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Say what you Will

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A SLASH song-fic. Billie mourns over his "friend".

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If I were to die today
My life would be more than okay
For the time I spend with you
Like a dream come true
If this was a last goodbye
No more tears to dry

The wind shrieked through the graveyard, sending chills down anyones backs. On an early morning like this, many would rather be inside, all snuggled up in bed. But one person couldn't sleep. Billie Joe Armstrong traced his hands across a tombstone that read: Frank Wright III - (Tre Cool).

"I'm sorry Tre... So sorry..." Billie whispered softly.
"I shouldn't have said those words the other night. I didn't mean any of it!" The guitarist said, tears starting to roll down his cheeks.

"Didn't mean any of it..." His voice trailed off as he remembered that night.


Tre Cool laughed out loud as he neared his and Billie's apartment.
He had been out drinking a little with Mike and Jason White, and had finally decided to head home.
That's when Freese phoned him, and he began having a lively conversation with him.
Tre stopped in front of the complex, laughing loudly at Freese's jokes.

"Shut up!" Grumbled a homeless man. He threw a stick and rocks at Tre, who narrowly missed them.
Tre glared at the man and flicked him off, before heading up the stairs to his and Billie's apartment.
The homeless man gritted his teeth together, before saying to himself, "Bad move, little naive fool!"
He pulled out a little pocket gun and placed on his lap, stroking it as if it was a small cat or dog.

I'd say it one more time
It's been more than fine
How could I've know
How could I've shown

Say what you will before it's too late
Say what you will
Say what you will before it's too late
Say what you will

Finally opening the door, Tre flipped his cell phone down.

"Who was that?" Billie asked, pointing to the drummer's cell.
"What? Oh Billie... It was only Freese. Why?" Tre replied, a little surprised at seeing Billie up this late.
"Oh really? Are you two going out?" Billie asked sharply, before covering his face with his hands.
"WHAT? NO! Billie I'm going out with you! Freese is more like my brother!" Tre said, pulling Billie against his chest.

"Really?" Billie snapped at him, turning around and walking out of his embrace.
Tre stood still and thought, 'He didn't find out did he? Oh God.'
Tre nodded his head as Billie huffed and said, "You're a fucking liar Tre!"
"No I'm not..." Tre said softly.

"Yes, you are! I read your email and you got a letter from him. And on your lap-top background is a picture of you two kissing!" Billie shouted, as the drummer stared at the ground.
"Well? What do you have to say for yourself?" Billie snapped at the silent drummer.
"I didn't mean it." Tre said softly as he tried to reach for the guitarist's hand.
"You're such a fucking idiot! No wonder women won't stay with you. And very cool? More like very UNcool, if you ask me! You need to sort your fucking life out, Frank fucking Wright!" Billie literally screamed at Tre.

Tre was was full of tears, but his face became full of rage at hearing Billie's last sentence.
He ran at the guitarist and began attacking him.
"Get the fuck off me Frank!" He shouted, before taking his hands and literally shoving the drummer off.
Tre stared menacingly at Billie, before heading towards the front door.

"That's it. Get out! Fucking get out! Little whore is all you'll be good for!" Billie shouted as Tre began turning the front door knob.
"I will get out Billie! And I'll have you know me and Freese aren't going out. That picture was taken for a dare at the bar!" Tre shouted to Billie.
"JUST GET THE FUCK OUT FRANK!" Billie screamed as he pushed Tre out.
"FINE!" Tre shouted, leaving and Billie slammed the door behind him thinking, 'Dirty little boy...'


If you were to walk away
Know you couldn't stay
Take all the times we've had
All the good and the bad

Billie sniffled as he kept replying his words in his head.
"If only I knew what would happen outside, Tre." He said, grasping the grass around Tre's grave.
"I didn't mean what happened to you Tre. Please believe me..." He choked out as more memories flooded back in...

How could I've know
How could I've shown
Say what you will before it's too late
Say what you will
Say what you will before it's too late
Say what you will


Billie sat against the door thinking awful thoughts of Tre, until he heard gunshots!
"What the hell?!" He said out loud.
At first he thought it was just teenagers fighting down by the alley again, but then he heard another shot and it was closed by.

His mind flickered to Tre and he instantly regretted sending Tre out.
"TRE!" Billie shouted, as he grabbed his light jacket and flew out the door.
He search the empty hallway and began looking outside, but didn't have to go far...

Tre lay on the sidewalk, biting his lip as he clutched his stomach and side.
"Tre!" Billie shouted, running to his friend.
Tre watched as Billie began adding pressure to the wounds.
Billie lifted his head and saw Tre watching him.
He notice Tre's eyes getting a little dimmer.
"Tre. You're going to be alright! Kay?" Billie said, putting a little pressure on the drummer's stomach.
Tre sniffled before tears began working their way down.

Billie notice this and stroke Tre's cheek, making the drummer to flinch.
"It's alright Tre." The guitarist said, brushing the tears away.
Tre nodded his head, still afraid to talk.
"Are you going to say anything Tre?" Billie questioned after he had dial 911.
Tre saw tears in the corner of the guitarist's eyes and began saying "I'm fine." But all that came out was a raspy sound and blood.

Billie took that as a 'No' before saying, "Shh... Stay with me Tre."
Tre cried softly as his hands clamped around Billie's wrists.
Billie took his hands off Tre for a moment to kiss Tre lightly on the lips.
He tasted of blood, but Billie didn't really care about that right now.
An ambulance broke the silence and paramedics began telling orders to one another.

Finally they had Tre in the ambulance they told Billie he could ride.
Billie did and didn't let go of Tre's hand...

And all the time that I was holding back
Just trying to protect myself
I want you to know I loved you more than life

Billie cried into Mike's shoulder, after Tre had been taken into surgery.
"He'll be alright Billie. He'll be alright." Mike said softly, stroking Billie's hair lightly.
'He can't die. He can't.' The bassist thought as he glanced at the tile floor.

An hour later a doctor came out and told them the sad news; Tre had passed away during the surgery.
Mike was in shock, and Billie was torn to pieces.
It took all of their strengths to make it to Mike's house for the night...


"That's the night you died Tre..." Billie said, lying on his side, next to the grave.
"I was only able to kiss you... I wasn't allowed to say 'goodbye'." He said sadly, tears glistering in his eyes.

Say what you will before it's too late
Say what you will
Say what you will before it's too late
Say what you will
Say what you will before it's too late
Say what you will

"Tre... I miss you! I didn't mean any of those words. Just please come back to me... Please?" Billie said, as he curled slightly to Tre's tombstone.

Mike arrived a few minutes later and found his friend asleep next to Tre's grave.
"Oh Billie..." He mutter quietly.
As he picked up his tired friend the wind picked up a little bit.
Mike stared at Tre's tombstone before biting back tears he took Billie down to his awaiting car...

If I were to die today
My life would be more than

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