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Chapter 2 ~He Offers A Handshake ~

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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A cool breeze whittled past her in a breath. She took a moment and zipped up her jacket. Automatically feeling the rush of warmth that surrounded her. She smiled to herself from the minutes before. As her mp3 player filled her ears with the smooth percussion of "Let The Good Times Roll" she couldn't help but wonder about the chance meeting before. She loved moments like that between strangers. A connection. A pulse. A sparkle shone from cool green eyes. In her mind, she still swam in them.

A car rushed past her in a haze, roaring with the sound of the modern age. Lit with the creations of technology. The speed sent disgust down her spine. She needed abundance, she needed escape. Her head craved for the freedom of the park. She turned a corner, and another until she found a small untouched beauty in the middle of the city. To highlight the emotions that were harboured in the park, the sun whittled through the clouds of cold, and only shone there.

With a spring in her step, she entered the clean park. A beam radiating on her face as she watched the children with mothers. The perfect families on a picnic. She stuck her tongue at a ginger capped boy who ran off shyly. Giggling to herself she continued on her long walk. Retreating to the words that had filled her find, accompanied by the perfect bass and strumming. Her mouth, uncontrollably, moved with the words. She lifted her eyes to the clouds and grinned at the rays that fell upon her face.

Yet in an instant she cursed herself. Why? Because again she walked away from the beginning. She let someone slip through her grasp. She should have stayed, she should have plucked up courage. Bravery. Approached the boy, she should have approached him. What was worse, is her lack of reason to why. She had the perfect amount of confidence and she wasn't seeing anyone. She just let the feelings of lust and passion that warmed her cheeks, go. She bit her lip and shoved her hands into the pockets. Whispering to no one goodbye. The chance had gone. Like the minutes that ticked by. She sighed. Scuffing the floor and focusing her orange trainers. Evolving into a new mood, a new emotion. Letting the smile fall from her face.

Her music blared out, and like her feelings the songs had changed to tales of woe and depression. She breathed out threw her nose. Hating how the words could change her spirit to a wondering soul. She lifted her hand to her forehead and rubbed it out of frustration.

And that was when her feet got entangled. She felt the full force of a torso hit her. An excited rope wrap around her legs. And in the moment, she fell to the floor. Landing on the grass. Cringing at the embarrassment. Her face already burned. She grimaced as she a rough moist tongue run along the side of her face. She cocked her head to a bulldog.

"Hey Hemmingway stop it" sounded a giggling voice, which soon turned to her, "Are you okay?"

She relaxed at the tone of the voice and grabbed a helping hand that reached down. Lifting her to a pair of deep brown eyes. Her stomach flipped, and she took in each detail of the young man before her. His fringe falling into his eyes. His skin lightly tanned. She scanned the outfit her had thrown on. Interesting, she thought to herself, as in other circumstances she would have laughed at the pinstriped tight pants, and an outrageous clash of shirts and jackets. She sucked the inside of her cheeks secretly to stop giggling. But the clothes he had on strangely suit him. Fitting in to the contours of his body. They exchanged a friendly smile.

"I am sorry about the fall" he said to her.

"It's pretty much my fault, don't apologize" she replied, "I was in a world of my own anyway."

He let his lips slip upwards and bore one side of his brilliant white teeth, he held out a hand, "I'm Pete."

She took the hand and shook it, "I'm Beata"

"Beata?" he queried, almost in a scoff, "that's an unusual name."

Beata scowled at him, feeling insulted at the outburst against her name. She may not be the biggest fan of her name, but she'd protect it till the end, "Yeah, it was my grandmas."

"Oh hey I didn't mean to insult you," he said as the eyes bore into him with exasperation.

"No no it cool," she brushed off the annoyance with a wave of her hand. She bent down to scratch the head of the dog in front of her, "This is Hemmingway I take it," She adopted a different tone for the dog, "Oh you are adorable, yes you are, you are gorgeous."

Hemmingway lapped at her happily, and Pete's stomach did flips. Beata giggled away with the dog and a voice resounded in his own head, She's special. Beata rose her eyes to Pete, still stroking the fur of Hemmingway.

"I love dogs" she muttered, feeling that familiar tingled in the pit of her stomach. Perhaps not as strong as the man in the café. And nor was Pete as intriguing as the green eyes she had set upon, but maybe fate had left Beata another chance. Handing her another bout of flirtation. You can't say no to hope she told herself.

"Would you like a coffee, I mean if you want, I'll buy you one" he asked, stuttering out of his childhood nerves.

"Sure" she replied, walking along the path with him. A conversation sparking interests and bands between them. Yet in the back of her mind, hidden even from her, those green eyes tugged on her heart.
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