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Old Married Couple? Where?

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Brendon and Chelsea go at it like an old married couple.

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'Brendon do I honestly have to do everything?' Chelsea asked as they stood in Thomas' new nursery in their new four bedroom three bathroom house. Brendon had spent the past three hours with Ryan attempting to put Thomas' crib back together.

'Babe, I don't know what you're talking about, we're almost done.' Brendon said.

'Brendon, honestly, you don't have the first piece together, get out of the way, go check on Thomas.' She said getting down in the floor and taking the screw driver from her husband's best friend.

'Fine, if you're going to be like that, we're not having sex tonight.' Brendon said crossing his arms over his chest.

'Darn, that breaks my heart.' Chelsea mumbled emotionless.

'Dude, I think that's going to hurt you more then her.' Ryan mumbled.

Fifteen minutes later the crib was put together with the bedding on as well, 'Now was that so hard?' she asked as she took her sleeping son away from her mother to put into his bed.

'You know, I don't really like your attitude.' Brendon pouted.

'Whine about it.' Chelsea mumbled as she put clothes into Thomas' drawers.

'Excuse me you guys, wifey and I need to talk.' Brendon said picking Chelsea up and carrying her out of the room and into their master bedroom where their matrices were sitting on the floor.

'What are you doing?' Chelsea laughed as he laid her down on the bed and straddled her hips.

'You putting that crib together was so hot.' Brendon said as he kissed her neck pushing his hand up her shirt.

'Brendon, get off of me. Our parents are here.' Chelsea laughed pushing him off her.

'Wait, wait, wait.' Brendon said pulling her back down.


'Give me a kiss, a good, real kiss.' Brendon pouted.

Chelsea smiled at him gently pressing her lips to his and savoring the kiss they were sharing. It felt like it had been so long since they had a kiss like that and it was short lived, 'Stop making out we have more stuff to move.' William said from the door way. Chelsea parted from the kiss and got up laughing as Brendon glared at his brother in law.

Five hours later, Chelsea, Jon, her father and brothers had finished bringing in all the furniture while Ryan and Brendon sat and watched with Thomas, 'You know honey, I love your husband to death but laziness comes to mind when describing him.' Mr. Reeves breathed as she handed him a bottle of water.

'No kidding.' Chelsea said pushing Brendon off the couch to sit.

'Hey!' Brendon protested.

'Shut up, I did your moving.' She glared.

'Alright.' Brendon said as Thomas crawled through the grass over to him.

'He's going to get grass stains on his Joe's.' Chelsea complained.

'Well that's what you get for buying a ten month old boy designer jeans.' Brendon snapped.

'You're just jealous; you don't look nearly as cute in them.'

'I'm sensing some major tension between you two.' Mrs. Urie said.

'There is no tension.' Chelsea said.

'Yeah right, you two have been fighting all day.'

'We have not been fighting.'

'Chelsea honey, you two have been hostile towards each other all day.' Mrs. Reeves said.

'Well maybe that's because my idiot of a husband decided to be spontaneous and go get a tattoo or what's even better is that his bone head best friends talked him into it.' Chelsea yelled standing up.

'Wait what?' Ryan asked looking at Brendon as he avoided eye contact looking everywhere but Ryan, 'Chelsea, I did not talk him into getting a tattoo; I told him that you wouldn't like it and would get mad.'

'So who let him do it?' Chelsea asked.

'He wouldn't let us talk him out of it; he said he wanted to be spontaneous.' Jon said as he played with a ball in the grass with Thomas.

'Brendon you got a tattoo?' Mrs. Urie asked.

'It's not a big deal; it's to remind me every time I complain about sleeping on the couch what psycho I'm not in bed with.' Brendon said.

'Okay well we're going to go now.' Mr. Reeves said pulling his wife to the car as Mr. and Mrs. Urie followed. Chelsea picked Thomas up out of the grass dropping the ball; he was currently reaching for, to the ground and walking into the house but not before slamming the door.

Brendon groaned kicking the ball bouncing it off his car, 'So we're going to follow the parental units out too so you can make up with your woman.'

