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The Project

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Lilly Callaghan has a crush on a boy but One of Lilly's freinds has a crush on her who will she choose

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Chapter 2 {Josh's Pov}
"Okay class you have a project due in 5 weeks you are going to be paired up with a partner."Mr. Green said
"OK Lilly Calahann and Josh Kinsley you are going to work on the project together.
I saw Lilly look back at me.
Mr. Green continued to pair people up.
"OK now class you will be working on your projects tomorrow so meet up with your partner and talk about what you want to do"Mr.Green said just as the bell rang. Lilly got up and walked out the door before I could even talk to her.
~5 period~
I was walking down to band when I passed my brother
"Hey Camron can you ask Lilly to come over to the house so me and her can work on are Bio project?"I asked my brother
"Yeah sure"Camron said
"Thanks see you later"I said as a continued to walk down to band.

~At Lucnh~
{Carmon's Pov}
I walked into the lunch room and found Lilly sitting down eating and talking with her friends.
"Hey Lilly"I told her
"Hey Camron what's up?"Lilly asked as Bill hull sat down.
"Hey Lilly"Bill said
He is getting really annoying
Lilly did not answer him only put her index finger up to tell him just a minute.
"Um. Josh wanted me to ask you if you can come over to our house right after school so you two can work on your project for Bio "I asked her
"No, she can't she's busy"Bill interjected.
"No. I can come over ..but right after school "Lilly asked
"Well our dad is picking us up so he can bring to our house and he won't mind taking you home"I told her
"Okay then I can come over"Lilly smiled.
"Great see you at you locker after school then" I said
"Okay Bye"Lilly said
"Bye"I told her then left.

{Bill's Pov}
"I can't believe Lilly is going over that dumb stupid Jock's house"I thought to myself
"He is just a dumb stupid jock"I thought again but thought it out loud.
"What did you say Bill? Who a stupid Jock?"Lilly asked me
"Nothing Noone"I said quickly
"Okay if you say so"Lilly said then got up and threw her lunch away.
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