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Chapter One: Beginnings

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Kate is a single mother of two. Pete is well, a rockstar. What will happen when Pete tries to win Kate's heart? And how and why did Kate's old husband disappear out of the picture?

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Author's Note: Its so early in the morning here but i had an idea. sorry if the following is a bit iffy with the spelling etc. i just needed to get this out. i may or may not continue...

The sun was pouring through the grubby blinds that hung lop-sided on Kate's seventy-three dollar appartment windows. The faint sound of heavy metal, probably Metallica or Anthrax, was heard coming from her 10 year-old son's room and there was a thick smell of burning toast hanging around. Kate rolled over in her bed, still slow and sluggish from waking up and checked the time on her watch.

"Fuck!" She swore basically jumping out of bed. It was almost 9 and if she didn't hurry the kids would be late for school and she would have her neck ringed at work for missing half her shift. She frantically searched around her small room for something to wear. Most of her clothes were everywhere on her floor. She slipped on a pair of black jeans and a grey t-shirt before collecting her worn, red sneakers and bag. As she hurryed down the narrow hallway connecting all the three bedrooms to the main living space, the heavy metal music got louder. She tapped on Jordan, her son's, bedroom door and waited for a reply. The music stopped and a thin, pale boy with jet black hair appeared.

"School? Or did you forget?" She asked tying her own jet black hair back in a messy ponytail. Both her children, 10 year old Jordan and 6 year old Celeste, were spitting images of their mum. They all shared the same black hair, piercing, ocean blue eyes and pale skin.

"No, mum. You did." He replied grabbing his messenger back and slinging it over his shoulder as the two continued out to the cramped kitchen.

"Mum, I made toast!" Celeste announced triumply holding up a piece of burnt toast that was smothering in strawberry jam.

"Thats great," Kate said searching around for Celeste's school bag in the cupboards. "But we have to go now or we will all be very late." She added searching frantically now.

"Mum," Jordan said holding up his sister's bag. Kate gave him a quick kiss on the head as a thank you before leading everyone out the door. They hurried down the stairs that connected their appartment to the Chicago street and veered off to the side carpark where she parked her car, if you could call it that. She unlocked the doors and everyone got in.

"Please be nice today," She begged softly to the car before sticking the key in the ignition and turning it. Nothing happened except a few splutters from the engine. She groaned and tried it again. Nothing.

"Why must you tortune me!" She said laying her head down on the steering wheel.

"Mum," Jordan said hopping into the passenger side front seat, playing with a couple of the wires and getting it started first go.

"Where did you learn that," She asked looking at her son in disbelief. He had applied a layer of eyeliner to his eyes today, not that you could hardly notice under his over grown fringe.

"I pick stuff up," He muttered as she began to drive from the car lot.

This is how most of their mornings went. Kate arrived at work 20 minutes later. As she stepped through the door, her boss made a bee line for her. He had his arms crossed and wasn't looking happy.

"You're late," He said, his voice thick with a Spanish accent.

"I'm sorry, its just..." She began but he cut her off.

"I don't want to hear your life story. In fact, this isn't working." He said.

"No, please. You can't fire me," She begged.

"Work the lunch shift, no pay and I won't," He said turning to leave muttering something about her and how unreliable she was.

"Wait, I can't." She said. He turned, "What?"

"I can't. I have to go to my kid's concert. They've been talking about it for weeks now." She said running her hand through her hair. If she didn't work this shift she would be fired for sure but if she let her kids down, they would hate her. Even Jordan had been raving about this concert, they were really hoping she could be there.

"Guess you don't want you're job, bye-bye now Kate." Her boss said turning back and disappearing into the kitchen.

"Fucking hell," She muttered under her breathe. Thats when she noticed a group of guys that had been sitting at the back of the cafe. One guy in particular was looking at her. He had dark hair, heavyily layered and a side fringe that covered one eye. He gave her a warm smile before turning back to the conversation he was holding with a guy wearing a trucker cap. She turned and left for her car. She would have to seriously find a new job and fast. They were already a couple months behind on rent.

