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Waking up

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High school senior Gerard Way is forcing himself through each day when he meets Mikey's new friend, the one and only Frank Iero. Feelings for Frank immediatly appear. Can Gerard make Frank see that...

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I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. It was one of those old fashion ones which you just wanted to throw out the window, which I had done on various occasions. Today I only slammed it. Mom threatened to make me go to a school function if I threw it out the window again. I shuffled from my bed to the dresser. I pulled out a random pair of pants and a t-shirt. A good thing about wearing all black was that your clothes always match. I now tried to wake myself up more as I worked on the most important thing of the day - my makeup. I used my usual black eyeliner with just a sprinkle of red. Perfect. I walked down the stairs, my leather boots making the stairs squeak. I found Mikey waiting impatiently by the back door.

"Come on Gerard! I told you I was meeting my friend before school and because of you we're fuckin late", Mikey yelled at me.

Just because I have an alarm clock doesn't mean I set it to the time I should get up. I flicked him the finger and grabbed my black bookbag. I only took it becuase my drawing notebook was in it. Then we left the house and turned in the opposite direction of school and stopped in front of a house that was five doors down.

"Fuckin made a big deal about leavin but the dude lives on our own fuckin block genius", I stated to him.

While I was trying to figure out something to tease him about the dude came out. He was a short kid, okay not short, but two inches shorter than me. His black hair was short on the sides and had the total emo bangs that could cover one of his eyes. He was decked out in all black and had his bookbag over one of his shoulers. That kid was adorable. No.

That dude was hot.

I must have let down an 'oohh' when I realized how hot this dude, Frank i think, was because Mikey gave me a look.

"Whats with you? Forget you were a moron?", Mikey joked. We couldn't go five minutes without trying to piss each other off.

"No. I just remembered I was related to you", I snidely replied. By then Frank stood next to Mikey, looking nervous.

"Hey Frank. This is my older bro Gerard", Mikey told Frank as he introduced us.

Frank and me exchanged hellos. He also gave me an adorable little smile. What were the chances that I would fall in love with my brother's best friend?

*Frank's POV*

I wasn't expecting Mikey's brother to be so gorgeous! I gave a little smile at him. I couldn't help it! He looked like Death's Angel! I swore I caught him staring at me when I walked up to them. I've had older guys like me before, but Gerard is the only older guy I want to like me.

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