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new years eve at 6:32 pm

Frank and i stood in the closet looking at our clothes. i reached for a Nirvana shirt

"i dont like it" Frank said. i let go of the shirt and hit him

"well, i like it" i said and took the shirt off its hanger. Frank got a Pantera shirt and a pair of ripped jeans from the closet floor. he left the closet and changed in the room. i took a pair of faded jeans out of a drawer and left our room. i got dressed in the bathroom then went back to the room. Frank was on the bed struggling to put on his converse.

"what the fuck! my foot wont go in" he yelled

"are you sure those arent mine?!?" i said. he stared at me blankly, then removed the shoe from his left foot. he looked at the sole of the shoe.

"ha ha...these are yours!" he said. he threw the shoes at me. "where are mine?!?"

"check in the closet." i replied as i put on the converse that Frank threw at me. he got off the bed and went into the closet.

"you see, thats why we shouldnt have the same shoes" he yelled from the closet...

"ANDREA! FRANK! HURRY YOUR SLOW ASSES UP OR ELSE WE'LL BE LATE FOR THE PARTY!" we heard Bob yell from downstairs. Frank ran out the closet and tripped on a pile of clothes.

"oww..." he mumbled. he got up and looked at me. "shut up!" he said.

"what?!? i didnt say anything" i said innocently and walked out the room quickly so that he wouldnt see me hiding my smile...
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