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a one-shot songfic. Song: Mosters - Matchbook Romance. Based on "a little less sixteen candles" Video.

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we are
we are the shaken
we are the monsters
underneath your bed

They stalk the night, hiding in shadows looking for their next victim. They are evil. He used to be one of them. What changed in him? I'm still not sure. I've done so much research my brain hurts. He isn't blood thirsty like the rest.

believe what you read

These books are worthless. Their authors know nothing. A child could get more accurate information from their nightmares alone. I wonder, does he have nightmares? Does he even dream? He sleeps, so he must dream.

we are mistaken
we are the voices
inside your head

What are you doing? he asks watching me write. Just taking notes. I reply. He nods and answers my questions and asks his own. Just one more, I say. He stares intently at me, hope in his eyes. Hope that maybe I can save him from this hell. Do you dream? His eyes never falter. His stare gets more intense as the silence gets heavier. I wait for his answer. But never get one.

believe what you see

She falls into a trance and he runs. White fangs, once feared by her, now look comforting. Then he saves her. Not the he from before, that basterd is long gone by now. More come out and we have to fight them off. The weapons advanced, yes, but compared to over a thousand year old power it doesn't always work.

you bleed for me
i'll bleed for you

In the end, when everything is all said and done only one can survive. He is gone now. They took him back. I still research. Even after bleeding. My neck is sore and my head is throbbing. I look at him across from across the cell. yes. I do dream. He whispers. I finally get my answer, even if it is too late. about what? I inquire.
being human.

we are the monsters

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