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Mike and Adie were killed. Billie is lost and remembering.

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I had a dream about this plot and I had to write it down. It's not the dream exactly because the dream went more in depth but it's close. Please review.
"Can you keep a secret?" Mike asked Billie. Billie looked up from his guitar at his best friend for sixteen years and secret crush.

"What's that?"

"There's this band I kinda like. I wouldn't ever tell Tre because he'd think I was a sissy."

"What band?"

"T.A.T.U." Billie blinked.

"You're thinking I'm a sissy too."

"No. Just surprised is all. Aren't they that lesbian couple?"

"Yeah. I like their music a lot." Billie smiled.

"Yeah it's alright." Mike smiled and Billie's heart skipped a beat.


That was two years ago, before the incident. Billie glanced outside and saw it was snowing. It was snowing then too. Billie hated remembering that time. That was also the same time Adie was killed.


Adie and Mike had been kidnapped and held for ransom. Billie was searching for them frantically before the time ran out. The kidnappers told Billie of the place to leave the money and that's where Billie was now waiting with a briefcase filled with money. Billie heard a shout and turned and saw Mike running towards him. He was wearing a yellow and black coat that Billie absolutely hated. Mike's eyes suddenly grew large and he fell face first into the snow.

"MIKE!" Billie ran towards him and knelt next to him and rolled him over gently, tears already running down his cheeks.

"Mike..." Billie whimpered. Mike was already dead. His red and yellow coat stained red. Billie looked up and saw Adie smiling at him.

"ADIE GET DOWN!!!" But it was too late a bullet pierced her heart and she fell into the snow.


Later the two men who had kidnapped and killed Mike and Adie were caught and tried then sentenced to life in prison without parole. But none of that mattered to Billie, yes there was the grim satisfaction that they were off the streets, but it wouldn't bring his two loves back.

Billie turned on the radio and hoped that he wouldn't hear a Green Day song otherwise he would start crying. What did come on hurt even worse. T.A.T.U.'s song Gomenasai, Mike's favorite song. Billie started to cry and the tears showed no signs of stopping.


"Hey, Adie, I need to tell you something." Billie was fidgeting and having a hard time getting up the courage to tell her his true feelings.

"What's up?"

"I...l-l-l-lo-lo-love you." Billie stuttered blushing strongly. Adie smiled and kissed him gently.

"I love you, too." Billie held her close, protectively, telling her that he would always protect her and love her forever. He only kept the second promise.


Billie was stone faced the entire funeral. He told himself he wasn't going to cry but wait until he got home. After the wake he went out to his car and finally broke down. No one saw because the car was covered in snow that still continued to fall.


When the song finally ended Billie was curled up on the couch sniffing every once in a while. He looked at the package, one of many that Tre had been sending him since he left. He reached out and opened it and saw a new vest and two letters. Billie didn't bother to read the letters. He knew what they said. How the boys were doing and so on and so forth. Before he left he gave Tre full custody of them at least until they finished college.

The only regret Billie ever had was not telling Mike how he felt about him and not telling Adie enough that he loved her. He knew he couldn't dwell on memories that he couldn't change, but he couldn't get over their deaths. It was something that made his heart ache and wish he had been around to protect them. He covered up with the blanket from the back of the couch and curled up even more and soon fell asleep to dreams of Adie and Mike.

"Can you keep a secret?"
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