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Very Unexpected

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Team Eight is assigned a mission, and unexpected things occur.... (Kiba-Hina)

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Hinata, Kakashi, Kiba, Kurenai, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Shino, Tsunade - Published: 2007-04-17 - Updated: 2007-04-18 - 1250 words

It was a bright, sunny day in Konoha. Team eight was training all day. The three were breathing heavily as they finished their drills.

"All of you are finished with training today. You all can go home now, and remember to be here on time tomorrow, because you have a special mission." Kurenai said with a smile.

The three split up and began walking home.
"I wonder what type of mission we're doing tomorrow." Hinata thought, as she walked toward her home.

The next morning was bright and tranquil. The sun was shining through a light blue, cloudless sky. The three got together with Kurenai, eager to find out what their mission was for the day.

"You have been assigned a C-rank mission by Tsunade." She said, seriously. You are to deliver a forbidden scroll to the kage of the Mist village." Kurenai continued.

"Oh, are we capable of doing that?" Hinata said softly, while blushing.

"You three are certainly capable of performing the mission successfully. It may be a bit of a challenge though, because I will not be present to assist you this time. Tsunade has assigned the jounins on a group mission." Kurenai said, happily. Hinata appeared nervous, while Kiba and Shino seemed eager.

"Go see Tsunade and pick up the scroll. Protect it with your lives." The team quickly and silently walked toward Tsunade's office.

The three arrived at Tsunade's office building. They swiftly walked up the stairs to her office, and waved at the two guards standing before her office door. Kiba opened the door and the team stepped in and walked toward Tsunade's desk. She appeared very tired and irritated, as always. There was another team ahead of them, so they waited in line.
Before them was Team Seven, receiving instructions for their mission. Hinata immediately looked toward the floor when Naruto glanced at her.

"Hey Hinata!" Naruto exclaimed happily as he waved and left the room with his team.
Hinata glanced quickly at him, blushing.

"Naruto..." She thought to herself. The three stepped up in front of Tsunade's desk.

"Ok, here is the scroll. Protect it and don't forget your kunai and shuriken." She said, forcing a smile. Shino swiped the scroll and placed it in his pocket.

"Deliver it to the kage of the Mist Village. Take your time, and watch out for any enemies." Tsunade said. "Good luck!"
The team left the room and walked down the stairs silently. They reached the bottom of the stairs and walked towards the huge gates that exit the village.

The three cautiously walked along the wide dirt path with vibrant green trees towering over them. They were great places for enemies to conceal themselves and attack from almost any angle. They heard a sudden sound in the leaves. They paused.

"Byakugan!" Hinata exclaimed. She looked around. She stopped suddenly when she saw someone jumping quickly to another tree.
"Kiba, Shino, don't move." She continued looking around. She spotted the enemy. There were four ninja from the Sound Village sitting atop a large tree branch, looking at the group. They all heard another unanticipated sound and swiftly pulled out their kunai, standing in the basic position. Kiba could sense someone was near. Akamaru was shaking.

Hinata ceased using her Byakugan and stood in silence. A subtle breeze blew her hair into her face. She felt someone breathing behind her. She turned around quickly and Kiba and Shino followed. The four ninja began to attack. Hinata blocked their attacks with her kunai, but was pushed to the ground.

She arose slowly and breathing heavily, looked at Kiba and Shino. Shino was unconscious and lying on the ground. Kiba and Akamaru appeared exhausted, but still fighting. One of the ninja was dead on the ground. Another began to run toward Hinata. She used her Byakugan once more and used her special technique. The ninja fell to ground.

Two more were left. She was tired, but she was obliged to persevere. She sprinted to Shino side and removed the scroll from his pocket. She placed it inside her jacket pocket. Kiba and Akamaru were still fighting the last two ninja. Hinata glanced at him and he nodded, as if agreeing to her actions. She ran to assist Kiba, but all of a sudden, everything went black. She could feel herself falling to the ground backwards.

"Kiba..." She said, hoping it was loud enough for him to hear.

Hinata woke up abruptly in a hospital room at the Konoha hospital. Kiba was in her room, by her bedside, sleeping.

"Kiba?" Hinata said. He woke up and smiled.

"Oh, hi, Hinata!" He said, joyfully.

"What happened? Why am I here?" Hinata questioned hastily.

"Calm down, Hinata. You passed out because you used too much Chakra in battle."

"But, what happened with the scroll and the ninja?" She asked.

"The Jounins showed up while traveling out of the village. They fought off the last two ninja and took the scroll to the Mist Village." He replied. "Then, they took you and Shino to the hospital."

"How is Shino?" Hinata said, as she sat on the edge of the bed to face Kiba.

"Shino is fine. He's in the hospital room next door."

Hinata looked at the white floor and started fidgeting her fingers.
Kiba rose from his seat and stood in front of Hinata.

"I'm really glad both of you are okay." He said, smiling. Akamaru was sitting next to him.

"Um, thanks, Kiba." Hinata said, still staring at the floor and blushing. The room was bright. The two large windows allowed the sunlight to illuminate the room. She looked at Kiba and stood up.

"It's too bad we weren't able to complete the mission." Said Hinata. Kiba was close to her. She could practically feel his warmth.

"Well, there will be many other missions in the future." He responded. Hinata gazed into his eyes. She realized how comfortable she felt around Kiba. He was constantly making sure that she was in no danger and defended her if she required it.

Hinata looked at the floor once again. Kiba placed his hand beneath her chin and gently lifted. She closed her eyes, and their lips softly touched. She could feel his pleasant warmth and the smoothness of his skin. All she could think about was the present moment. Nothing else mattered. They both pulled away slowly, still gazing into each other's eyes. Hinata began to blush and look away. Kiba smiled.

"I've always cared for you deeply, Hinata." He said softly, gazing at her. She was still blushing as she looked at him once more. The setting sun was shining though the windows and the room was filled with an amber light.

"I care about you too, Kiba." She replied. Their lips met once more.

"I actually love you, Hinata." Kiba said. She was stunned. She had this odd feeling while being around Kiba. But it was nice.

"I think I love you too." She replied.


Ok, so this story isn't the best, but I wrote it as an assignment for my Language Arts class, and decided to post it, so give me a break, please!!!! I had to go through this and edit it so it doesn't seem like a research report. (It did before, sadly).


I'm definately going to change it somehow, and I might actually add more to the story if people like it. (Which I doubt, but why not try?) Hope you like it though! =)
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