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Grey Street

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A one-shot Sakura-centric introspective. A look into the feelings of a girl whose devotion had left a world colored in nothing but grey. [Very mild spoilers past Episode 110. The story is ...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, no matter how much I'd like to. This is my own little fan drabble....not too long at all. The Lyrics at the end are from 'Grey Street', by the Dave Matthews Band. I found them to be relevant. ^_^

Grey Street




The rain fell all around, making everything seem sheathed in a film of glittering silver. The droplets played their own melody with the wind, a percussive rhythm mixed with a flute song. The rest of the world was silent, as if it were listening to the strange composition. Well, except for the small dissonance that was filtering into the carefully constructed piece; the dissonance of a pair of feet splashing through the mirrors the rain left. Mirrors that reflected a face, cradled by pink silk, and face swathed with silver film, just like the rest of the surrounding scenery.

But, the rain would never realize that some of that coating did not come from its gentle, cool touch. Rather, it came from twin peridot pools that were set in the argent-dusted face; slipping down softly, and mixing with the precipitation. It also would never know of the sorrow this soul felt, nor why it was out here, splashing through its aria. All it would comprehend was that this moving thing was another surface from which to produce music from; even if it was throwing a small bit of a kink in the performance.

To the wandering soul, though, the rain was more than just a maker of odd music. It was a harbringer of symbolism; a reflection of what was in her heart. The puddles would reflect her physical form, but the entire world was reflecting her soul. The skies were mourning, and everything was enshrouded in an unfeeling shade of grey, much like herself. Her emotions had blended together, and made this odd mixture of cold neutrality, almost apathy for all things around her. Once, the events of this village, and reality, would stir her inner being, and bring its own color into her life.

But, since that one fateful evening, the fires of life within her were extinguished; and all the beautiful vibrant colors faded into a dull, lifeless monocrome. Nothing, and no-one could bring the spark back. Well, almost no-one.

The one who stole the beauty, and stamped out the flame, could revive it all. But, as he was now the loyal apprentice of the devil himself, that did not seem like it would be much of a possibility. So, she would have to acclimate herself to the idea of her perceptions always being painted plainly on a canvas of grey.

It was a just punishment for a foolish girl like her. She should have never fallen for him; she should have seen the signs, and she should have distanced herself. But, she never listened, and tried to fight against inevitability, and live like a normal girl. But, given her circumstances, and what she was trying to become, how could she truly have been normal? And, given his circumstances, and what he was trying to become, how could a love with him have been normal? These were things that at the time she never saw, and even given another chance, would probably not see again. She would love, fight against hope, and then watch helplessly as he, and her world faded away; frozen forever like an old photograph, grey and still. No matter how many times she was given a chance, it would always be the same.

And so, she wandered, aimlessly down this street, in this village, in this world, silently, unobtrusively. Though life went on around her, nothing to her was alive. And it would always be this way. Her soul's palette was in the pale hands of the great Fallen Angel, and it had gone there willingly. No matter how much she had pleaded, no matter how much she had sniveled, sobbed and begged, it still slipped away. Tempted by the words of a snake, her heart had fled Eden, never to return. And, like Eve, she had been cast out of the glory of heaven, to live harshly in the gray, dead lands. It was just, for her sin. For the sin of placing her heart on one who did not even requite her. He may have thought her a comrade, but never, never, a lover. Never the way she had seen him. Never. And as he left, chasing the serpent of desires, he took what made her heart complete, and left her with the husk she had now. It was just for her sin. It was just.

The rain's song finally completed, and the child stood, closing her eyes. The moonlight began to peek through the soft veil of cloud, making the coat of rain glitter like diamonds. To most anyone's eyes, this would be a breathtaking sight; a rare beauty of nature. But, to this girl, it was like anything else. Just another moment in this dead-pan world. Just another painful breath of life. Just another moment that makes you wonder when death will be kind enough to come. Just another scene of grey.

Oh look at how she listens
She says nothing of what she thinks
She just goes stumbling through her memories
Staring out onto Grey Street

She thinks, "Hey,
How did I come to this?
I dream myself a thousand times around the world,
But I can't get out of this place"

There's an emptiness inside her
And she'd do anything to fill it in
But all the colors mix together - to grey
And it breaks her heart


Thank you for reading.
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