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Mikey is trying to cope with losing his wife and child. His bandmates are trying to help him move on. Finally he meets the one, but he is scared to let go of his past.

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I remember I was so happy for the baby to come to bad it came at the wrong time.....

Emily's water broke backstage , we were right in the middle of a song. Rushing backstage I tried to calm her. Grasping my hand she looked up at me with horror gleaming in her eyes; things went wrong.

" Michael! I'm so scared this wasn't suppose to happen the baby is to early!"

" Emily please calm down! You and the baby will be fine I promise!"

Kylie(Ray's gf) called the ambulance. While waiting I pressed warm towels against Emily's body trying to calm the contractions and the pain. The EMSA rushed both of us into the back, we were half way to the hospital when Emily wasn't responding.

" EMILY! Wake up please sweet heart!", I shook her trying to bring her back but it didn't help. The paramedic pulled me away from her, they rushed her out of the ambulance into the ER unit. The other paramedic rushed me into the waiting room malign an attempt to calm me.

" Mr. Way please wait here. The doctor will be with you as soon as possible."

I stared off into the gleam that was shining off the door Emily was pushed through. I sat there for hours with sweat drenching my clothes , I went hours without information. All I could do was cry I already knew what Emily's fate was. A tall middle aged woman with auburn hair and a long white jacket walked over towards me.

" Mr. Way I am sorry to tell you, but there were complications with the birth. It was a still birth and Emily had a severe aneurysm...."

" What do you mean by aneurysm??"

" She had an ulcer and it ruptured from all the pressure of the contractions....I really am sorry."

" Yeah you are. You can leave now."

She looked down at me with helpless eyes; she was useless to me. I didn't feel like speaking to anyone, but I knew what I had to do. I took a flight to Emily's parents home to tell them the news.

5 hours later....4 AM at the Parents home

I had rung the doorbell 10 times already I was about to give up but finally Mary ( Emily's mother) answered the door.

" Mikey what are you doing here? And where is Emily?"

I looked her straight in the eye, she waited for me to speak but I opened my mouth and the only thing that came out was a scream.

" MIKEY! Come inside what is wrong with you??"

" Mary I'm sorry. So sorry!"

She looked at me with horror, Emily's sister walked in.

" Mikey what is wrong?"

" Emily...she is..."
" What is it???" Julie screamed at me.

" Julie Emily is gone. She is gone the baby is gone."

" How could this happen?"

" She had an ulcer it ruptured, and there was a stillbirth."

We spent the rest of my time there crying over what happened. It was about 11 when the guys showed up at the house, they cried with us. After our eyes were dry as they possibly could be we decided to make funeral arrangements. All I could think was maybe if I could have been with her instead of playing onstage none of this would have happened.

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