bit before he turned and glared at her just because eh could. "Watch it, V, or you'll never get to hear that new song..."

"But I wanna hear it..." she playfully whined like she was one of his little sisters.

"Then be nice."

"That was nice," she stated, opening up the water that he had previously handed her and took a sip of it. "Hey, when's Alexa supposed to get here?"

"Soon. I think she mentioned the 2 o'clock hour once or twice," Corbin told her, his limber fingers now softly playing a new melody that he had been fooling around with for weeks.

This was a typical Saturday for the duo - that turned into a trio in the latter part of the day when Alexa, the third musketeer in their gang got off from her job and made her way to them. They had a ritual on these days too - it would start with them both being babysitter!Corbin and cook!Vanessa, but in the end switched as Vanessa was a much better babysitter than Corbin was and Corbin was most definitely a better cook than Vanessa could ever hope to be. His three younger sisters - Hunter, Carrie and Jag, plus Stella, Vanessa's younger sister - could all attest to that. The day would then turn into either a movie night with just the three of them (where popcorn and chick flicks were a must) or into an all night dare or dare competition. More than lately though, it had been the former, because Corbin had ended up with the worst dares that he had ever been given since junior high school. It was a comfortable routine that the three 21-year olds didn't intend to break anytime soon.

Corbin's hands were flying over the keys now, simply playing that soft melody an octave higher and adding in the harmonies that he knew Vanessa's voice would match. His head, heart and hands were in the music now - taking him away from the reality of life that was present and nothing could tear him away - except for a persistent nudge from the arm of a certain petite brunette with the voice of an angel. "Quit it, Vanessa," he muttered, his eyes still close.

"Not a chance. You gotta watch this," she told him, still nudging.

"Five bucks Britney's pregnant again," he smiled at his own comment and finally stopped his hands from playing. "Okay, okay, I'm watching," he admitted and her nudging stopped with both of the their eyes flying towards the television screen with flying letters bolded in red plastered on the screen - BREAKING NEWS!

TV ANNOUNCER: Hey everyone, Jane here and we have breaking news! Possibly the biggest breaking news since Britney, Pamela & TomKat combines. It's just been confirmed that 5 days after the drop of their 5th album, Contagious, the So-Jessica-Alba-Fantastic Rockers have split.

Corbin leaned into the box that was now flashing images of the 6 Rockers and highlighting their achievements throughout the years - including this year's Grammy win for Album of the Year. Now, he was interested.

Rachel& Chris Locke, the brother and sister team within the Rockers have gone solo - leaving 4 remaining - Zac Efron, the front man of the group with the baby blue eyes; Ashley Tisdale, the all-American girl who stole our hearts when she sang to the President; Lucas Grabeel, the funny man who's been constantly linked with Jessica Alba herself; and Monique Coleman, who showed us she's not just a girl who can sing and play the bass, but she's a dancer as well. We, E! Entertainment News, along with several other members of the press, were invited to a private conference where the Rockers' manager, Drew Seeley, made the announcement.

Corbin looked over towards Vanessa, only to see her glued to the screen. They were one of Vanessa's favorite bands, if not her absolute favorite and he wasn't sure how she would handle the news.

"Drew, was this something that the band and yourself saw coming or was this a complete and total surprise?"

"The Rockers have been through a lot this year - with the Grammy win, the release of Contagious and family issues, but no, there was nothing to suggest that this was expected. Next," Drew pointed and called out to a short & balding man from Variety, "Jake."

"How are Zac, Ashley, Lucas, Monique as well as Manda and yourself doing?"

"Thank you for asking Jake, and they're doing okay actually. We're all trying to figure things out, Manda & myself have been doing damage control but we're okay," the manager looked around for the final question of the conference, "Lynne."

"Are the Rockers staying at 4 or is there room for 2 replacements?"

"No comment."

Corbin, Vanessa and now Alexa sat there staring at the screen, not sure how to process any of the breaking news report before them.

JANE: And there you have it folks, Drew Seeley, who also reps other recording artists such as The Comeback and Saratai and has also had his own solo career that ended in the early 2000s had no comment regarding the band's future. But have no doubt, we'll have news and you'll hear it here first on E! News.

