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God of Perversion

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vi's never come in physical contact with a boy, shes never had sex, never actually touched a boy and shes never had a boyfriend before! so why is she pregnant? and isnt it lovely that the father of...

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haha...this idea for a new story just popped in my head and voila! i have a perverted mind, so why not make a story on it?! it's genius i tell you! jk jk, maybe a little though o-0

anyways, please read and review but most importantly enjoy!


"No!" I cried, shaking the thin plastic object between my fingers. It couldn't be, just couldn't be!

Tears threatened to spill, to pour down my face like molten lava, yet I held them back. I didn't want my Mom coming up here to ask what the matter was. There was no way I could tell her anyways.

You see, over the past three months, I hadn't been getting my period. I sat down on my bed, bringing my legs up to my chest. I dropped the plastic device, letting it fall to the floor. I didn't care if it was contaminated with my own bodily fluid.

Four tests. I had done four tests and all had come out positive. The first three I merely pushed aside, denying the outcome. Of course, the fourth test proved my downfall.

How could this be?! I've never, ever before been in any kind of physical contact with a boy. I've never had my first kiss, never hugged anyone of the opposite sex, heck I've never even had a boyfriend before! How could I just suddenly get pregnant? I was only a freshman in high school for crying out loud! I wasn't the one for parties, so I'd never attended one, save for a seven-year-olds birthday, so I didn't know what else to think.

I was pregnant...

"I'm pregnant," I chanted, rocking back and forth. I looked down at my stomach, expecting to see a mound, yet my stomach was perfectly flat. I hadn't gained weight, I made sure to check everyday on the scale and I didn't have any tell-tale signs like a protruding stomach or morning sickness. It was just the lack of my monthly menstrual flow that was the problem.

My mind buzzed with confusing thoughts, wanting to explode with all the questions I was yearning to ask. How could you get pregnant when you didn't even have sex, let alone human contact with a boy?

I looked at the digital clock, red numbers clicking into place.


I sighed and got up from the bed. I headed over towards my closet, sliding it open to retrieve a black pair of converse shoes. I laced them up, grabbing my black hoody sweater from the floor. Once draping it over myself, I went over to the window, sliding up the window pane. I was going to have to do a little act of injustice for the night, to clear my thoughts. Mom was downstairs watching American Idol, so of course she'd be engrossed in that for an hour or two, however long it ran. I only watched the first auditions and that was it, the rest I didn't bother to watch.

I climbed out the window, setting my foot hesitantly on the tiled roof. It was just my luck to have a two-story house wasn't it? My brown hair fluttered in the air, snaking out into the wind like the tongue of a serpent. Why I was comparing my hair to a snake...I had no idea, but as of right now I didn't know what to think anymore.

I chizzled my way down the wall, setting the tips of my feet in chipped brick crevices and clasping my fingers on an occasional vine or two. Finally I landed on the soft grass, wet due kicking up into the air.

It was rather cold, I thought, as I traveled my way down the suburban streets, harsh wind raking against my face. My cheeks were already starting to go numb.

The street lamps loomed from up above, glaring down their artificial lights as if accusing me for a crime.

I did nothing, absolutely nothing. How would they know anyway?

I sighed, ruffling my hands through my hair. I couldn't tell anyone, they wouldn't believe me if I did. Why was I pregnant? I didn't have any sex, I was too afraid for that, I was saving myself anyway until I was older. So why?

The soles of my feet padded against the gravel, scuffling along the ground when I grew too sluggish to pick them up. My life was officially ruined. Sure, I took Home Economics in seventh grade, but I wasn't prepared to deal with a baby. I was no where near that. How was I possibly going to take care of one?

"Hell no," I muttered to myself. I halted, the familiar scenery kicking into gear. I stared up at the gated area, staring into the abandoned lot before me. No one had taken care of it, they had just let it to rot there as weeds grew in and trees molded into shapes of deformed oddities. The whole area was covered with unkempt grass, as if it were running wild like the plains of Africa.

I walked up to the gate, trying to find the slit of wired opening that I knew was to be there. Me and my friend Azra used to come up here all the time. In fact, he was the one that showed me the abandoned lot to begin with. Of course, he moved away a long time ago, so there was no sense in dwelling on the subject.

I crouched through the opening, coming out on the other side unscathed. I shuffled my way through the tall weeds, stepping on an occasional broken beer bottle. It was dark, the moon's pale light illuminating only the faintest of areas. I breathed in deeply, letting the chilly air calm my nerves. I always liked it here, despite its haggard appearance. This was the only place I came to when I sought solace, when I wanted to be alone. I made my way over to the broken down cement bench, sitting myself upon its hard surface.

