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+In the beginning. . .+

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--Review Please-- She, being the one lost in confusion, to the one being eaten alive. From helping her beloved protector, to living a life like a slave. Finally she ended her life; dying inside of ...

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CREATED: Wednesday, 05 October, 2005. 01:51:12 AM.

Her eyes, blinded by the bright light, began to droop.

"Your breathing has stopped... all by the power of my hand." a voice spoke. "Now fade away for eternity."

Should I struggle? Should I attempt to bite him? The girl began to fade. I must not allow him to win.. she fought back, thrashing about wildly. No avail.

"You're finished."

And she died.

Nothing more but a stiff corpse eh, Tetsu?

Yes. Luckily it is her and not I.

There was laughter. It echoed throughout the dead woman's ears. Laughter... Laughter...

A shove broke her to wake.

"Everything alright, my lovely?" a sensual male voice questioned.

"Why of course.." her voice dripped from dark purple lips. as her sight returned, she eyed the well dressed man before her. "But... who are you?"

He gave a gaunt smile. Showing a gleam of fang, he replied, "Why, I am your protector. I live to only serve you."

Serve me? Me? Why me? Oh, my precieux memories, where have you disappeared to! her thoughts were soon shot down as an arm wound around her waist.

"My dear master," the vampire spoke. "Tell me, what is your bidding?" he smirked, threatening her lips with his own until they met.

The ever lasting kiss was made. Forever serving. Forever served.

As the kiss grew, here fear soon kicked in. She broke away from his lip-lock. "No!" she gasped for air. "Please no.. don't..."

He smirked, slowly but gracefully twisting toward her. "It was everlasting, my lovely.." he snatched her shoulders forcefully.


Never ending.

"For eternity bound with you, and only you." the vampire shoved her to the ground.

"N--No! Te----" it was too late for her. She felt the neck of her crushed velvet blue dress being torn open, revealing her neck, collar bone, and bust.

The vampric man grinned maliciously, fangs gleaming in the night's moon. He craved for that single vein in her delicious neck.

My protector... what has come over you? What has happened?! "I demand for you to stop!!" she shouted.

"Too late, baby." he leaned down, licking the side of her neck. "Too late... But remember," a loud his echoed softly as he bared his fangs.

"Forever bound to serve you..."

A loud crunch could be heard, and the vampire began to feed.

Blood sprayed everywhere; onto the floor, the nearby chair and table, her vampire protector, and her in general.

The vampire was sloppy, seemingly taking his time feeding from her.

Her blood pumped out thickly as he lapped it all up. "Tet---" she grew tired." Why? What made you do this to me?

He finished. He lapped the remaining scarlett from her cleavage, and helped her sit up. "My master, do you still breathe?"

She continued to draw in air. Not much, but enough to satisfy him.

Leaning in slowly, he kissed her again. "And I make you reborn..."

Thus, she was birthed again.

A weak, useless body. That is all I am. My lord, do not pity me. Why have I been brought back? All of the blood I have given up. My skin... 'tis cold and stiff. What has happened to me?

Her body awoke. She was weak, yet she managed.

"What is your bidding, my master?"

She turned in startle. My protector... are you still crazy? "Bidding?"

"Do you have orders for me?" he elaborated.

Orders? I've just awoken and I have to give orders? Yes. An order... What came over her, no one shall know, yet in a cold voice, she replied to her, "Drink from me and live forever."

Upon this day of rest, her body was jerked about. She was shoved, beaten, brutally raped, and forced to starve.

"Save me," she would plead, tending to her own wounds.

No other way.


Do it.


Fret not. Where you will go no one will make your body cry. Do it. Become the Angel you should.

The girl coughed up bursts of red before the Seraphim whom she loved. "Tets---" her body crumbled.

"You poor mess up." the Holy said. "Such a pathetic girl you are."

She looked up at him. "Help me live." she said. The drug stained her.

"Filthy, filthy." he ignored her, looking around her bedroom before her. "You'd be such a waste." as he pulled her close, he brushed down the mask which covered his mouth. Inching toward her lips, he suddenly shoved his blade into her stomach.

And her life begins a new. Same young girl. Same vampric protector Different setting, and different deaths.

from confusion, to being eaten alive. From offering her very life to her protector, to living a slave like life. Finally, her ending story, a young heroin addict.

She ends here.

Is this really my end? If it is, then so be it. End my life. Allow me to rest.

Let I, Agate rest for all of forever.

Her final moments. She gasped for air. Is this how it feels to die away? Must be.

"Beloved master Agate," the vampire spoke. "Your wishes?"

She controlled her pleads for air. "My wish? My dear Tetsu..." she choked while giving a giggle. "Grant me with your kiss. Make our bond far more then complete." she fell into him slowly.

"Beloved Tetsu,"

"Beloved Agate,"

"Let us sleep forever more."

+ END +

- - -

Inspired by the song: --Music by Malice Mizer, közi, Hellsing, Blam Honey, Moi Dix Mois, SCISSOR, Kagerou, and Aliene Ma'riage--

This is my most recent fic that I have made. It was at first posted in my LiveJournal, but since I've kept that Friend's Only, only two people made comments about it ^^;;;;.

Once more, the characters are mine. Not only was I going through a Halloween moment, but I was also allowed to borrow my friend's Hellsing books [I just had to read them after watching the show!], which is where I got the whole Protector and Master bit, and the "What is your bidding?" line. I wasn't really expecting for it to turn out the way it did, but as the music changed so did my ideas. I'm actually VERY proud of this.

Now, I suppose I could make out some kind of bio for the characters for you all, just incase some are wondering~

The character Agate, was actually suppose to have no name at all. I was going to keep her as an unknown character, but as the ending drew near and I was making the lines "My beloved Tetsu. . . My beloved Agate. . ." I knew I needed a name to end make everything fit into place.

My second most favourite band is Malice Mizer, and although most people don't really like their first era for their singer Tetsu [hinthint], his era was my very favourite. I just looooooove Tesu's voice. In the very beginning to this clip, I've noticed that I was listening to the song "BAROQUE"-the first line of actual dialogue is from that song, acutally. When I got to the part where the two unknown characters are talking, just for my love of Tetsu, I named Agate's vampire protector Tetsu.

I'm so lame. I've forgotten what songs I was listening to when I wrote this, though I do know it was a mix of Malice Mizer, közi, Hellsing, Blam Honey, Moi Dix Mois, SCISSOR, Kagerou, and Aliene Ma'riage ^^;;. I was in a very Halloween-ish mood for this. I do hope you all enjoyed it :D!

Also, the indented paragraphs signal where the songs changed.
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