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**Read and Enjoy!!! LOL. LOVE YOU ALL LOTS!!

**Third Person POV

The next morning, was as normal as it could get, (without Alice). Gerard was in the kitchen, sipping on his coffee as usual. Frank was trying his hardest to go back to sleep in the recliner, while Bob and Ray were on the floor, glued to some video game they were playing on the T.V. But, with Mikey and Bella, that was a totally different story. They were on the sofa, Bella securely in Mikeys arms, smiling and joking around like it didn't matter. Mikey looked at her, memorizing every feature of her face. The way her hair fell softly to the side, how incredibly long it was, and how she seemed to smile all the time. He reached up and touched her dimples. "You know, your so beautiful." She blushed under his praise and looked down. "Mikey, you've got to stop saying stuff like that.." He laughed and she tilted her head to the side. "But, thanks." He watched as her green eyes seemed to sparkle.

**Mikey's POV

It was finally me and Bella. Just the way I wanted it back in high school, only, we're older, and hopefully she'll stick around for a while. I watched as she turned her attention from me, to the T.V screen. Ray and Bob were always at that video game. Here she was, curled up in my lap. Her long slender legs, her small frame, her body, in my arms, not moving an inch. She turned back to me and smiled. I couldn't help myslf. I leaned in and kissed her lips. They were so soft, so warm, and so inviting. I could feel that she froze a little before kissing back, I guess she wasn't expecting it. Her arms found a way around my neck and her legs stretched out as I laid her down on the sofa. I felt as her lips parted, and I slid my tongue in her mouth, going over hers softly. I pulled away as I heard the guys laughing. Gerard shook his head. "Go get a room. I nap on that sofa guys!" We sat up and Bella laughed too. It was infectious. Frank looked at me and then back at her. "Hey, Mikey, take a cold shower. It helps." I rolled my eyes at him and gave a sarcastic laugh. Bella curled back up into a ball and laid her head on my shoulder. "I can't help it. I'm so inlove with this girl." Ray looked at me and smiled. "Looks like it from here." Bob looked at me too. "Damn straight. If you didn't I'd kick your ass." Bella scrunched up her face and put her arms around me protectively. "NOOO!!!!! Violence equals DOOOOOM!!!" I couldn't help but laugh at her and smoothed the back of her hair. "Yeah, if you hurt me, she'll bite you!!" She laughed softly and nodded in agreement. The other guys laughed at us too. She then turned back to me and leaned up into my ear, whispering soft words. "I'll bite you if you want me to. Where ever you want." She pulled back and I could feel the blood rush up to my face. Ok, she's changed a lot since high school, and....I love it. Gerard looked at us. "What goig on over there? Mikey way is you face so red?" He broke out in this mischievious grin that looked evil. Nothing Gee, ts between me and Bella." Bella nodded again, and moved around in my arms a little beofre getting up. "I want some of that coffee too!" I let her go and watched as she worked her way to the kitchen. I couldn't help but tilt my head to the side a little and watch the way she walked and moved her hips. All too soon, I could hear Bob and Ray snicker at me. I turned to them, a small grin plyaing on my lips. "What?" Bob shook his head. "Liking the little show?" I nodded and turned to see Bella sitting next to Gerard, talking softly. I just sighed and turned back to the game on the T.V.