After searching endlessly for 4 hours without any luck she realized it was almost 1pm. She was about to head over to the school when her car wouldn't start.

"Just great," She said sarcastically popping the hood of her car. Everything looked black and rusted. She sighed and took a seat down on the side of the road. Nothing ever went her way and she was sick of it. Suddenly a car pulled over, stopping behind hers.

"Is everything okay?" She heard someone ask. She had her head in her hands at this point.

"No," She said trying to hold back tears.

"Is there, um, anything I can help with?" He asked squatting down beside her.

"Unless you know where I can find a really nice job that pays good money, unless you can get me to the Chicago Primary School Hall by 1:15 and unless you can magically make every fucking thing in my life right then no, no you can't." She said a few tears falling from her cheeks as she looked up at who she had been talking too. It was the same guy from the cafe.

"Well, I can get you to the hall by 1:15," He said holding out a hand. She quickly wiped off her cheeks and took his hand reluctantly. He lead her to his car and opened the door for her.

"Thanks," She said getting in.

He did get her to the hall on time. He pulled up in the staff car park, she got out and leaned back in.

"Really, thanks." She said giving him a smile. He had stopped the car and was getting out.

"You don't mind if I come? I mean, after all, I have to take you home again." He said shutting the door and locking his car.

"Umm, thanks for that too." She said unable to believe how nice he was being. "Sure," She added as they began to walk towards the hall.

"So I never caught your name," He said as they brought their tickets and entered the hall filled with seats.

"Kate," She said holding out a hand.

"Pete, I'm Pete." He said shaking hers before taking a seat. "So Kate, you have kids?" He asked as the rest of the crowds came in. She nodded.

"Two, Jordan who is 10 and Celeste who is 6." She replied looking down at her fingers.

"I don't see a wedding ring," He commented as the curtains drew on the stage.

"My husband's dead," She said awkwardly.

"Oh," He said replied. Foot-in-mouth situtation. Suddenly the school's princial appeared on stage to announce the first act, it was Celeste's class. Pete could easily pick Celeste out as her class did a play. Celeste was exactly like her mother, beautiful. He took a quick glance of Kate as the play continued. Her eyes were lit up and she was smiling. It was clear her children really were to world to her. The play ended and there was a round of applause.

The next couple acts were a mixture of dancing, jokes and more plays. Then the final one came on, it was Jordan's class. Straight away Pete picked Jordan. He held an electric guitar. His class was doing a musical item. They began to play and Jordan was good.

"His good," Pete whispered learning over to Kate. She smelt like apples.

"Funny, he never told me he like guitar." She said as the act continued.

The whole thing finished and Pete and Kate went outside to wait for her two children. Pete was still content on taking them home. Something about them, her, had him interested.

"Mummy, mummy! Did you see me!" Celeste shouted excitely running towards Kate and nearly knocking her over as the 6 year old latched onto her waist.

"Yes, you were brillant!" Kate said picking up her daughter.

"Who is he?" Celeste suddenly asked out stretching her arm to poke Pete in the head.

"This is..." Kate began but was interrupted by her son.

"Pete Wentz. Woah, cool mum." Celeste continued to poke Pete in the head.

"Celeste, stop it." Kate said putting her daughter down, away from Pete's head. "Umm, how do you know Pete?" She added directing the question at her son.

"His a rockstar mum, he plays bass for Fall Out Boy," Jordan informed her.

"Oh," She said nodding. "No idea who Fall Out Boy is." She added looking at Pete.

"Its just my band. Anyway should I take you guys home now?" He asked gesturing them towards his car. They nodded. As the two children raced ahead, Kate pulled Pete a side.

"Thanks again," She said.

"You've said that," He said smiling. She let a smile slip onto her lips.

"I know," She said before turning and continuing to his car. "But I really am."
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