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Chapter 8

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Sho has a crush. Can he get out of his own way to ask for a date?

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please forgive this being such a short chapter. i really sukk at romance writing, but this is where the muse took me.

Kei and Sho sat for days, kicking around ideas. Kei even scouted out the flower shop, to see if there were any decent dining places nearby. All that fit the bill was a steak house, called the Final Cut. It was far from being a happening place, but it was better than a noodle shack or pizza. Sho was determined to avoid pizza, so it was narrowed down to the steak diner. Sho went through his wardrobe, trying to find the perfect outfit to talk to Mika in. Everything from all white to all black, and every color in-between went on, off, then on the bed. Kei tried writing poetry for Sho, but that did not work out so well.

The night was set for the operation. Toshi was at work, and they didn't bother telling Shinji what was going on. Kei entered about five minutes before Sho, to be moral support if this didn't work out. Sho was more nervous than the proverbial singer on his first stage performance. In his hands was a small felted box. It contained a bracelet, an opening gift to help smooth the waters for his big entrance.

As Sho walked into the flower boutique, Kei took the opportunity to take a bit of cover behind a display of tulips. Pretending to show interest in the price stickers, Kei waited for what was to come next.

"Hi there, Sho! Nice to see you back here!" Mika offered the tongue-tied youth a smile, as she brushed her hair from her face. "Just give me a moment, I have to put today's delivery in the cooler." Sho nodded silently in return.

Kei watched in abject fear. Sho was fiddling with the zipper on his jacket, looking everywhere but at Mika. 'This is not going to work,' Kei thought to himself.

Mika returned from the cooler, drying her hands on her apron. "Sho, what can I help you with tonight?" She giggled. "You've been in here quite a bit lately. So many flowers. Is she a nice girl?"

"Huh?" Sho turned bright red, glanced up at Mika, then turned back to memorizing the patterns in the tiles again. "What do you mean?"

Mika grinned. "The girl you're getting all the flowers for, you ninny. Is she a nice girl, someone you can bring home to meet your parents?"

"Umm, there isn't a girl, another girl." Sho was practically whispering, and Kei noticed that his younger friend was also turning an unhealthy shade of green.

"Oh. A boy, then? A nice guy that likes flowers?"

"No! I... I mean, I'm not seeing anyone, at the moment." Sho took a grip on his courage, and kept talking. "I mean that... there is someone I'd like to see, but... I'm not sure she'd be interested in me."

"Unrequited love. That's so sweet." Mika took another look at Sho, and noticed the little box in a death grip in his hand. "What's the box for? For your hopeful beloved, perhaps? What's her name?"

"Umm... you."

"A girl named You?"

"No! Mika is... I mean..." Sho took a deep breath, and held out the box. "I would be... honored, if you would join me for dinner." Sho gave Mika the box, then shoved his hands deep into his jacket pockets. "There's a steak house just around the corner, and I was thinking, after you get out of here for the night, we could get a bite to eat."

Mika stood still for a moment, then opened the little box. Inside was an elegant silver bracelet, with the kanji for each horoscope year dangling from it. She looked at it for a few moments, then turned to go back behind the counter.



She turned, and returned to sorting orders. "I get off work at nine. Don't be late, I hate eating alone."

"I'll be on time, you can count on me, Mika! See you at nine!" With that, Sho took off out of the boutique, with Kei trying to look casual as he headed out as well. When Kei got outside, he saw his younger friend dancing on the sidewalk.

"She likes me, we're going to have dinner!" Kei smiled. Not quite the plan, but it had worked. Now he had to get Sho dressed for dinner, and back here on time. Kei had decided to not follow them to dinner. Sitting there, smelling the great food but not being able to sample any of it would be torture. Not to mention, this was to be Sho's night, not his. His little brother, growing up so fast on him.

Sho danced a few more steps, then Kei had to reach out and catch him, as Sho nearly fainted.
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