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I'm Getting Kind of Light Headed

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Continuation of "A sense of function, but a disregard". I hope this one works out as well as I want it to. It's a continuation of sorts on Patrick and Destiny, except this one focuses more on their...

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Part one: I'm getting kind of light headed

now I'm left with a hand full of bandaids

Morgan Stumph sat and stared at her wall, furious. Her bitch of a mother just sent her to her room. Morgan didn't even know why her mother was mad at her, all Morgan was doing was sitting on the computer talking to her friends. She hated when her Dad was out of town, it was like if her mother wasn't getting laid, she took it out on her, and don't get her started about how Connor was her mother's favorite. He got to do anything he wanted.

Morgan always prided herself on being Daddy's little girl. Her father, Patrick, did anything she asked and gave her anything she wanted. Sometimes he even let her hang out in the studio while he was working with an up and coming band. That was her favorite thing. Patrick was coming home today, and her Uncle Joe was coming over to hang out. Morgan loved when Uncle Joe came to visit; he was one of the coolest people she had ever met. Uncle Joe was hysterical and she loved hanging around him, plus Uncle Joe let her smoke pot.

"Don't tell your mother, but I'd rather you get high with me then some loser teens. You're my favorite niece," he would always say. She loved Uncle Joe.

"Morgan! Come down stairs, Mom says dinner is ready!" she heard her brother yell through the door. Morgan huffed, she didn't really want dinner, simply out of spite.

"I'm not hungry!" she yelled. Connor shrugged and ran downstairs, just his time to see the front door fly open as Patrick come in.

"Hey, slugger," Patrick said as he saw his son fly by him to the kitchen.

"Hi, Dad," Connor replied without stopping. Patrick sighed. Good to know coming home was special.

"Connor, can you please help your father with his stuff?" Destiny asked him. The boy groaned and trudged back to the door, grabbing two bags and placing them at the bottom of the staircase before sitting down to start eating. "Hey, wait for everyone else!" Destiny said. Connor groaned again and sat his fork down.

"But Morgan isn't even coming down 'cause she's being a loser. I'm hungry!" he whined. Patrick shot a look at Destiny as he placed another bag at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey baby," Desinty said as she approached her husband, kissing him. He kissed her back, before looking at Connor.

"Why isn't Morgan coming down to eat?" he asked his son. Connor huffed.

"Mom sent her to her room over two hours ago. That was after they screamed at each other for ten minutes," he replied. Destiny sighed.

"Dest? Still? I told you to get off her case," Patrick said, beginning to walk up the steps.

"She was talking to her friends about some showcase? I told you I don't want her doing that!" Destiny yelled to Patrick. He turned and looked at his wife before coming back down the stairs.

"So you sent her to her room? I never planned a showcase for her. We didn't even finish her demo. She's just fantasizing. Let her alone."

"Patrick, no. I'm not letting her do this. I can't believe you are still helping her!"

"My baby girl has real talent, I'm letting it do to waste!"

"She's fourteen! She needs to graduate high school and go to college, not become some pop star!" Patrick glared at Destiny before sighing.

"She's not only your daughter, and I can have a say in what she does. I know what this business is like and she's fine. I'm making sure of it," he said. Destiny felt her skin burn. No wonder Morgan hated her guts, her father let her have whatever and Destiny's word was bullshit.

Patrick got to Morgan's room and knocked softly.

"Baby? Can I come in?" he asked. Morgan stood and walked to her door, opening it slightly.

"Hi, daddy," she said. Morgan was too happy to see her father standing there, but she was being moody and decided to let him know she was mad. Anything to get her mother in trouble with him.

"What's wrong?" Patrick asked his only daughter. He smiled as Morgan sighed dramatically; she got that from her mother.

"Mom yelled at me because I was talking to my friends. She hates me and obviously doesn't want me to be happy, ever," she said. Patrick pushed the door open a little and reached forward pulling Morgan into a hug.

"Your mother doesn't hate you and she certainly doesn't want to see you unhappy. She's just worried about me letting you get into the business but don't worry I'll handle it. Now come down and eat. I haven't seen you in two weeks, I miss you," he said. Morgan smiled.

"I missed you too daddy," she said, "but I'm not coming down. I don't want to see Mom." Patrick shrugged.

"Then don't eat, baby girl. That's your choice. Don't complain about being hungry later," he said. Morgan scrunched up her nose at Patrick's statement.

"Fine, I won't!" she said, slamming the door.

Patrick sighed as the door shut. Raising a teenager was getting harder by the day and he was feeling too old for it. Especially after the two weeks he just had. He wasn't in much of a mood to fight with his daughter today. He went back down the stairs and sat down at the table to find Connor already almost done with his dinner and Destiny tossing the food around her plate.

"Thanks for waiting, kid," he said as he sat down. Connor looked at his dad and shrugged. He was eleven now and his red hair was hanging down shaggy in his face. He was practically the spitting image of his dad at the same age and it made Destiny's heart melt when she looked at him. Connor was just at that age where girls were becoming an issue and image was part of the deal. "you need a haircut," Patrick said to him. Connor sat his fork down and stared at his father. Destiny let him do whatever he wanted for the most part and kept at his sister of this record deal thing. He was mad that his father said nothing to him like "nice to see you son, I missed you," but rather decided he needed to help him carry his suitcases and get a haircut.

"Mom, may I be excused?" he asked. Destiny looked at him a nodded. He pushed his chair back and stomped out of the room.

"Honey, why do you do that to him?"

"What? His hair is too long," Patrick said. Destiny sighed.

"It's just hair. You're worried about his hair but you aren't worried about Morgan getting into the music business? I don't understand you," she said, standing up and taking her and Connors plates to the kitchen. She began to rinse off the dishes as Patrick came in.

"We've been raising two kids together for almost for fourteen years without all of these problems and now that I'm helping Morgan follow her dreams you're getting mad?"

"Patrick, she is just too god damn young to be thrown into his life. It will to turn her into a grown up way too soon. I don't want her to do it! Why won't you respect me? It's no wonder she hates my fucking guts, you let her think its okay to disrespect me!"

"Destiny! I am not having this conversation with you now," he said before turning on his heel and walking to the bedroom. Destiny sighed and threw her towel into the sink.

"Welcome home," she said.
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