I stared up at the sky, cursing my dreaded fate. Pregnant at 15, how lovely. I wanted to cry, to let the tears fall like torrents of raging rivers, but I willed them back. There was no sense in crying over it, it wasn't as if it were going to prevent the baby from being born. Sure, it was nice to cry once in a while to relieve yourself, yet now was not the time. I was too confused and mislead to do so.

Suddenly, a big gust of wind kicked through the air, sending my hair sprawling all over the place. I closed my eyes, not wanting the dust to get in and irritate them. Thank god I had on sweat pants.

Then a noise, a scuffling sound ripped through the dried up weeds. My eyes widened significantly, my heartbeat starting to race. Someone was there.

I got up from the cement bench, looking around frantically. My eyes scanned the large expanse of weedy ground, trying to find an expected black outline of a person, yet...I found nothing. I pursed my lips, my brow furrowing. Maybe the wind was playing tricks on me. That was always a possibility, since there was a great abundance of dried up weeds to rattle against each other should a heavy gust of wind decide to ruffle past them. I looked down at the ground.

I doubted it was the wind.

The scuffling noise had sounded like it was done purposefully, as if someone ran across the tangled weeds unnoticed. I shivered. I was starting to scare myself.

I began walking, my nerves getting the best of me. I snaked my way through the empty lot, my eyes focusing on the distant gap embedded in the wired gate. Another scuffling sound broke past and I took off.

I slapped my shoes against the dried ground, trying to run as fast as my feet would take me. I ran faster, the adrenaline rush coursing through my veins. The slit was getting closer now, a couple of a more feet and I'd be through and out. A smile made its way on my lips as the thought of my successful escape was nearing.

A sharp tug on my ankle shriveled my hopes to ashes. I tumbled to the ground, face impacting with the earth. Weeds were shoved up my nose, raking harshly against my skin. They really needed a sprinkler system in this place. I felt two hands grip my waist and I was flipped over, my back thudding against the ground.

I gasped as I was met with two vibrant pink eyes.

'Pink!' I thought haggardly. 'Who the hell has pink eyes?!' I stared in horror as a young man with, dare I say it, bright green hair lowered his elegant face to my abdominal region, slender fingers sliding my shirt up. Warning bells ringed in my head, screaming and shrieking at me with their ringiness. What the hell was going on??!!

He continued to stare at my stomach, pink eyes staring at it hungrily. What? Was there something in there that he wanted? I watched as he lowered his nose, making faint sniffing sounds.

He was stomach...what a psychotic weirdo. I shifted as his breath heated my lower abdomen, causing a gang of ticklish sensations to settle and pool there. As if things couldn't get any worse, he did something...very disturbing.

A pointed pink tongue flickered out, as if tasting the air. He lowered his mane of green hair, his tongue inches away from my navel. His breath came out in ragged gusts, heating my skin greatly. I blushed, my mind reeling. Then, I felt a glide of wetness streak against the skin on my stomach, sliding up and over my navel slowly. He had licked me.

"What the hell are you doing you perverted freak?!" I screamed, kicking him off of me. I grabbed a lock of his hair, which I discovered traveled down his back like a waterfall, and yanked at it. He yelped, slapping my hand away. I rubbed at the abused flesh, tucking my shirt back down to its appropriate place: over my stomach.

I backed away from the strange man... or boy, I could see that he was fairly young, maybe around 18 or 19.

"Stay away from me!" I yelled at him, backing away step by step. I scanned the area around me, planning an escape. The gate was still a bit far away for me to reach it in time if he came after me again.

He smirked at me, pink eyes glaring in the night. They were slanted, his eyes, as if arrogantly amused by my jitterish state. He brought up a slender hand, the tips of his rather long nails coming to brush aside a few locks of green hair that had gone astray.

'Claws,' I gulped. Why was everything so weird?! He licked his lips, setting his hand down so that it rested smugly at his hip.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked ferociously, still trying to back away. He let out a husky laugh, pink eyes flashing. His mouth was parted slightly, a feral glint escaping from the tips of his canines. He licked his lips again.

"Why my dear, I am the God of Perversion."

end of the 1st chappeh o-o not exciting and fairly short, but hey...its the start of the story. should i continue...or not? o.o?

anyways...REVIEW...or suffer my evil wrath o-0
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