'I'm sure that won't be happening tonight.' Brendon mumbled before walking into the house, 'Chelsea?' he called receiving no answer.

He soon heard Thomas laughing from his new room, Brendon grinned as he ran up the stairs and into his little boys room to find Chelsea changing him on the floor while playing peak-a-boo.

'Hey.' He said sitting down in front of her. Chelsea glared at him and picked Thomas up off the floor. She kissed his mouth before looking at her husband.

'Tell daddy no, no talky.' Chelsea said in a baby voice.

'Chelsea, don't be mad, I didn't mean it.' He said.

'It's your turn to make dinner.' She said getting up off the floor and walking out of the room.

'What do you want to eat? I can order a pizza or I can go get something.'

'Why don't you cook something?'

'Because I don't know how to cook.'

'Whatever Brendon.' Chelsea said as he set Thomas down so she could change her clothes.

'Are you doing this to me on purpose?' Brendon asked as Chelsea took off her shirt and pants to put on a tank top and shorts.

'What are you talking about?'

'We haven't had sex in two weeks and you're standing here in your bra and panties.'

'Brendon, get over it. We have stuff to do, we have to unpack, decorate for Christmas, Thomas is still sick, and he needs to eat.' Chelsea said as she pulled on a pair of shorts and picked up the baby.

'Can we just have make up sex later?'

'I don't know had I not moved all of that furniture in by myself I might have the energy for sex.'

'I hate it when you do this to me.'

'Yeah well, whine about it.' She said walking out of the room.

Brendon stood by the wall as he beat his head against it soon following his wife downstairs to find Thomas sitting in his high chair while she fixed him dinner.

'Chelsea I'm sorry.' Brendon pouted.

'I don't want to hear it.' She said walking over to the chair next to Thomas' chair to feed him his dinner.

Three hours passed and Chelsea and Brendon weren't even speaking. Though Chelsea felt badly, every time she looked at him, he looked super sad. Around ten o'clock after Thomas had gone to bed, Brendon sat in the living room floor getting frustrated while trying to hook their TV up, Chelsea came down the stairs wearing a bath robe, 'Hey.' She said softly. Brendon looked up at her with a questioning look. Chelsea winked at him and walked back up the stairs.

Brendon took that as his cue and stumbled up the stairs towards their new room that had no furniture in it but a bed and an alarm clock. Brendon walked in and found the room littered with candles and Chelsea lying on the bed. Brendon slowly shut the door behind him and looked at her, 'What is this for?' he asked in nothing above a whisper.

Chelsea got up off the bed and walked over to him dropping her bath robe in the process, she ran her hands down his chest stopping at his belt buckle and slowly un doing it while she nibbled on his ear lobe. Brendon shut his eyes as his breathing became shallow, 'You've been hot and bothered all day, it's kinda hot babe.' She whispered kissing his neck down to his jaw line and up to his lips. Brendon felt her lips press against his and for a split second he wasn't sure what to do before he began to kiss back hungrily. Brendon picked her up letting her legs wrap around his waist as he carried her over to the bed.

'You know, I like this new Lingerie you bought me today but how about we try it out another day, it's coming off.' Brendon said before sliding his hand up her leg and removing the small piece of fabric from between her legs.

'Do you feel better now?' Chelsea asked an hour later.

'A little bit but we're going to have to do that a few more times before I'm feeling one hundred percent better.'

'Mmm, who are you and what have you done with my Chelsea?'

'Wanna know a secret?' she asked with her arms wrapped around his neck.

'What's that?'

'You tattooing my name on your arm is kinda sexy. I kinda like it.'

'Well I did it for you.'

'You did?'

'Yeah, it's because on tour, I don't wear my wedding ring and so this is like wearing my wedding ring except it's not as shiny. That and so when we're in bed, I don't forget your name.' he laughed.

Chelsea laughed pushing him off the bed. He climbed back into the bed and attacked her into a kiss, 'I love you so much.' Brendon said resting his forehead against hers.

'You're amazing honey.' She smiled.

Brendon matched her smile pressing his lips to hers again, beginning the second round for the night.
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