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Chapter 1

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this is my 1st story, hope u like it, please review! its about high school and romance and stuff, i dont know if ive used the right ratings!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-16 - Updated: 2007-04-16 - 416 words

i do not own any of my chemical romance and i probably never will do. \n\nso here we go...\n\nChapter 1\n\n\nBuzz. The alarm clock went off. I woke up to see Mikey laid on my bedroom floor. All i could think was how the heck did he got there. I kicked him playfully making him wake up. He moaned at me and rolled over to go back to sleep. I just left him and went off to the bathroom to get ready for school. Great! My hair will not go right again and my eyeliner is blunt. Oh well its only school. I put on my death kitty skirt and some black fishnet tights. I kicked Mikey again and he gave in this time. Mikey sat up rubbing his eyes. \n\"Why you wake me Annie?\" Mikey asked sleepily.\n\"Its time for school idiot,\" I replied\n\"oh\" \nMikey got off my bedroom floor and headed to the bathroom. After at least 5 minutes he waked out dressed in my overly sized black hoodie and a pair of black drainpipes. \n\"Oi that\'s mine!\" \n\"so\" he mumbled\n\"ok you can wear it today but I want it back!\"\nMikey is my best friend, we\'ve known each other since forever. I would never give him up for anything, well maybe something. Beep. That was Gerard\'s van outside, he obviously guessed that mikes would be here. Gerards one hot person. I\'ve never told Mikey that I have a crush on his brother, I don\'t know how he would react. \nMe and Mikey ran downstairs and undid the door to find Gerard sat in his beat up van. Me and Mikey climbed into the back, because frank one of our friends was sat in the front. \nGerard spoke \"hey Anne,\" \nMikey coughed loudly\n\"hi mikes\" he added\n\nI saw Gerard looking at me through the mirror. I wonder if he knows I fancy him?\n\nWe arrived at school. Mikey helped me out the van and we started to walk off to 1st period but I felt someone gram hold of my arm. It was Gerard.\n\"can we talk\" he asked\n\" erm yeah I guess\"\n\nMikey gave Gerard a look of jealousy. Why was mikes jealous? I was only gonna talk go his brother, what the big deal? What if he carnt, were just friends. Yep me and mikey are JUST friends. That\'s it. \n\n\nhey guys review please cause I don\'t know if I like this story. Do u wanna hear more?\n
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