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Chapter 6: Falling Apart Again

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DNO. Things are not going well.

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The next day Ponyboy got jumped.

It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Not him getting jumped, the rescue.

Two-Bit, Soda and Steve reach through the windows to get at the guys, Dally goes to find a big stick to throw at the car and I went for fancy acrobatics.

I jumped on a boulder placed conveniently next to the car. As the car started backwards I lunged off the rock onto the cars roof and just landed on it. I held onto the roof and did bench overs (where you hold onto the bench [in this case car] and jump over it from side to side with your feet only [accept here I was going side to side ON the roof].

Dally throws his stick at the car and they picked up speed. I lost my balance and rolled head first off the back of the car.

The guys were already over looking at Ponyboy. I could see him form where I was. He had a big cut on his neck and a bruise on his cheek.

I hung back for a sec, waiting for a break in conversation, so I could look for my switchblade, and think about tonight.

I was going out to a bar with some old friends, two guys and a girl: Colin, Mick and Sandra. They were old friends from school. Not best buds, but buds nonetheless. After the bar we were goin' to a local bands concert. Their called like Pink Fuzz or something like that. Sandra said they did music I'd like. She mentioned a song I'd heard of back down in LA.

I saw Two-Bit drive away and Steve miss a flip off a car hood, and Soda and Darry go in to their house.

I walked over now.

"See you got your ring back Dal," Pony said

"Little broad wad two timing me while I was in jail man," he explained.

Johnny went two shades whiter in the face. I bet I did too, I knew what was up.

"It's cool see you guys later." Dally left heading for God knows what.

"Ponyboy, you got homework," Darry said from behind the screen door.

"Bye guys," Pony said and went inside.

Johnny and I got up and walked to the lot. We've crashed there every night since I got back.

We sat and Johnny lit up a cigarette. Then he offered one to me. When I said, "I don't smoke" He just looked at me. I used to smoke all the time.

"I just lost my taste for it," I said. "I only smoke once in a while to calm my nerves. I used to smoke once a week in LA, I kept getting anxious, but I wanna cut down."

"OK me and Pony and Dally are goin' down to the nightly double tomorrow night ok?" he asked.

"Ya, ok."

"You wanna come?"

"Naw I'm meetin' some friends to go to a bar and then a concert." He looked at me funny. "Don't worry, I don't drink much, and the concert's free." He was still looking at me. "It's Colin, Mick and Sandra. Remember?"

He nodded and got out a matchbox. He lit up the fire. It was really pretty. I was afraid of fire, actually, or at least being to close to it. I got burnt down in LA. I was playing around at a beach party and some guy shoved me and my foot landed in the flames. I didn't get badly burnt, but it scared me anyway.

Johnny fell asleep not soon after. It was only about eight thirty, but he looked tired lately. I figured I might as well sleep to.

I only tossed and turned for an hour. So I decided to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. I could see it real good down in LA. I used to sit on the apartment roof (I slept in the alley) and watch the sun go down. It was always so nice I got a real good view. It reminded me of Ponyboy actually. He always used to sit on the top of a small tree (which is actually really tall now) and watch the sunset. He asked me to join him once. I did and I'm so glad. It changed me. I can't believe I never noticed the colours before.

I woke up late in the morning... or afternoon. I haven't slept that well in a long time. I felt REALLY good. I checked my watch. 4:00 pm. Damn. That is a little late. I had to meet Sandra at the bar at 4:30. I got up and walked there slowly.

I passed some little kids, about six or seven, playing around, like we used to when we were kids (the gang I mean), having a fake rumble, and just fooling around. Good times.

I got to the bar at almost 5. I stopped to talk to Tim Sheperd. He was doing good. He asked me how I'd been, and what I'd been doin'. He knew a lot for someone from another outfit.

Sandra was finishing her shift behind the bar. She was real skinny, and nice blue eyes, and long blond hair. She really looked different than the chubby little girl I left behind.

"Hey! Terri, long time no see! How ya been? What's LA like? Meet anyone special?" she was always askin' questions like that.

"Hey, I conquer, good, smoggy, and no." I usually answer her questions like that. All at once, just as she asks them.

"No? You really need a guy!" she's makin' remarks like that all the time; she always makes people feel awkward.

"No I don't! What's new?" I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer.

"My boyfriend, well, he's a little more serious about 'us' than I am, I mean, I'm not looking for 'forever', you know? But he, he brought up marriage, and my parents blew a gasket. I get to move away to Florida to live with my grandmother."

"Wow, that sounds awful." I said, offering her a sip. She took it.

"I know, I mean I really like him and all... but marriage? No thank you. I'm sorta glad to go, though. That way I don't have to worry about it any more." She tends to run from her problems. She looked troubled so I dropped the subject.

Colin and Mick arrived just then, and the fun of the evening began.

I woke up in the lot. I couldn't exactly remember how I got there. I got a tad bit drunk last night. But nothing was wrong with me so I let it go, and lay back to remember what I could.

We promptly left the bar, after two rounds of beer to go the free concert. The band was really good. They played a song I'd heard of in LA and when I told the guitarist afterwards (they talked to people after they were done) he almost flipped.

We went out to another bar. I had one more beer and that was it. I felt funny after three. Mick got drunk. He was up on the table and then (this image will haunt me for the rest of my life) he took off his shirt and belly danced. It was gross, he has no belly to dance with, and he looked funny trying, he's kinda gangly. Ew.

Then I woke up here. Not much to say about that.

I got up and brushed off my pants. They were one of two pairs; my only jeans, I had sweatpants and five extra t-shirts in a canvas bag on the back of my bike. In it was also my favourite book Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I recommend it. Also there are several bars of soap, all miniscule, and some socks, all miss-matched, and my headband. I use it to keep that damn finge out of my eyes.

I turned and looked at Pony's house, I knew Johnny would crash there.

What I saw struck fear in my heart. A police car was sitting outside.

I bolted right for the house. I just couldn't get there fast enough.

I burst in the door, and a creepy silence filled my ears. I looked around. A cop was interviewing Soda and Darry. They both looked red eyed, like they had been crying. I had a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, like a rock is being pressed further in to me.

"W-what... happened?" I could feel a lump in my throat.

Questions filled my head. What's going on? Where are Johnny and Ponyboy? Is Johnny ok? Are the boys alive?

Darry looked at me sullenly. "Pony and Johnny are gone."
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