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Untitled (this burning desire)

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Two Brothers reunited at last, vampires, please read/review

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It was late this night. The stars stood out against the dark night. A cold wind blew through the empty streets, the trees swaying against the sky. The full moon blocked slightly by the wisps of cloud that hung in the air between the earth and the heavens. A lone ray of moonlight shone through the solitary window to penetrate the room within. It was olden styled, oil paintings hung over the faded wall paper, yellowing papers on an old wooden desk, weathered marron drapes fluttered in the wind in front of the window. Old moth-eaten furniture was spread across the room and at one end a door lay slightly askew to the fact moments earlier someone had come bursting through it.

At opposite ends of this room stood two figures, the older of the two, unnaturally pale with shoulder length dark hair and piercing dark seemingly unhuman eyes. He wore a faded dark suit with a black shirt and dark red tie, his arms raised slightly in surrender. The younger held a strategically pointed pistol, loaded with precious silver at the darker figure. The later had light brown hair which fell to cover his deep hazel eyes, he was tall and very skinny with a dark brown coat and hat.
"How long I have waited for this day, my brother" said the older figure, his lips curling into an unnatural looking smile
"And I too brother" said the younger, a grim look on his young, handsome features

"Long have I hunted you, long have I waited to pull this trigger and end this, you're dead to me now" the younger said, not once lowering his weapon, his eyes fixed upon his victim
"You have changed my brother" said the older sadly shaking his head "Is your loss of innocence my fault?" He took a slight step forward
"Maybe I have changed" said the younger, his eyes bright "But so have you" the gun gave a slight click as he prepared his gun, ready to take the shot
"Yes, my dear brother" said the older, pure spite situated on his pale face "through no fault of my own"
"I have no brother!" The younger spat
The older smiled again, this time revealing pointed, white canines
"The day you gave up on me was the day I lost myself" he said, arms still raised he looked to the skies for strength "For years now I have wandered this earth with no point, no meaning, I have no purpose. An empty vessel, my soul was torn, tarnished. I walked the dark places where no one dared seek me out. I was a ghost, a criminal, a murderer. I was ashamed, and I'll admit afraid. I became reckless, someone with nothing to live for is all the more dangerous. I committed many crimes, murder, theft. I felt no the more happy, how could I? I realised I would never find happiness, I would be forever doomed to this half life, I didn't want to be here anymore. I had join those which I once most hated, I couldn't go on. I saw those I had murdered, I see their faces even now, they haunt me, I hear their screams, I see the last light as it leaves their eyes. And yet they wait for me, invite me to a place better than this, where there is no pain, there is no good or evil, there is peace. All I ever wanted"

"Why tell me this now? Why prolong the suffering" the hard look on his face broke the elders never beating heart.
"Because I wanted you to understand, I never wanted it to be this way" he said sadly, still turned to the window "We fought together once, brothers in arms. We were close, you were the best friend and partner I ever had. I had waited so long, for you to find me, just to see you again before I go, it's all I ask. Now I would die as happy as I could be, under these circumstances. I would ask if I may, why give up on me?"
"I never gave up on you" said the younger so silently one couldn't be sure they heard it, The older brother's face sported a look of clear confusion and now it was the young man's turn to look away
"After you disappeared, I searched for you, night and day. I barely slept, I hardly ate, I too lived a half life, without you there was no point" he sighed, gun still pointed and unwavering as he talked "I was all too ready to pull the trigger. My heart burned, everyday I thought of less reasons to live, I sought a cure, a way to save you. there was none to be found. I was weak, broken, but I would not be beaten. I swore revenge, in this life or the next. I would find those who did this to you, I would kill them all. I vowed to destroy their race if it was the last thing I did"

He was panting slightly, his eyes wild with passion and slight insanity from loss, a burning desire, yet still he stood straight his hand never tiring, unmoving pointed directly at his brother's heart

"I have hunted after all, I have claimed their lives in my name, I have searched til the last disappeared to the dark places I could not go. They will return, and I will fight, until the day I die I will fight. But I knew one day I would face you, I knew I would have to kill you, and I knew I would have to be strong enough to do it. So I hardened myself to the world, as you said before brother, someone with nothing to lose is more dangerous, which is what I became. I had nothing, no one, but I had all the hate in the world. I blamed myself for that day, I had to right my wrong, the brother I knew would rather die than be what he had become, and I knew I must finish it"

He stood, sweat forming on his brow from the intenseness of his speech, he had poured out all the emotion bottled inside into that small room, his eyes shone with the pain of the world, his very image was of how this world broke the innocent, a young boy who was forced to grow up before his time.

Through his speech the young man had looked away from his brother, afraid of what he might see, what he'd lost, but now their eyes locked and a flood of memories came back to them, buckling under the ferocity of those piercing dark eyes, pushing on him, begging him. Happiness and sadness overwhelmed him, all these emotions flooded into the room and the two figures that stood there

When they were children playing together in the garden with their favourite action figures
together they listened as their mother read them their favourite stories each night
building fortresses out of chairs and sheets in the living room
laughing with their family as they sat at the dinner table
crying on each others shoulders at their mother funeral
protecting him from the bullies at school
being his only true friend
hunting together, fighting once common enemies
the night the world fell apart, the older brother's shock at the creature on him
his horrific transformation to what he hated most
the night he had disappeared and the young brother had cried himself to sleep
the long years of searching, waiting, hoping
this moment that was now, the reunion of two brothers in arms

The younger brother finally lowered his weapon, the distance between them finally seemed to close, like the gap of a gaping chasm closing into crushed rocks, like waves breaking on the shore. They finally embraced each other as brothers, as equals.
"I have missed you my brother" said the young man, tears in his eyes, hand on his brother's shoulder with pride
"And I you, brother" The eldest said, his eyes shining with love, his soul brightened by the undying love for another, which even his curse may not tear from him
They stood, happy again, as happy as possible in this harsh world. little did they know, time was running out and they happiness would be cut short. Dawn was coming, If not for a few hours. The older brother felt a sudden drain in his energy, he had not fed, soon he would perish. He fell his knees. The younger brother moved to help him
"What's wrong" he said panicking at his brothers sudden weakness
"I haven't been feeding" gasped the older brother, pain clear in his eyes "I can't, I won't do it again"
"But, I can't live without you brother" said the youngest, hot tears finally falling from his bright eyes "I only just got you back"
"You must" he gasped, looking deep in his brother's eyes "Save me"

In complete silence the younger brother slowly stood, tears still falling and readied his gun, the silver bullets glinting in the light. The older brother sat, on his knees, arms open in anticipation, ready for what he had been naturally denied, what he longed for.
"I will always be with you my brother" he said "Take my love, live thy life, be happy."
he pleaded "for me"
"I will, dear brother, for you"
It was as though in slow motion, the trigger pulled, the smash or metal on bone, no blood was spilt for their was none to be found, the younger brother fell to his side in grief

I'd end my days with you in a hails of bullets

His pale face, now bore a final expression of happiness, relief. His eyes, turned hazel, revealing all he lost, and all he had gained. the younger brother arranged his arms, folded across his chest and closed his eyes. He placed to two coins for the boat man and said the sacred vow. He made one last goodbye and placed his hand across the pale skin.
He left the room and shut the door, taking one last look before leaving behind his old life of hate, pain and misery.

He stood on the street, in front of the building he has set alight. Basking in the warmth of the flame, he could hear the sirens in the distance. He leant against the wind, closed his eyes and turned to the stars

"Be at Peace, My brother, Now we are free"

let me know what you think please, personally i think its a bit shifty but, yeah

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