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Chapter 3

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They're escaping but nothing ever goes to plan, does it?

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[A/N] Sorry this has taken so long to write. Writers blocks can be a bitch. I hope you enjoy this chapter though. Contains slight violent graphic content towards the end, but not much so read at your own risk.


Her eyes flicked open and she let out a shrill scream. She was back in the place she thought of as hell.

She was chained to the wall and her heart was pounding because, advancing on her was a man with a knife. He had a malicious glint in his eye and she knew that whatever he was going to do would hurt. She screamed again and struggled to get away from him when he came close. It wasn't possible to run, for she was still chained to the wall.

She screamed again as the blade came in contact with her cheek and sliced the skin open, causing a quick trickle of crimson blood to leak from the would and down her cheek.

Her heart was beating erratically and she was having trouble breathing now, and the amount of thrashing she was doing would not stop her attacker.

He kept cutting. And she kept screaming.


Pete watched her face contort in pain. She had been crying in her sleep and sometimes screaming. That's what had woken him from his light sleep.

"Grace," he whispered urgently. "Grace, wake up." He said stroking her cheek, trying to wipe away the tears that had collected there.

"Wake up." He repeated, this time gently grasping her shoulders and shaking her.

Suddenly her eyes fluttered open and she gasped.

"It was just a nightmare." He soothed as she sat bolt upright, trying to gather her surroundings.

She realized that she was still with Pete and not where she had dreamt she had been. This immediately calmed her as she drew in deep breaths to try and even out her breathing.

"Are you alright now?" Pete asked.

She just nodded to assure him that she was but her eyes were screaming the opposite. So was her mind.

Pete reached out and stroked her cheek. She wasn't alright but he could see no good in pressing the matter right now.

Suddenly he heard a sound downstairs and someone coming upstairs. "Pete, are you up here?"

Pete put a hand to his head and muttered several curse words under his breath. If anyone found Grace here they would be dead, for sure.

"Stay there." He mouthed, getting up off the bed and gesturing for her to stay.

"Yeah, hold on a second." Pete called out to the person on the other side of the door. He opened the door a crack and slid outside, trying to obscure as much of the room as he possibly could.

It was Patrick and Pete really had no idea why Patrick would be here. No idea, why he would come to see him.

"What's that?" Patrick asked, craning his neck to see what he could of Pete's bedroom before Pete closed the small distance that the door was open.

"Nothing." Pete lied, securing the door handle and leaning back against the door frame. "What are you doing here 'Trick?" Pete asked.

"I just wanted to see how you were." Patrick replied, lowering his head so his cap covered most of his face.

"I'd be better if I wasn't here." Pete said angrily.

Patrick was shocked by his tone of voice and stood silently for a moment, biting his lip.

"No, I'm sorry." Pete said quickly. "I didn't mean it like that. I'm not blaming you." He moved to touch Patrick's arm in a gesture of reassurance.

"Pete," Patrick started quietly. "I've come to get you out of here." Patrick said that cautiously, as if there were people listening that shouldn't be.

"Wait. What?" Pete stammered, unsure that he had heard him correctly.

"I've come to get you out." Patrick repeated again quietly. "Just, come on. Come quickly. I don't know how much time we're going to have."

"Wait, Patrick, I need to bring someone with me." Pete said cautiously. Patrick was his friend but he didn't know what his reaction would be when he found out someone had escaped and entered his sanctum.

Patrick stood silently with raised eyebrows as Pete opened the door to his bedroom and beckoned for Grace to come out. She stepped uncertainly from the shadows of the room and stood behind Pete. She wasn't certain if she was facing up to the enemy here or if she was safe.

Patrick could barely see her hiding behind Pete but he could see enough to realize that she was definitely female and where she had come from by the look of her attire.

"If I'm going, she has to come too 'Trick." Pete said, studying Patrick's face for his reaction. His face showed no signs that Pete could recognise. He simply shrugged and uttered a low 'hurry' before turning and walking quickly down the stairs two at a time. Pete grabbed Grace's hand and pulled her down the stairs after Patrick.

Patrick was at the door now and he was cautiously peering around the edge to see if anyone was outside. When he realised the coast was clear he flung the door open and beckoned for Pete to follow him.

Grace's heart was pounding and she wanted to speak and ask what was going on, but her mind had already drawn conclusions. They were escaping, that much was clear. To speak right now might have been a terrible mistake because they were running down the second tunnel quickly, past doors and rooms containing who knew what. Pete was still grasping tightly onto her hand. He hadn't let go and he wouldn't.

Patrick came to a halt suddenly and spun around to face them. He had a serious expression on his face and when he spoke it was clear that he truly was serious. "We have to run through here." He said, resting a hand on the handle of the door. "When I say run, I mean run. Don't stop. Don't stare. Don't go slowly. Run."

Then he opened the door and Pete pulled Grace through and into a large room filled with rusty metal tables. What was on the tables was only a blur to Grace at first because of the pace that they were running at but the pace didn't stem the stench that the room contained. It was wretched; a mixture of rotting flesh and high grade disinfectant that did nothing to cover the stench and it seemed it also did nothing to keep the room clean.

Suddenly Grace caught a glimpse of what was on the table and gasped. She stopped running and started to choke. She forced the urge to vomit away and tried to focus on running but the tables, hundreds of them, maybe even thousands, were filled with dead people. They were all mutilated beyond the recognition of a human but they were, or had been people.

Now Patrick and Pete had both stopped. They turned to face her and Patrick shouted what sounded like 'Don't stop running!' but Grace could hardly hear him over the sound of an alarm. Pete and Patrick both tried to grab her and hurry her along but it was too late. Swarms of guards flooded into the room, trapping them.

Grace felt someone grab her shoulders and arms and pull her backward. Pete's grip on her hand was lost and she heard him shout 'No!" before everything went black.
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