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Chapter 10: Happily Ever, Almost Never

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DNO. This one is so sad, and sweet.

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I fell asleep for a few hours after Johnny left. Dallas woke me up at about 6:00, an hour before the rumble.

"Hey." He said softly lightly shaking my shoulder.

"What? ...I don't want mayonnaise... Dallas?" I said sitting up. Light from the window was shining in, it was getting dark... you know winter and all.

"You comin'?" he asked me.

Damn he looked good in the dim light... NO, BAD! "To what? The rumble? No." I catch on pretty quick.


"I can't handle that right now, I'm to tired and I'm still sore from the fire."

"Well, I've got an hour... wanna do something?"

"Like what?"

"Make out." His arm snaked around me and he was pulling me tighter to him.

"No, Dallas, just no."

He was still pulling me in to him. "Dallas... I said no!" I started trying to wiggle from his grip.

"Dally! I said no!"

He pulled me really close and he was trying to kiss me.

"Dally... I SAID NO!" I slapped his shoulders hard.

He let go and looked at me. He was standing, and he was much taller than me when I was sitting in a bed.

"What?" He asked, his eyes turned fiery. They scared me.

"I said no... I mean it... just no... not now..." he was really scaring me.

"Whatever," he just left. I laid down and cried.

Margaret came in a few seconds later. "You love that boy."

I had never thought about it before. Thinking about it, I noticed that I had been thinking about how good he looked, and when I was so sad about blowing him off when he was comforting me a couple days ago.


"Then you go after him." She said.

"But I'm in the hospital, I can't just go!" I cried, she must have been crazy.

"Doctor has just released you. I am here to tell news to you. Go and find your love." She was very understanding about things.

"Thank you Margaret, for everything." I left the room at a sprint, I had to find Dallas, I did love him, and I know that now.

I was searching for hours. It was long after the rumble. I didn't know where I was going. I think I was near the park were Johnny had killed the Soc. I was. I sat on the swings and thought about everything that Dallas has done to me since I got back.

Yelling at me, decking me, laughing with me, yelling at me again, comforting me, ignoring me (though I set this on myself, it's not his fault here), burning his arm trying to save me, trying to make out with me (not exactly the best approach to this, but that's beside the point), and now I realise that, I love him, and I need to find out if he loves me back.

I thought, if he hadn't been so bold back at the hospital, I would have kissed him, I really would have. But anyway, that was before, now I can't find him, and he probably hates me now.

I cried. I sat there and cried about my lost chance, about Dallas, and what I think, in his strangely bold way, he was trying to tell me. I was sure he liked me... at least a little bit anyway.

I suddenly saw someone running toward me.

I looked closer. It was Dally!

Then I saw two cop cars pulling in behind him. Two cops jumped out and had guns drawn. I started running towards Dally.

He turned to them drew his empty heater I saw at the Dairy Queen yesterday. He yelled at them "You'll never take me alive!"

I saw the cops were about to shoot him. My body said run away, my mind said stay and protect him. For the first time ever, my mind won.

I ran at Dally, grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to my right. As I pulled a gun fired. A split second later I felt the hot lead enter my side. I screamed and held my side.

Dallas jumped up again. He pointed his gun at one of the cops; I knew they didn't know it wasn't loaded. They thought it was full.

I did a move that sensei told me never to use. I sweeped him. I hooked my right foot around his leg and pulled. He fell to the ground as another gunshot rang out. I staggered as it entered my chest.

Dally tried one more time. He jumped up and cocked the gun. The cops thought he was going to shoot. They each fired a round as I kicked him in the back, he fell and the bullets entered my chest and leg.

I fell to the ground yelling, "His gun isn't loaded, don't shoot, don't shoot... DON'T SHOOT!"

They started radioing to each other, probably getting an ambulance.

I felt myself getting weak. Dally crawled over to me and picked me up. He held me so he could see my face.

"Why the hell do you always try to help people, it just gets you here..." he sobbed once, "why?"

"Because..." I gasped, "because some things... in life... are worth it."

He looked down at me, I felt tired. He sobbed again.

Then as I felt myself going into a deep sleep, one I may never return from, he held me high, leaned over and, very gently, very lovingly, kissed me.
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