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Chapter Six: Learning to Fly

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Shahdee is the daughter of the chieftain of the Kutolah tribe and one day she loses everything dear to her and is stripped of every innocent notion she ever held and brought face to face with some ...

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"Thank you. It was fun, in some twisted way."

"Oh, I get the fun part, Agate's a real- well, I won't say what." Guy says.

"Yeah, and I almost got married to him too. Now if you'll excuse me, I really did mean when I said I would rather be sleeping, so see ya all in the morning." Shahdee says, turning around to walk around the crowd to get to her ger when her legs give out from under her.

"Whoa!" Hector says, barely catching her before she hits the ground.

"Are you okay?" Lyn asks as Hector stands up with you.

"I'm fine. I just think I overexerted myself is all."

"Yeah, and people tell me I push myself too hard, come on Miss-I'm-in-denial, I'll take you back to your ger." Hector says, sweeping you up and walking off through the crowd with you.

"I can walk you know."

"Yeah, when you've slept, right now you're like a newborn horse trying out it's legs for the first time."

"I am not! You take that back!"

"Not happening."

~Other POV~
"Did I just get included under the family law again?" Rath asks in amazement as Hector carries off Shahdee.

"I think so, which means she's nowhere near as mad at you as she was yesterday." Guy says.

"That's quite the turn around." Eliwood says as the sounds of Hector and Shahdee arguing float back to the assembled.

"No, what's most suprising is those two getting on. I figured Hector would the first person to piss her off. Aside from me." Rath says.

"Eh, who cares, let's just get back to sleep otherwise we'll all be dead on our feet tomorrow." Sain says, heading for the ger he was sleeping in. Everyone agrees that sleep would be a good idea and they go back to the gers they had been sleeping in and eventually they all fall asleep.

~Shahdee's POV~
"Hector will you put me down!"

"In a moment, we're almost there." Hector walks up to Shahdee's ger and parts the flaps and walks in and almost steps on Nils and Ninian, but she corrects his path and he makes it into her room without stepping on anybody else.

"God, you are so annoying." Shahdee says as Hector sets her down on her bed.

"I get that all the time. So you saying I'm annoying doesn't phase me. Now, would you require assistance in getting your boots off?" Hector asks with a cheeky smile on his face.

"THAT I can do myself, thank you. You may leave now, your services are no longer required." Shahdee says, sounding as bitchy as she can, but she doesn't mean the way it even though it sounds like she does. And Hector knows that, which is why he is continuing to be a pain in the ass.

"Yes your ladyship, just yell if you need me, your ladyship." Hector says, bowing and backing up as Shahdee takes her boots off.

"Oh just go to bed Hector and quit acting like such a pansy, it doesn't suit you." Shahdee says, half-heartedly throwing one of her boots at him.

"Oh that's nice. I carry you all this way to your room and you thank me by throwing your boot at me? I am so offended!" Hector says, pretending to be very offended and he tosses Shahdee's boot back at her and leaves in a fake huff. Shahdee places the boot next to her other one with a smile and lies down on her side facing the wall and closes her eyes and almost immediately falls asleep.

~Next Day~
Shahdee wakes and rolls over onto her back, stretching luxuriously. She opens her eyes to the sunlight filtering in from the open door and judges it to be somewhere near noon. She sits up on one elbow and takes a look ariound and sees the only other people asleep in her room are Serra and Nils and Ninian. Shahdee slips out of bed and gently and carefully puts Nils and Ninian in her bed and covers them up with the sheets before heading outside.

"What smells so good?"

"That would be the eggs and traveler's jerky you smell." Lyn says, putting some on a plate for you.

"Thanks." You say, sitting on the ground and digging into the food.

"Where is everyone?" You ask once you've gone through the food, which took practically no time at all.

"Well, Sain and Guy are still asleep, so are Serra, Nils and Ninian. Everyone else has gone off downstream to get some bathing and washing in. Neither of which we get to do as regularly as some would like on the road."

"Why aren't you down there with them?"

"I woke up early enough that I went and bathed and got back just as breakfast was being made. I'm doing my laundry later."

"You mean conning someone else into doing it for you, you mean?"

"How did you know?"

"I did it myself."

"Oh, and how did you keep dressing yourself in clean clothes all these months?"

"I actually did my own laundry for once."

"So the Princess actually did her own laundry, my what a surprise."

"Andrada." You say, whipping around and standing up.

"Shahdee, who is this?"

"Another member of the Kutolah who got herself excommunicated from the tribe."