**Bella's POV

I walked to the kitchen and I could feel Mikey's eyes on me. It felt....nice. I've wanted him to watch me for so long that I felt like I deserved it. I poured a cup of coffee for myself and sat next to Gerard. He smiled at me. "Are you happy?" I couldn't help but blush and nod. "Yeah, so happy that it feels like I'm floating." He nudged me a little and handed me the sugar. "i'm glad. I haven seen Mikey this happy since....." The look on his face gave it away. "Since before I left?" He nodded. "Yeah, he loved you back then too...I just...I couldn't see it." I looked at my black coffee. "Neither could I. I'm glad I can see it now." I looked up and found Mikey watching Bob and Ray. The way the light hit his face, I wanted to just...I don't something to him. I smiled and stirred the cream into my coffee, before taking a sip. "I'm glad I can sit here and say that..I'm honestly happy." Gerard turned to me and I could see that his smile was genuinly...proud of me. And, knowing that he was like a father saying his was proud of his daughter....only...Gerard...he's more like an older brother...."I'm happy to hear that Doll Face.." I blushed as he reached out and ruffled my hair. I sipped my coffee a bit more...and watched Mikey. "You know Bella...You'd hate hearing this from me, but...Me and Alice, we used to get along." I turned to him, shocked out of my mind. "What?" He whispered really low and pointed at the bunk room. "Come with me, we need to talk..Ok?" I nodded and he got up, bringing his coffee and sketch pad with him. I did the same with my coffe and followed him to the bunk room. Mikey looked at me a bit confused. "Where are you both going?" I smiled sweetly at him. He got so defensive, and it was cute. "He needs to talk to me...Ok?" He relaxed a little bit and nodded. "Ok.....?" I walked over to him and kissed his lips softly. "Don't worry..." He smiled back at me and I went to Gerard. Once in there he closed the door and sat in his bunk. I sat across from him in mine. "What's up with the news?" He sighed and looked at me. "We got along. I didn't yell at her." I tilted my head to the side, and pulled my knees up to my chest. "So you yelled at her because of me?" He nodded and smiled a bit. "Yeah." I looked away. "Why?" I heard as he shuffled around and reached over, making me look at him. "Because she dissed you. Bella, there isn't competition when it comes to you. Your beautiful, and funny, and great to be around." I blushed as he spoke and he sat back down. "Your like a sister to me. I can't have someone talk smack about you and get away with it." I sniffed a little and smiled. "Thanks, but, its ok. I can handle my own." I looked at him and watched as he shook his head. "I know you can. Its just that, Bella," He ran his hand through his short blonde hair. "Your the type of girl that every guy wants." I looked down and felt like shrinking. Where was he going with this? I heard as he sighed and gulped down the rest of his coffee. "I wanted you at one point." I gasped and looked at him, surprised. "What?!" He gave me his famous smirk and looked a bit....shy...? "Its hard not to fall inlove with you. Its...It's like a moth attracted to the flame. Us guys, we're the moths, and your the flame Doll Face. The only difference is, Mikey was the one Moth that could be near you, without crashing down and burning. We all knew it." I blushed like mad and smiled sweetly. "Yet, you guys failed to mention this when we were younger?" He laughed and nodded. "Yeah. But the sad thing about it is, Mikey, he thought about you constantly. Alice told me so." I looked at him a bit confused. "She would find him saying your name in his sleep, and he kept this really old picture of you...Hell, we all did. But she caught him saying that it was because of you that we're where we are today." I stood up, I didn't want to hear this....I mean, I love Mikey, but...Alice knew that he loved me? OMG, this is too much news to handle...."Bella...sit.." I sat down and rubbed my arms. "Gee...what are you trying to say?" He sighed and looked away. "I'm just trying to say that if you hadn't have left, we wouldn't be a band...and you might not be here on tour with us, and you wouldn't be famous. Don't blame Alice, or Mikey or anyone...Just....Be happy and treat my lil brother right. I know you will..." I nodded and jumped up, hugging him tightly. "I will Gee...Don't worry. I love him way to much to treat him badly.." He hugged me back and I couldn't have felt any better. "Good." I pulled back and we walked out, with me trying to hide the small tears that escaped my eyes...

*Third POV....

Bella sat on the sofa with Mikey, burying her nose into his neck. He snaked his arms around her small body and smiled. "I love you." She giggled and looked up at him, her eyes full of happiness. "I love you too Mikey." She leaned in and kissed his lips softly. Things went by smoothly as usual. She went to her photo shoot, and attended the concert afterward. Well, later on that night, Mikey and Bella decided to get some alone time of their own.....( XD )

*Mikey's POV*

The guys were in the living area as usual. So, I took Bella by the hand and took her to the bunk room. I wanted to be alone with her for once. We laid down in her bunk and I leaned in, kissing her lips. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and felt as her arms found its way around my neck. This is the most that we did. Just, kiss and hold each other, it never went any further. I didn't want to pressure her, but that comment she made earlier, and the way she looked at me, I wanted more. I took my right hand and put it on her waist. I waited to see if she'd protest, but it never came. I smiled against her lips and kissed her deeper, moving my hand under her shirt and going up towards her breasts. She raised her chest up higher under my touch and moand as I found her breast, taking it in my hand. I pulled back and looked at her. Her green eyes were filled it intensity and need. "Is this ok?" My heart fell as she shook her head. I pulled my hand back and looked away. "I'm sorry...I didn't...I thought.." She put her finger up to my lips and smiled sweetly. "Shh...." I watched as she sat up a little and removed her shirt, removing her skirt along with it. I watched as her delicate hands tugged at my own shirt and the small frown that appeared on her face. I smiled and removed it, along with my pants and got under the blanket with her. "Better?" She tilted her head to the side and nodded. "So much better." She pulled me back down and kissed me again. I moved so that I was between her legs, and above her body. I kissed at her neck softly, causing little goose bumps to appear along her body. I went back to kissing at her lips, and put my right hand under her left leg, lifting it up a little. I could feel myself wanting more, but I knew I had to pull back. Bella was showing the same signs, but the only difference was, she was egging me on to do more. Just when I went to take this up one more step, the door flew open and the guys came piling in. Bella looked at me, a bit scared that the guys were gonna find us. My head fell. I forgot to lock the door....just....great....I rolled over her and pulled her close to my body. She smiled sweetly and kissed me gently on the lips. "Its ok. I still love you.." I couldn't help but laugh and nod my head. 'I love you too...Sorry.." She giggled and laid her head on my chest. "Night you guys.." They all replied back to her and I closed my eyes. Drifting off to an, unsatisfying sleep....

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