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An Interlude

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A drabble Kratos and Regal have a short conversation about loss.

Category: Tales of Symphonia - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kratos, Regal - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-23 - Updated: 2007-04-24 - 274 words

"Do you miss her?"

It was an odd question to be asking, since the answer was fairly obvious to anyone who'd seen him at Origin's seal. Part of him still wanted to die, but the other encouraged him to live.

"I always will." Kratos turned away from the sight of the fallen Tower of Salvation to look solemnly at the man who'd spoken. The rest of the group was off collecting firewood, checking gear, harassing the women in Zelos' case, cooking and attempting to keep Raine from adding 'special' ingredients. They were alone on the bluff, except for Noishe lazing by Kratos' feet.

"I'm the same, but..." Regal tilted his head slightly. "We mustn't dwell on what we've lost. We need to move on, but never forget those that we loved."

Kratos nodded.

"Your son taught me that." The convict reached down and scratched Noishe behind the ears. The Protazoan's made soft thumping sounds as it struck the thick grass beneath them.

"He's wiser than we like to think he is," Kratos admitted, a ghost of a smile brushing his lips.

"This is true."

There was silence and Kratos thought Regal might say more, but instead he straightened and turned way. "I will leave you in peace. Come back to the camp when you are ready. If Lloyd asks after you, I will tell him where you are."

Regal walked down the grassy bluff back towards the others leaving Kratos to watch his retreating form disappear from view. Kratos didn't turn back to the tower until his angelic eyes could no longer decipher the convict's form from the trees and shadows of the forest.
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