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Chapter 8: It Can't All End Now

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DNO. Not much of a summary I know but this one involves snooping and a fire.

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I was sitting out on Darry's porch thinking when Dally pulled up in a really nice T-Bird. He got out and looked at me for a sec. His expression was hard again. He climbed the steps to the porch and was about to open the door when I spoke up.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. It's not your fault. It just finally hit me what was happening. I didn't mean anything against you." I looked at him. I really liked the way his hair curled around his ears, like mine used to.

"Ok," he walked in the door, leaving me out there.

I decided to follow him in, it was a little chilly out this early in the morning.

"Hey Dallas!" Soda called from the kitchen. "Want a beer? Breakfast?"

"No thanks, just stopping by, I'm heading out of town for the day. I'll be back later on."

"Where are you goin'?" Soda asked coming out of the kitchen. He had chocolate cake crumbs on his face.

"No where special." Dally said looking like he was ready to get out of here.

"Come here for a sec man." Sodapop said beckoning to the kitchen.

Me (being me) decided to eavesdrop.

"Does this have anything to do with Ponyboy and Johnny?" Sodapop asked quietly.

"No." Dally said simply.

"Yes it does, I know you Dal, look give this to Ponyboy ok?"

"I don't know where he is." I heard him take the paper anyway. It must be a letter to Ponyboy.

I bolted for the couch as Dally came out of the kitchen. He walked out the door without another look at me.

I'm a smart kid, I knew something was up. Time to snoop, I decided. I made sure he was gone before I ran to my bike. I looked in my magic canvas bag and got out a different shirt, my bandana, and sunglasses.

After I changed I headed off to find him. It wasn't that hard, he stopped to talk to Tim Sheperd. I stayed back, or more honestly, went ahead and waited in an alley. He passed me and I followed him to the main highway.

I went into another lane to avoid suspicion. I'm an expert snoop. He drove on for hours and I started to recognise the scenery. He was headed to Windrixville. I didn't know what for, but I had a hunch Ponyboy and Johnny had something to do with it.

He pulled onto the road that leads two places: a convenience store and the abandoned church. I turned off my bike and rolled it behind some trees to see what he was doing.

He went in the church and was there for only a few minutes. When he came out he had two guys with him. I looked more carefully. It was Ponyboy and Johnny!

I stayed hidden till I was sure he was far enough away not to notice me again.

I followed him to the local Dairy Queen. He ordered and parked I parked on the other side of the parking lot. I decided to have an ice cream too so I didn't look suspicious.

I listened closely. Dally showed the boys a heater he had started carrying since they left. A lot had happened when I ran up here. Two-Bit got jumped and a war council had been held. There was a rumble tomorrow night in the lot. I couldn't wait.

Johnny then said something I never thought I would here him say. "We're goin' back, we're gonna turn ourselves in."

Dally looked shocked, and Pony seemed ok with it.

"It's not fair for Soda and Darry to be worryin' about him like this. And I don't suppose my parents asked about me..."

"What about Terri huh? She's been crying for you man. She was so upset she even let ME try to calm her down. She's hysterical man. She cares, she misses you. She and Two-Bit both wanted to go to Texas to hunt for you!"

They pulled away and I still followed, I figured I'd catch what I could.

When I pulled over to the church a horrible sight met my eyes. A school class of children and three hysterical teachers next to the church, and it was on fire! I ran over and caught the words "...oh glory, the children I hope they're ok!" I knew what I had to do. I ran straight at the church, jumped as though I was going to jump a fence and sailed through a boarded up window.

I rolled when I landed, it was a miracle I hadn't been burned. I kicked down the rest of the boards from the window, to make for easy escape, and thenI saw some kids next to me.

"Come on! You have to get out of here!" One little girl hugged my leg, she was crying. I bent down to her and picked her up. "I'm gonna get you out of here ok?"

She nodded and I ran her out to the grass. I bolted back in and went to the other side of the room. I gasped at who I saw. Johnny and Pony were lifting kids out a window to Dallas.

I grabbed two kids' hands and led them out my window.

"I think we got them all!" I heard Ponyboy shout.

"You're burning!" Dally yelled at Ponyboy. He dragged pony out the window and I turned to Johnny.

"You get out, I'll do a sweep!" he nodded and got out the window.

Then it happened. A timber fell on my shoulder, the one that can't be hit. I fell on the ground unable to move.

"Crap!" I yelled. Dallas leaned in the window. He didn't see me. "Terri! Come on the roofs gonna cave!"

"Dally! Dally!" I yelled. He looked down and a new emotion crossed his face: panic. "I think I can get out, just be careful, I'll be ok..." I said.

He looked hesitant. "Alright." He said.

I said a prayer and suddenly a miracle happened. I could move. Never have I recovered that quickly. I ran out of the room as the roof caved in. Suddenly flames surrounded me, and I had to back into the room. I was petrified. I hate fire. I suddenly saw the church bell. It was right under a ledge of grab-able roof. I lunged with one foot and launched myself from it to the roof. I pulled myself up thinking, "This gives a whole new meaning to the term saved by the bell." I suddenly keeled over. I couldn't breathe and I rolled off the roof. Someone caught me.

I opened my eyes it was Dally.
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