"Psh, who wants to stay where you're not allowed to do a single thing? I certainly didn't."

"What do you want Andrada? You know you have no claim here anymore."

"I want to speak to the chieftain. I want to speak to Night, now."

"You can't. He's dead."

"Good, my Lord told me he would be, and that there'd be children here, so boys you can come out now!" Andrada sticks two fingers in her mouth and lets out this high pitched whistle and seemingly out of nowhere, ten large men come out of nowhere and surround Lyndis and Shahdee and they have Sain and Guy bound with them and the two of them are looking a little worse for wear. The men bind Shahdee and Lyndis' hands behind their backs.

"Where are the children? My Lord does much miss them."

"Your Lord? Do you work for Nergal?" Lyn asks.

"I might, I might not." Andrada says. "Where are they? We do not have the time you think you do. You do not tell me where the children are, your friends will pay the price."

"What makes you think they're my friends?" Shahdee says, already working on her ties. She looks at the fire and pulls a little ember out of the fire and into her hands and nurtures it until it burns through the ropes enough to where Shahdee has gotten her hands free.

"What's that weird smell?" One of the men goes.

"You." Shahdee says, throwing a fireball at the man in question. He screams in pain and grabs at his face while Shahdee grabs the frying pan and uses it to her advantage. She wields it like a sword and brings it down on one guy's head, cracking his skull and she smacks another in the face with it.

"Someone go get the others!" Shahdee shouts as she hits another in the temple with the frying pan.

"Shahdee!" Shahdee hears her name being screamed and she looks and sees Andrada climbing aboard a wyvern with Nils and Ninian under her arms.

"NO!" Shahdee screams. One of the injured sneaks up on her and he has his hands held together to make a bigger fist and he brings that down upon Shahdee's upper back. With a cry Shahdee drops to the ground and she rolls over just as Sain and Guy tackle the man who hit her. Everyone comes running back into the camp in various states of nakedness. Shahdee spots the blond archer carrying a longbow at the front of the crowd. She runs over to her.

"Mind if I borrow this?"

"Here." She hands over the longbow and Shahdee grabs an arrow out of the holster and she turns and aims and pulls back and lets the arrow fly. Shahdee faintly hears Andrada scream.

"Aha! I got the bitch! Oh shit!" Shahdee swears when she sees Andrada either drop or release one of the children.

"Ninian!" Lyn shouts. "Florina!"

"I'm on it!"

"Can you fly?" Lyn asks Shahdee.

"We're about to find out." Shahdee says, giving the blond archer back her longbow before running and jumping into the air and taking off to the air and going super fast and grabbing Ninian from mid air.

"You're alright, you're alright." Shahdee says as Ninian clings to her tightly. Shahdee looks down and spots a Pegasus flying towards her and she floats down to it.

"Here's the girl. Do you have any weapons on you?"

"Just this silver spear."

"I'll take it." You say, taking the spear from her. "Get the girl to ground, where she'll be safe."

"What about Nils?"

"He'll be fine. Now go." Shahdee flies off after Andrada who still has Nils. Soon enough Shahdee comes up on the two of them and she pulls back her arm and throws the spear as hard as she can and is satisfied to see the spear land in the back leg joint of the wyvern. Shahdee flies forward and pulls out the spear and coasts over and plucks Nils out from Andrada's arm. Nils wraps his arms tightly about Shahdee's neck and Shahdee pulls the spear out of the wyvern and she flies backward, with Nils balanced on one hip. Andrada throws a ball of lightning at Shahdee and Shahdee dodges that one no problem. Her cockiness is corrected a moment later as the ball of lightning hits her full force in the back.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shahdee screams in pain as she Nils start doing a free fall several hundred feet. Shahdee grabs Nils and holds him close to her and manages to pull out of the freefall and she zips over to Florina, who is urging her pegasus to fly even faster.

"Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine. It's Andrada who you should be asking that question of."

"Come on, let's go, we've got the children."

"No, this is now personal." Shahdee flies off after Andrada who is now trying to flee as quickly as possible on an injured wyvern. Shahdee flies over the top of Andrada's head and positions herself nearly right in front of the wyvern, causing Andrada to pull up on the reins hard.

"How in the hell did this happen?" Andrada yells.

"Latent natural abilities." Shahdee says before flying forward super fast and she grabs Andrada by the shirt front and plucks her off of the saddle.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Andrada yells, struggling against Shahdee's strong grip.

"If you insist." Shahdee says, releasing Andrada. And with a blood-curdling scream, Andrada plunges towards the ground.
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