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Kingdom Of Not

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Okay, there are no words for this fic, just a dream I decided to write! Pairings are Kairi/Namine and Axel/Roxas in later chapters, if you don't like those pairings, don't read them!

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Okay, how to describe this fanfic... There are no words, just that it manifested itself in a dream I had and I decided to make it into a story. It's kind of like the musical Rent with Kingdom Hearts, but more different. Anyways, pairings! AkuRoku, NamxKai, and a weird type of SoraxKai. If these pairings aren't your type, don't come yelling to me about it, because I won't give a flying fuck.
Slight Plot Line: Takes place in The World That Never Was in Club 13 where bestfriends Namine, Kairi, and Axel work. Namine and Kairi are "entertainers" (not prostitutes) and Axel is a bar tender. They live in the same little apartment about 3 blocks away from the club. It is a shit hole. Anyways that's about as much as I am going to say.

Disclaimer: The computer which I am typing on is not my own, shouldn't that mean enough to know I don't own much else??

Roll Fic!

By Faith Robertson -Special Reporter
This week I decided to ask three friends on the street what they thought of our world, and why and how they came to live somewhere declared as "The World That Never Was" becasue of it's domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution, and other problems within the communtiy. Our first one was the young runaway Namine Yung.

It's not called The World That Never Was, not exactly that is. I guess just whoever made the maps way back when, he or she decided that the world with the most problems would be left alone. It's a world out of a childs' dream or nightmare, who can tell which? I know when I was a child I dreamnt of a place where there would be little or no rules, a place with flashy neon lights, dark mysterious streets, and most of all friendship and love. I got it. My name is Namine, I ran away when I was 12 and found this place, I have got everything I dreamed for, but I also got more. I am know 19, I live with my best friend and my lover.

Our second interviewee is a surprise native to the community, tracing back her ancesstory who lived here for three generatins, Kairi Reeno.

I was born here on May 16th, 19 years ago. My mom always said I would be the one to "find the good things in life." That is, she would say it when she wasn't drunk or stoned out of her mind. My father walked out on my family (me, my mother, and my two brothers) when I, the youngest, was 3. Since then, Mom got into drugs and alcohol, Hayner, my brother who is 2 years older then me, has gotten into a gang and moved away to Twilight Town, wherever that is, and my oldest brother who is 5 years older then me, Demyx, is touring with his band The XIII Order. I see my mom about once a week in the hospital, after I moved out when I was 16, there was no one to hold her back, now she is in the worst hospital you can find, which is also the only one in our world. My mom was right though, I did "find the good things in life." I found Axel and Namine. Oh, and my name is Kairi, I'm 19.

The last one was the young Axel. Yeah that's about all we know about him. He came here as a young child and doesn't know his last name and estimates his age.

Axel's the name, got it memorized? Good, cause it's been my name for 20 years now! My younger brother Riku and I grew up in Hollow Bastion on the streets. Our parents had left us at an orphanage, and hell no was I staying there! Once we could walk, we bolted, best experience of my life! Running down the street, wind flying in my then short, black hair, hearing the scream of the lady who was supposed to be watching us as she found us not in our beds. Good times I must say, good times. We came here off a Gummi Bus that was heading around the worlds, it didn't actually stop here, we just jumped off and ended up here. I don't even think they knew it existed!


Axel closed the paper at the sound of Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" began to blare out of the speakers hidden somewhere in the dark bar. Club 13 was the place to go on a Saturday night, if you were a male or just liked looking at girls in crazy costumes dancing on a stage, in a cage, or on a pole. Axel just tended the bar, not that he didn't watch the shows, when the lights dimmed and the music was pounding in your ears, the only thing to do was look at the stage. Also, his two best friends were the "house favourites" so to speak.

On stage, two girls dressed in matching outfits were on stage dancing, how someone could dance in a corset, top hat, stilleto boots, and, well, basically a pair of leather underwear, no one knew. Obviously Namine and Kairi did though. Kairi and Namine looked almost identical, except for two things. One, Namines' hair was platinum and thick, Kairis' on the other hand, was dark chocolate brown and thin, the second, Namine wore black, Kairi was wearing white. Other then those two little things, they were almost identical. They weren't exactly strippers, they were more of, Pussycat Dolls with no music contract. Axel sighed and poured himself a drink, it was midnight, and if he was going to make it for three more hours, he would need the drink.


Kairi and Namine walked out of the changerooms and heaved a huge sigh of relief as their boss, this creepy looking Xemnas dude, handed them their paycheck. $50 for the month, for them that was pretty good.
"Thanks Xem, see you next week." Kairi grinned and walked towards the bar, Namine tagging behind bantering on about how the pay just seemed to get smaller and smaller.
"How are we going to be able to keep paying if he doesn't give us enough god damn it?!" Namine was loudly whispering. Kairi laughed,
"What? This isn't a laughing matter! If it's $100 a month we don't have enough for food smart one!" Kairi sighed,
"Fine I'll act all depressed even though you do realise that there are 3 people in our place paying? Axel gets payed more then us, remember?" Namine just huffed cutely and Kairi gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Come on let's go find Ax." The two girls entwined their hands and walked up to the counter.

"There you two are, what took ya?" Axel showed off his teeth in a wide grin.
"Doncha know we were talking to that guy who works the music backstage for you. We were telling him all about you!" Kairi laughed. Axel gave her a light fake-punch and chucked the paper at the two girls,
"I was going to tell you, but we made it into the paper as this weeks Honarary Citizens," He saluted and said the last part in a sort of military voice. "Your part sounded way to professional for a dancer Nami." Namine grinned slowly as she read her interview that they had given a few weeks ago. Kairi burst out laughong and smiling as she finished reading.
"Well it's official! We're celebrities for the next week!" Kairi threw a hat on and motioned for the other two to follow her to the flat which they called home.

(This is my way of warning the public about the coming swearing in my story. Most people don't care but there are some who do.)
Okay if you like it comment, and if not, don't, if you don't feel like commenting, I don't give a shit!

Spot: Crazy, due to the new contract swearing has to come down....

Crazy: I forgot about that fucking thing... I mean... "I am sorry for any harsh language that my mouth, er, fingers, may type in the coming story." Anyway, short chapter, yes I know, but hey!
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