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chapter 2

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ya I know this isn¡¦t the best story DISCLAIMER: I only own my own characters not the band fº

Ray was worried about Gerard too. He¡¦d just gotten off the phone with Gerard¡¦s girlfriend Aimee who hadn¡¦t seen him all day. Ray felt so exausted , emotionally and physicailly. At night, he suffered nightmares about mikey ; watching him die and haunt him. Emotionally, he was still getting over the pain of losing his best friend.

No one had seen Gerard except Frank, who was looking for him again. Frank had told ray about Gerard buying the vodka . Ray was shocked, he prayed that Gerard wouldn¡¦t start drinking again.

Ray had watched for years as Gerard went through depression, using aclhool and drugs as a safety blanket. They watched as Gerard slowly faded away. That was until Mikey took action

MAY 20TH 2003
Mikey went up to Gerard and shook his head. He took the bottle of vodka that that Gerard was drinking and put it on the counter.

¡§You¡¦re killing yourself Gerard¡¨ mikey said. Gerard laughed, his words slurred.

¡§What EVER mikey im gonna die anyways at least let me go with the my drink¡¨ Gerard said laughing hysterically. Mikey looked at his brother with such disgust in his eyes.

¡§You disgust me Gerard Way im so ashamed that I have such a lowlife for a brother¡¨ Mikey said before turning and walking out of the bus. Gerard attempted suicide that night. The next day Gerard and Mikey sat for hours as they talked about what was going on. Gerard started seeing therapists after that.


At the end of that memory, Ray decided to go visit Mikye¡¦s grave. He walked to the cemetery, ignoring the heat and pulling up his hiid. He sat at the headstone and sighed.

¡§Hey Mikes¡¨ ray started, ¡§ I don¡¦t know if anyone¡¦s told you, but Gerard bought a bottle of vodka today. He didn¡¦t drink it but he bought it. I¡¦m so worried about him. Without you he¡¦s so depressed. I sometimes wish it had been me who died instead of you. I know that sounds stupid but it¡¦s true. Maybee he wouldn¡¦t be so depressed. I mena none of us know where he is right now. I just miss you so much Mikey it hurts¡¨ Ray said as he stood up. ¡§I¡¦ll see youlater Mikey¡¨ he said walking away.

Ray decided to join Frank in the search for Gerard. he smiled and waked to the place he thought he¡¦d find Gerard¡K starbucks.


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