The final images and videos of the Rockers flashed on the screen before Alexa shut it off and looked in between him and Vanessa. Talking with their eyes was never a hard thing to do between them and when he saw Alexa's telling him to do the honor of snapping Vanessa out of it, he sighed. "Hey," his hand gently tapped Vanessa's hand, "you okay?"

She slowly turned to him then and almost looked a little shocked, scared and jaded all at the same time. "I'm fine," Vanessa shook her head and blinked a couple of times.

"You sure?" Alexa butted in.

"Yeah, fine. Now come on," Vanessa just shook the news of the Rockers off like it was yesterday's news already, "Corbin, lemme hear that song again."

"No way," Corbin leaned back on the bench as Vanessa tried to scoot her way beside him. "No way are you not more affected by that," he argued, pointing back to the blank television screen but never leaving Vanessa's stare.

"I'm not, honest," she held her hands up in surrender and he only half believed her. With her semi-huge crush on Zac Efron, like the rest of the nation. Corbin looked over to Alexa again and nodded his head. Vanessa caught onto his gaze though and spoke up before he had a choice to call her on it. "Lex, Cordelia, come on. Okay, so they were, I mean, are one of my favorite bands and yes, I'll be affected by the breakup. Are you happy now?"

"Only if you admit you burning, undying love for Mr. Hottie himself, Zac Efron," Alexa coaxed her, walking up and leaning on the piano as Corbin let Vanessa sit beside him on the bench.

Rolling her eyes, Vanessa finally admitted it just to please her friends, "Okay, okay. Yes, I have a crush on Zac. Who doesn't? Now, play me that song," Vanessa pulled on Corbin's arm as all three of them burst into laughter.

"As you wish, milady," Corbin said as his hands returned to playing the melody and this was definitely more than just their typical Saturday - even if they didn't know it yet.


Monique & Zac stared into the wall of Drew's apartment as the four Rockers and Manda congregated in the living room, doing absolutely nothing. Waiting for their manager to return to help Manda cancel appearances and tell the multiple requests for interviews a flat out no was the main priority of the day. It had only been a few days since the press conference and yet they still were at a loss at what to do or where to go.

Leaning her head on Zac's shoulder, Monique let out a soft sigh as the three watched Ashley come out with sandwiches and snacks on a tray for them and nearly collide with Drew, as he came through the door.

"Almost," they heard him say and watched the glances between the two and the smile that curved on Ashley's lips. His hands covered hers and took the whole tray for her, following her to the center of the living room.

"Yeah, almost," Monique whispered between her, Zac & Lucas and they all let out tiny smiles, knowing of the crushes between the two.

It had been a slow day and none of them had the energy or drive to anything but hang out around Drew's home. Manda was the only one doing anything productive - canceling appointments, telling many programs 'no' and booking one for the good of the band. Drew sat down beside Lucas and looked between everyone.

"How'd the meeting go, Drew?" Manda was the first to speak up; wanting to know about the meeting he had just had with the President of Arista Records about the bands future.

"Uh, well...," Drew stammered, not sure if starting the conversation out 'You have to go out' was the line they wanted to hear. "It was interesting. She's not happy."

"And we are?" Zac snapped and winced, feeling a pinch from his friend beside him. "Sorry."

"All she wants to know is your next appearance and what you guys think is best at the moment. That's all," Drew leaned forward as his hands did some of the talking for him. He looked in between them all - Lucas was in the midst of a sandwich and so was Ashley. Zac and Monique looked between each other and Monique was the first to speak up, wanting to do something other than sit around doing nothing.

"I have an idea, but Zac's the only one who knows about it," she said, leaning up from his shoulder and re-positioning herself on the sofa. "We stay 4; we go out, let the world see us as 4."

"But we've always been 6," Lucas said.

"I know, but Luc, we're 4 now; without Rachel or Chris and we have to do something other than congregating in Drew's apartment and feeling sorry for ourselves. We have to do something."

They all were silent, thinking about just being 4. Lucas did have a point though, they had always been 6. It would be different just being 4 - but then Ashley raised her hand.

"I'm in," she said, her blonde ponytail flipping her in the face as she locked eyes with Drew.

"We're in too," Zac spoke up for him and Lucas. "Let's do it. 4, we're 4."
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