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talk between Gerard and Mikey

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Frank didn't come over the next day. I was pretty disappointed since I was hoping we could share another kiss. We had flirting with each other for about a month. It was obvious that we liked each other. To distract myself from my disappointment, I went to work on my Frank skeletons. They were now covered in flesh. I began dressing one of them in a Iron Madien T-shirt when Mikey came in. I seriously don't know why people have been just walking into my room whenever they feel like it.

Mikey got to my desk before I could hide my Frank skeletons. He stared at them for a little while. I could feel my cheeks turning red from embarassment. Mikey then turned his head slightly to meet my gaze.

"You like him, don't you?" Mikey asked me seriously. I didn't know what to say. I just gave him a silent stare.

"I know you Gerard", Mikey said in response to my silence, "Theres something between you two. Frank asks me about you and he lights up when I talk about you. Like you do when I talk about him"

I knew it was futile to try and deny my feelings for Frank. Anyone with half a brain could have realized that we flirted too much to actually just be joking.

"Okay, I do like him", I confessed, "But please don't go saying this all around"

"I won't. That would be way too easy", Mikey said jokingly, "Even I could think of something better to embarass you with"

"Thanks, you like my drawings?", I now asked, "They first started off as skeletons"

"You're too obsessed", was all he said as he trotted out of the room.

How could anyone be too obsessed with someone as beautiful as Frank? I continued dressing the Frank skeletons in various outfits. During this, I decided that maybe I shouldn't call them Frank skeletons, since they were people now. They were just Franks. After the dude I loved.

*Frank's POV*

Today I learned that my parents are going out of town for the weekend. I get to stay home by myself. Hopefully I can find a way to stay over at Mikey's and Gerard's house.

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