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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12. Really this time.

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Davey and Jade were floored by his words. The only way they would be successful now was by some sort of miracle. Davey studied Shade's face for a moment. Gone was the look of sheer terror and hopelessness he'd seen just seconds earlier. The younger boy had closed his eyes, clasping his hands behind his back. Davey could almost hear the wheels turning in his mind. He was forming a plan.
"Davey, I need to talk to you," Jade whispered. Davey nodded, and they stepped away from Shade. "Are you sure we can trust this guy? He could be leading us into a trap." Davey glanced back at Shade. He was still lost in thought.
"I don't think so, Jade," he said, shaking his head. "Where did you get that idea?"
"I just don't think we should trust him. I mean, think about it. We trusted Stella with our lives, and look what happened with her. We should be more careful around him."
"I think you're wrong." Jade couldn't believe his ears.
"How can you stand there and say that to me? I'm one of your best friends! I've known you for the longest time, and you're acting like I'm the one you can't trust!" He was trying not to raise his voice, but it wasn't working. Shade cautiously opened one eye at their words, glad that he was turned away from them so they couldn't see it. He wasn't so sure they would have noticed anyway.
"Jade, listen to yourself. You're not making any sense," Davey said calmly.
"You're the one not making any sense, Davey!" he shouted. He then looked at the ground and lowered his voice to a low murmur. "You don't even know what he did to Nex..."
"Is that what this is about?" Davey asked with a sigh. "I knew it."
"Knew /what/?" Jade demanded sharply.
"Jade, don't get between them."
"I'm not going to 'get between them'!" he said incredulously. "I'm only trying to help."
"We must go," Shade said, stepping over to them. He acted as if he hadn't heard a word. "I have a plan." He turned around and began walking, expecting them to follow. Davey and Jade locked eyes momentarily, sharing a glare, before following him. This conversation was not over.
The plan was brilliant in Shade's eyes. To Davey, it was risky, but well worth it.
However, everything was different to Jade. He believed he would be lucky to escape with his life. He had to wonder whether Shade was doing this on purpose.
"Can we go through this again?" he asked, trying not to let the worry creep into his voice. Shade nearly rolled his eyes.
"You will pose as Davey. I can fabricate a replica of the medallion, since you can't wear the real one. You'll go up to the entrance of the castle, where one of the Ghosts will come out to meet you."
"Are you sure they won't just kill me?" he asked nervously. Shade shook his head.
"Not if you tell them you are Alchior's successor, and especially not if you tell them you're giving up. They'll likely take you into the castle, probably to speak to that one who kidnapped Nex. No doubt he'll want to hear it himself. Either that or they'll throw you in the dungeon for later." He paused, letting his words sink in. He hadn't meant to sound so nonchalant about it, but at the same time, he held a certain dislike for Jade. He wasn't sure why.
"I can use my magic to find out where they are all being kept, but I can't get inside using magic. They have placed a spell on the castle; you can see the glow if you look carefully enough." They simultaneously looked to the castle. There was indeed a faint red tinge around its outer edges.
"Davey, however, can get inside. Whether or not he realizes it, he has magic more powerful than mine will ever be."
"I don't know how to use it," Davey said, staring down at the medallion.
"It's okay, I'll help you. Once we're inside, we'll need to fight off any guards, but we should be able to free everyone."
"Okay, let's go," said Davey. Shade led the way, closely followed by Davey. Jade kept some distance between himself and them. He was anything but enthusiastic about this plan, but he told himself he wouldn't be doing it to help Shade. In fact, he wasn't even sure he would be trying to help Davey.
He was there for Nex.
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