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well...the title...

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Following behind Mikey Emma kept a hand to Ray's. He had slightly pulled her to his backside in case this rat was actually dangerous.

"Okay," Frank whispered stopping the group, "It's here."

"What's here?" Emma asked peeking behind Ray's shoulder.


"Frank where?" Mikey strained over the grassy lush bushes and shrubs.

They had walked through a small irregular thicket of trees who'd grouped together probably at the turn of the Century. They stood on the otherside of these trees looking for a supposable rat that Frank had seen. This rat in question had been charged simply with /watching a grown man taking a piss/. Emma placed a hand on Ray's shoulder.

"Do you see anything," She whispered lowly.

"No," Ray replied turning to see her fully, "why don't we go back...the van's empty...," he licked his lips playfully.

"Guys," Mikey and Frank almost as second nature turned , "Right here."

Gerard who'd entered lately with Bob seemed to be laughing at the scene. He cleared his throat and took a long drag before speaking.

"So where is this rat?" Gerard leeched forward handling Frank's shoulder roughly, "I see grass, grass and a rock."

"THERE!" Frank whispered loudly pointing outwards, "he just came out that whole."

The five others squinted a broad to a falling and rising sea of grass, watching and scanning through the blades as they played through the wind.

"Frank I don't see anything?" Bob stated squeezing his eyes almost to the point of closed to see anything.

Frank watched his friends squinting towards his 'rat' almost instantly he began a giggle. One that he must have nourished at the prime age of 4.

"What?" Emma asked standing straightly again, "what's so funny?"

"You all look Asian!" He blurted.

His friends all stood upwards groaning, some through hands lowly but all turned to leave. They had wasted enough time standing around waiting for a make believe most likely trick Frank had played.

"Wait," Frank cried turning back to the sea of grass, "There."

This time a small ground hog appeared and stood strongly upon his mound staring to his viewers almost as though he knew. Frank whimpered as it scanned his body.

"You see he's perverted," Frank squeaked.

The group groaned again pulling Frank with them back to the Van.


"One room?" Ray blurted to a small lady, "You're a Best Western for Christ sakes!"

"Sir," She began appologetically, "If you see it's two beds and an arm chair."

Ray groaned loudly and Emma stepped in.

"Well take it," she masked.

Turning with the keys in hand the group led off to the room; Ray came close to Emma placing a hand on her shoulder,

"I'm sorry for this I really am-."

"It's not your fault, don't worry about."

Ray nodded; looking to his fellow band mates with the luggage he smiled at them.

"Ray take a bag!" Gerard yelled throwing lamely a red duffel, "It's killing my arm!"

Emma took a torn strap, gripping tightly.

"Oh you don't ha-."

"It's okay," She smiled, "I want to."

The group made there way to a first floor room, entering they saw the horror of the night. The room held to small beds and a chair with no arms.

"Great," Frank muttered sarcastically.
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