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Chapter 1

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Takes place in France in the 1800s after the Revolution. Coralie Desjardins, of a noble family seems to have lost everything. When she is taken in by a family with ill interests, she gets more than...

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Coralie Desjardins shuffled her feet clumsily as she stepped closer and closer to the large, intimidating front doors of the building. She knew that her mother would certainly not approve of her behavior, so she straightened up a bit, smoothed out her pale peach colored hoop skirt dress, and walked into the building trying to look graceful and proper, even though the eight year old was less than thrilled about what she was about to undertake. Being from a noble family in France, Coralie had to attend etiquette lessons since she had turned eight a few months before. Carefully and quietly, she tiptoed down the oak-wood hallways and into a nice looking room with an Oriental rug and several upholstered love seats and armchairs. An older looking woman with her gray hair tied up into a bun on her head, and tiny glasses rested on her pointy nose, sat at the front of the room. Her head snapped in Coralie's direction as she walked through the double glass doors. Other girls had already assembled into the class and were seated with legs crossed under the other, tiny hands folded in their laps.
"Your name?" the woman asked in a throaty, strictly toned voice. Coralie could feel her face flush but she maintained her composure and managed to curtsey before responding.
"I am Coralie Desjardins." The woman gave the girl a once over before pointing a finger to a chair in the back of the room.
"You may take your seat," she told her. Coralie stumbled to the back of the room.

The class droned on for what felt like forever to Coralie. She had not wanted to take these lessons, not only because they were terribly boring, but also because she was dreadfully shy. She had no brothers or sisters and always seemed rather awkward around other children. She would much rather prefer to be in her own room, reading one of her books, like she always did.
"That's all for today girls. I will see you next month at three o'clock sharp," she announced standing up from her seat. Coralie sighed in relief and stood from her chair, quickly walking out of the building and into the cool outdoors, the smell of burning leaves lingering in the autumn air. She stood near the street waiting for her family's carriage to arrive. She then felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see a girl who looked about her age, with big brown eyes and curls to match.
"Hello," she said with a friendly smile, "My name is Allison. I like your dress." Coralie was slightly taken aback by this girl's outgoingness. Nonetheless she smiled in return and responded with a shy,
"Thank you." The girl giggled slightly.
"What's your name?" Coralie's face flushed in realization that she had not properly introduced herself.
"My name is Coralie," she said, trying to sound confident, "Coralie Desjardins. I'm eight."
"Desjardins?" Allison questioned, "The name sounds familiar. I believe your parents know my mother and father," she stated with an uncertain look before her chocolate eyes snapped open again, "Oh, do let me introduce you to my sister! She's a year older than us and she thinks she knows everything, but she's very pleasant once you get to know her." Allison took Coralie by the hand and pulled her across the dried green grass over to another girl who was speaking with an older boy.
"Jacqueline," Allison said impatiently, tapping her sister on the shoulder. Allison's sister turned around to reveal her beautifully tanned face, with glossy black curls hanging on her shoulders. Her eyes were brown like her sisters yet completely different. They seemed to be darker, more knowing.
"Jacqueline, I want you to meet my new friend," Allison said. Coralie couldn't help but smile a little. Friend...? she wondered. She wasn't sure that she had ever had one before.
"This is Coralie Desjardin. Coralie, this is my sister Jacqueline." Jacqueline smiled down at her.
"Hello. Allison, aren't you going to introduce her to Tyler?" Jacqueline questioned, gesturing to the very cute, older boy beside her. Allison rolled her eyes.
"Coralie, this is our brother, Tyler," she said with a sigh. Tyler smiled down at her and fussed his slightly frizzy dirty blonde hair. His eyes, unlike his two sisters, were a striking steely gray. Coralie felt her cheeks flush. Finally she saw her carriage pull up to the building.
"Oh," she began quietly, "Well, my carriage is here. I hope to see you all again soon," she smiled at the three of them before walking off.
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