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In A Year - Secret Girls One Shot

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In a year times..

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1 year later

The sun filtered through the curtains. Light shining straight onto Erica's face. She smiled as the rays made her eyelids shiver and twitch. She moaned as she stretch herself upon the bed. Waking up in pure happiness. With her left hand she felt the area beside her and only feeling an imprint she figured that Patrick had woke before her. Erica felt tingles in her stomach. A year of bliss. Love. Lust. And now she was completely ready to give every part of her soul to him. She propped herself up in the bed. Raising her hand to her eyes and twisting the ring around the finger. She smiled humbley at the diamonds that glinted in the morning. Erica hoped the ring hadn't cost too much. She did not care for material goods. But the proclamation of Patrick asking her to marry him. That, meant more than all the gold in the world. Again Erica's stomach flipped. In fact, it twisted too much.
"Oh god," she leaped out of the bed and rushed to the en suite bathroom. She grabbed hold of the marble on the toilet. Emptying the contents of her stomach. Stinging tears streamed down her face. When no more could be retched, she felt slightly faint. Leaning against the bathroom wall. She sighed and rubbed her face. She hated being ill and was hoping it would subside. The door of the bathroom opened.

"Hey, I heard the -" Patrick looked down to find Erica crouched by the toilet, "Erica, are you okay?"
"Oh yeah I'm fine," Erica said, waving her hand, "I'm just going to sit here for a bit, yep."
"Erica you're not okay."
"Yes I am," Erica smiled, "Just as soon as the room stops spinning I'll be right as rain."
Patrick frowned at her. Erica grinned. Trying to convince him that she was alright. Trying to convince herself. She went to stand up. Wearily. She stood. Wobbled.
"There," She stuttered before spinning back around and vomitting again. Patrick grabbed her hair and pulled it behind her. Rubbing her back as she sighed. Finding herself crying again. She leaned into him as he stroked her hair behind her ears. Patrick rose with her. She used him as support as he walked her over to the bedroom.
"I'm fine I'm fine," she muttered.
"You're not you're not." He replied as he tucked her back into bed. He lay upon the duvet as she went in and out of sleep. He began to stroke her nose. Kissing her on the forehead as he whispered.
"I'll go get you something,"
"I need to go into town anyway."
"Ok" she whispered. Close to dropping off.
"I love you,"
"I love -" but she had fallen fast asleep. Patrick watched her breath shallowly. Even ill she looked stunning to him. And he wanted to protect her. Love her and be with her forever. He sighed knowing that he had to leave her. Kissing her again in her sleep he left her dreaming. Walking out of the flat and closing the door. Leaving Erica in delightful slumber


Erica tried so hard to keep herself asleep. If she was unconcious she wouldn't feel the need to be sick. Her stomach kept lurching at her. Summersaulting. Backflips. Dancing.
"Please please please please," She prayed. Willing the movements to stop. "For the love of all things holy please don't make me sick again."
She closed her eyes tight and prayed that it was just a feeling. Only she could feel it rise. Reaching her throat.
"For fuck sake" she cried and rushed back into the bathroom. The bitter taste clinging to her tongue. Her throat was burning. She lurched and had finally finished. Flushing the remaining contents of her insides down. She moaned and stood herself up. The room turned upside down for a second. She grabbed hold of the sink to help her. When the scene had turned to normal she removed her toothbrush and began to scrub viciously. Trying to clean her mouth so that it didn't taste so harsh. She was humming to herself. She spat and finally felt refreshed. She stumbled back into her bedroom and caught sight of the calender that she had upon her desk. Erica walked past it at first but she couldn't help but double take at what day it was. Questions filled her head as she began to count her fingers.
"No no no no no no no no no no no no" she shreiked. She began crawling through her drawers. Grabbing some clothes and putting them on. She grabbed her keys and some change and ran out of the apartment. Speeding to the shop around the corner. Hoping.


Patrick placed his keys into the door. It had been about an hour since he had left Erica to sleep. He had bought her some medicine for her stomach and grabbed some food for the fridge. He stepped into the flat. Erica was sat upon the sofa. Her hands held tight around a mug. Her eyes not moving. Staring at the blank TV screen.
"Oh you're up," he said but Erica did not flinch. She did not turn. She just sat. Statue like. "Erica?"
There was still no response. Patrick shrugged his shoulders and put the bags in the kitchen. He strolled over to the sofa and sat down next to Erica. Erica blinked but did not turn to him. Patrick scanned over her. Taking in her lost features.
"Erica?" He waved a hand in front of her face. Erica snapped back into the reality.
"Oh you are alive." He smiled at her, "Welcome back to life. Are you feeling better?"
"I suppose" she shrugged. Patrick didn't believe her. She may have been physically sound but her mental state was still in question. She was keeping something from him.
"Erica what's wrong?"
"Liar" he poked her. She slapped his hand off of her. Erica closed her eyes and began to stutter under her breath. Patrick tried to catch the certain words. "Erica"?
"What Patrick?"
He sighed at her. They were still close friends and now lovers. Surely she couldn't be keeping him in the dark. Erica had retreated to her blank state. "Erica!"
"Patrick leave it."
"No, what's wrong?"
"It's nothing."
"Erica I don't want to argue."
"Then don't"
Erica was getting more irritated with him. Patrick should just leave it. Stop pressing at her. She need to tell him, but she couldn't bare it if he abandoned her. Not now. Not after everything.
"Erica please,"
She gasped at the sudden confession that accidently slipped from her lips. She shut her eyes from him and her heart began to thump against her ribs. There was a silence. Understandabley. This is where he walks out on me, she thought, expecting footsteps. And then the closing of the door. Time was passing and with each second it filled her with more dread. She couldn't help but think of a conversation they had had a while ago;

"What if we ever had kids?" she asks Patrick. He giggles.
"Children? I don't intend of having one."
"I'm not the biggest kid fan." He kisses her on the lips, "what about you?"
Her heart had sank slightly, she would like a family, not a huge one but at least one child. "I'm not preparing myself, but if they come bring it on."

She let this small memory float around in her head. Making her emotions swim brutally. Erica felt Patrick move beside her. Go on leave me. She felt the warmth of his lips upon hers. She snapped her eyes open out of shock. Patrick broke away from her. A grin residing on his face.
"You're pregnant?"
She nodded biting her lip and responding to the beam he was now showing. The glint in his eyes. The sparkle. Her heart now beat in glory.
"I'm going to be a dad?"
They giggled at each other. Patrick slipped his fingers between hers. "Awesome."
"I didn't think you wanted kids."
Patrick smiled at her. Pulling her into him. Looking at her deeply in her eyes. She swallowed as he pressed his lips against hers. He leaned over into her ear. "Bring it on."
Ciao Bella
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